U Gambira, Leader of Saffron Revolution, in prison in Mandalay

U Gambira, Leader of Saffron Revolution, in prison in Mandalay

A friend of mine is with U Gambira in Mandalay

Marie reported U Gambira’s arrest a few hours ago


Just now ·

This is where they’re holding U Gambira in Mandalay. A cop finally let me inside and told me in very limited English that Gambira is going to be ‘investigated’ (his words) for one week, on some dodgy Immigration charges. I told UNHCR Canberra and UNHCR Bangkok repeatedly that he had a warrant out for his arrest in Myanmar but my correspondence was completely ignored. We had no choice but to risk going back in after failing twice to get him a passport. A passport agent in Bangkok took his money and ran 1 year ago. (her phone number: +66 0874951367). Gambira has had severe schizophrenia since 2009 after being tortured extensively in prison in Myanmar when he was a Buddhist Monk. He is on 4 different types of anti psychotic medication. We have been followed, harrassed and photographed by police constantly since arriving in Myanmar 4 or 5 days ago.


5 hrs ·

U Gambira has just been arrested again! 20+ cops came to our hotel room in Mandalay while we were sleeping and took us to the police station. They are interrogating him as we speak.

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