Humanitarian Crisis Conditions in Yemen ~ Yemen Updates: 22 April 2015

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by Stephen Lendman

Conditions were dire before Saudi terror-bombing began. Yemen is the region’s poorest country.

Half the population is food insecure in normal times. Yemenis lack other essentials to life.

Political stability is impossible without addressing humanitarian issues responsibly.

Before Saudi aggression began, UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen Ould Cheikh Ahmed said over 10 million Yemenis need food aid.

Half of them face acute food shortages. Millions of children face malnutrition. Tens of thousands may die.

Over a third of a million Yemenis were displaced before Saudi-led terror-bombing began.

Earlier humanitarian aid was woefully short of what’s needed. Malnutrition alone was “extremely grave,” said Ahmed.

Weeks before US planned and orchestrated/Saudi-led terror-bombing began, Oxfam’s Grant Pritchard called Yemen’s humanitarian situation a “forgotten crisis.”

Over 60% of Yemenis need aid, he said – including food, clean water and medical care.

Now many more. In January, Oxfam warned of a growing…

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Cisco: IoT to generate $8 trillion worldwide in 10 years – Computer Business Review

Cisco: IoT to generate $8 trillion worldwide in 10 years – Computer Business Review.


Add this to the Trillions made on personal analytics over the same time and the Quaudrillions made over expanded capitalism and also the ginormous amounts of wealth created via cannabis legalisation globally – The ‘poor’ might just be able to finally pay their way and fulfill their dreams without having to ask for money from someone else first… fingers crossed

From dozens of seizures a day to 33 straight days seizure free with medical marijuana

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Alexis Bortell 3-31-15Alexis Bortell, a 9-year-old girl from Texas, has had to move to Colorado in order to seek treatment for her seizures through medical marijuana. She had been on her new medicine for 33 days without experiencing any seizure symptoms.

The streak ended after a minor three minute seizure the other morning. It happened while Alexis had a cold.

Her father, Dean Bortell, says that her longest good ‘streak’ on pharmaceuticals was a couple of days. “We thought if we could get down to one ‘episode’ a week it would be a miracle. Monday marks four weeks and zero symptoms. We are completely amazed,” Dean states. “It is important to note that this ‘symptom elimination’ has been achieved using Haleigh’s Hope and THC oil with zero side effects.”

Haleigh’s Hope is a strain of concentrated cannabis which has been extremely effective at helping to manage epilepsy symptoms. The family has also been…

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Democide – death by government – an Easter reprise

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05_april_2015A letter a day to number 10. No 1,049

Sunday 05 April 2015.

Dear Mr Cameron,

What is abundantly clear now to anyone who has been paying attention is that we are living in a system run by con-men for con-men. Of course the con is so well established, maintained by all the powerful vested interests involved that many are still not wise to the system and, indeed, defend it to the hilt. But a con is a con no matter how well it is covered up or spun.

As I began to realise that making work pay meant making everyone who isn’t working poorer, if not destitute, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, at least, it beggared belief, it was a staggering concept. You announced in 2011 you would “slash £5.5bn from the welfare bill in real terms over the next four years” so that “We’re finally going…

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Apple + IBM add 8 new enterprise iOS apps, first for industrial products & healthcare industries

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Tim-IBM Apple CEO Tim Cook with IBM CEO Ginni Rometty

Through its MobileFirst for iOS initiative, Apple and IBM have added 8 new enterprise apps for designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad. The latest apps developed as part of the partnership between the two companies include two new industries: healthcare and industrial products. The 8 new apps brings the total of MobileFirst for iOS apps to 22, while the two new industries now totals 10 including banks, law enforcement, travel, and retail. Here are the latest iPhone and iPad enterprise apps from Apple and IBM.

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Legal Aid for Domestic Abuse – response from health professional to request for evidence of injuries/condition consistent with domestic violence

Response from health professional to request for evidence of injuries/condition consistent with domestic violence
This example letter has been designed by the Ministry of Justice to be used by doctors (including GPs), nurses, midwives, practitioner psychologists & health visitors (or, in the examining health professional’s absence, another health professional who has access to the applicant’s medical records), when responding to requests for evidence of injuries or condition consistent with domestic violence.

Information required is highlighted and instructions are italicised. Please delete any unnecessary text and instructions (including this introduction) before sending.

HEADED LETTER [Please can you ensure that the letter is on headed paper from the surgery or hospital where the doctor, nurse, practitioner psychologist, health visitor or midwife practises.]

[Addressee name]


[Your Address]

[Your E-mail (if applicable)]

[Your Contact telephone number]

[GMC/NMC/HCPC] Registration Number:[GMC/NMC/HCPC] Registration Number]

Dear [Insert name of addressee],

Name of applicant: [Name of applicant]

I understand that [APPLICANT’S NAME] (‘the Applicant’) wishes to access legal aid for a family dispute as a victim of domestic violence. For this reason I have been asked to provide a letter in accordance with regulation 33 of the Civil Legal Aid (Procedure) Regulations 2012.

Accordingly I can confirm that the Applicant presented [himself/herself] to me [insert relevant health professional’s name] on the [DATE WHEN CONSULTATION OCCURRED] (being within 24 months prior to the Applicant’s intended application for legal aid). After examining them I [insert relevant health professional’s name] was satisfied that the [injuries [and/or] condition] that the Applicant presented me [insert relevant health professional’s name] were consistent with domestic violence.

I understand that the Ministry of Justice and the Legal Aid Agency recognise that the great majority of physical injuries and many non-physical conditions could be caused by domestic violence.

I understand that this evidence is only required for a decision on whether or not to grant legal aid – it is not designed to prove domestic violence in the context of a criminal or civil court case.

The applicant has confirmed that the [injuries/condition] that [he/she] presented to me [insert relevant health professional’s name] with on [date of consultation] were caused by domestic violence.

Yours sincerely,


[Name of Medical signatory]

[Title of signatory]

[Please indicate if signing on behalf of health professional colleague in their absence]