A new web based/mobile disaster portal for helping in the Philipinnes ASAP

@msurman Philippines disaster version of FF. HPAutonomy/IBMWatson core ASAP. http://About.Me/markaldiss … and hello from a long time ago Namaste

Autonomy is already there in many of the systems being used in large organisations – and can be easily and readily hooked into any system using IBM Webspheres. (or indeed any systems that it is given access too)

Autonomy and IBMWatson (which is going Cloud in 2014) and others (Nuance, Voxeo etc)  are the main core of this – pearltrees is not. you can build and use pearltrees using this kit but it is not a major component – rather just one of the thousands upon thousands of tools that can be accessed using this kit . my pearl trees setup is just for info dissemination and collation
as are all the blogs sites etc on the list on http://About.Me/markaldiss …
This kit can take in EVERY PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE and then use any outcome from any programme to fulfill the task/s set for it
Put any data in a computer and it is already understood
because the us army uses Autonomy kit its already there with the Marine Expeditionary forces and, as far as i know, the US Pacific fleet
people need it – your friend in the Philippines needs this now –
it is EASY
forward this to your friends
Thank you for your help
You have added a lot of positive buzz in a short space of time (-:
Namaste Sue _/\_