Autonomy (Cambridge) said “YES” from 2004 to 2012

Autonomy (Cambridge) said “YES” from 2004 to 2012

They agreed to build this (from 2004) because they liked it and because their technology could do it

The last time they said yes to building it was in December 2012

The idea behind “projectbrainsaver / hightechheadhelper / TellYourPhone / HeadHelp.Me

The use of language independent Meaning Based Computing technology from HP and other industry Standard, Best Quality, technology from companies such as Nuance, Voxeo, IBM, etc., coupled with voice biometrics, voice stress analysis and personal profiling to enable an individual to more accurately understand their own (or group’s) problems, needs, wants and desires and then help them find better answers, directions, connections, etc., in order to achieve the results needed for that individual’s (or group’s) benefit.”

It wasn’t just Autonomy that liked the idea

Representatives, and private individuals, from companies, groups and NGO’s as diverse as IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Gwynedd County Council, Gaia Technologies, S.A.L.T. Bangor, Telstra, Conexant, 451 Group, UNICT Task Force, WSIS, ITU,, Nuance, Neighbourhood Watch,

The police, Travellers, Craftspeople, computer programmers, network engineers, accountants, professors (in fact people from all walks of life)……….

I talked with people with memory problems, and their carers if they had one, or more

I researched and read over 11,000 PDF files within the first few years ( don’t know what the count is now)


That’s how much a trial will cost, or there abouts.

20,000 all putting in £20 crowd funding maybe – most of this is handed to Autonomy to configure and run the trial.

NOTE: ANYONE can hand Autonomy the money and have the trial up and running – Please do! It’s all built with off-the-shelf components. Decide your use, pull together your HL Scoping doc and get building! They know what to do.

I want this for disasters and for personal distress, you can have it for whatever you want it for.


I started looking at the need for this because of Rwanda 2002, Thomas Hamilton, Dunblaine, Columbine and my friends who committed suicide when everyone thought they were just ‘a bit down’… and for Shapelle Corby, for the Janice Sharps of this World, for Leonard Peltier and all original people and any and all fights between single individuals and governments, corporations etc., in fact any injustice or ‘head bang’ that needs sorting out sooner, rather than later

Web 10 – The helpful Web – in place by 2014/10

  • Global
  • Personal
  • local
  • regional
  • national
  • international
  • Call Centres
  • Data Centres
  • ISP’s
  • Telecom Providers
Contact Info
  • projectbrainsaver
  • The Cwm Consultancy
  • The Craft Marketing Company Ltd
  • Crofter Magazine
  • Unemployed
  • Self Employed
  • Long Term ‘Disability’
  • Excellent for lifelong learning
  • Personal high powered help system
  • Full understanding of ALL input for advanced memory help
  • TBL’s ‘Intelligent Web’
  • Language Independent
  • Personal ‘Baggage’ sorter (problems from the past)
  • Right’s Based
  • Holistic Health apps
  • World Repairing
  • New Universal (working for all people) monetary System

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