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David Cameron

19 August ·

I want your views on welfare, benefits and work. Please take our quick survey today.

Your say on welfare

I want to hear your views on capping benefits and fixing the welfare system. Please take our quick survey and have your say on this important issue.

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Trevor Power Worked 6 years in industry and then 22 years in the military – never unemployed for 28 years. Then since I left the service I am treated like a leper!! Not entitled to job seekers, not entitled to social housing, not entitled to anything because I serv…See More

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John Donald I am not answering your question. But I’d just like to say – Stop killing the sick and stealing pensions. Stop eroding workers rights and taking away civil liberties. Stop stealing our benefits and our rights to an efficient health service. Give us rea…See More

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59 Replies · 49 mins

Smudger Smith I would like to know why your selling the NHS to private companies, Why you have cut the Police force ,cut the armed forces and are now relying on dads army reservists to defend us. Your ministers have failed to listen to consultants that have cost us …See More

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106 Replies · 5 hrs

Gaynor M Owen The problem isn’t ‘welfare,’ which in this country has always been known as SOCIAL SECURITY, the problem is you tories trying to pit us all against each other while screwing us all. There will never be full employment in Britain again, machines and te…See More

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Mick Deakes Why do you and your CRONIES have such a HATRED for working class,unions,nhs and poor people while you bend over backwards giving more to your rich friends and PARTY DONORS

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42 Replies · 3 hrs

Siobhan Samuel I hate these type of surveys which ask all the wrong sort of questions and don’t allow any real comment, This is a fake form of democracy. Your housing policy is leading to the formation of ghettoes in the UK: where only the super rich will be able to …See More

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Mack Torpoint Soulclub Yes David. I would like to know if you think it is ethical that George Osborne let his best man buy 46 million quids worth of Royal Mail shares who sold them a week later for 80 million?

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Colin Popperwell Give no cash just food vouchers to everyone who have never contributed. And make foreigners pay for NHS services And stop all benefits to preachers of hate. Simples!

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54 Replies · 14 mins

Peter Jones Dear Posho Dave,
As you consider yourself to be such a big man, picking on the disabled, the disadvantaged and those that, unlike you, weren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. I suggest you come and meet me.
Let’s see if your arguments stand u…See More

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Ndot Kdot Stop calling it welfare. No one fares well on it.

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Richard Maddox Id like to know how the feck you have managed 5 years as pm,when not elected?

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Colin Popp you killing british people ,, for the sake of aid,, and the rich. you terrorist

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David Lisle I’m fed up of the benefits. I pay a ridiculous amount in tax and struggle to live. Yet I know people on benefits that are going on holidays 3 times a year, don’t have to pay rent or council tax and get a brand new house.
I’ve always managed to find a j…See More

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Amanda Lever This is not a true survey but a PR exercise, the loaded questions are designed to make the majority say yes they agree and the submission of your email address means they can target market you for the upcoming elections. The nature of the sample and questions means the results cannot have any validity. This is underhand and disingenuous and makes me really cross!

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Sharon Owen i think u shood step down david u cant do the job. raise minimum wages. stop 0 hr contracts.

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Eric James Carter When I read about an unemployed woman who gets £2200 per month in benefits wanting two more children when she has already got eight in order to get a bigger house and get £70 a week more in benefits,and by the way she believes in is “her right”,the sooner we cap family allowance to two children the better,.If you want multiple children,fine,just pay for them yourself.

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Daphne Hill The problem is that minimum wage is not a living wage and it is impossible to support a family on this level of income

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Raymond Ballantyne Joseph Mr CAMERON its time You and your WESTMINSTER CRONIES and the OLD DOGS in the HOUSE OF LORDS
Stopped Spongeing of the Welfare state
After all its TAX PAYERS that pay all the Wages YOU LOT GET….See More

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Edd Harris Please can you take a survey on how capitalism creates selfishness and a lack of emapthy.

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Rob Lamb Cameron you & your palls are a bunch of self centered bullys who have stolen from the poorest in societey & given to the fat cats, you have no morals or remorse of your actions. Come the election you & yours will be humiliated beyond belief !

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Sheila Jones November 30th2011……10-45

No more can you do this,…See More

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12 Replies · 9 hrs

Donin Windsor Stop allowing Muslims to take over the country

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Stewart Brian Purvis Lies after lies Cameron

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Scribblez Luke Gfx Well I can’t give your views on welfare as I don’t have any, can’t give you views on benefits because you cut mine, can’t give you views on work because I’m unemployed

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Andy Smelt Just keep pointing at fish on holiday David, don’t point your grubby fingers at people trying to survive in your Food Bank Britain.

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Alan Robb So unemployment is going down…………..ok so how many are on 0 hour contracts?…………how many are part time (wanting more hours so they can afford to live)?…………how many are self employed? Its all a con

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Pauline Coyle Looool. You people have NO MORALS whatsoever. Fixing the welfare system haaahaaaaa. The reason there will not be enough money for a welfare system MR CAMERON is that GREEDY SELF SERVING MPS and LORDS want to privatise EVERYTHING for their OWN GREEDY EN…See More

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Barry Hills We would all be better off if we were to put all you lying politicians along with all the immigrants and that useless waste off paper ( the human rights act ) on a big boat and let you ruin some other country

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Andrew Barbour Disabled person has to pay bedroom tax. Tory MP says 100 grand a year isn’t enough. Tories hate the poor.

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Ross Crane David what you and your cabinet don’t seem to understand is that the people of Britain are not happy. Every election you make promises that are always broken and we are tired of it. If this carries on it will end in a revolution that you won’t be able …See More

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Carol A Franklin Of all the mean, heartless, non-compassionate deeds this government could do, the continuation of the ATOS contract took the biscuit. That money-grabbing disgusting outfit should face charges. People near death’s door, even a woman in a coma, received …See More

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Vivienne Davey my views are you and your mob are a total waste of space and a bunch of money grabbing wankers and you now want us to do your job for you

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Anthony Green simple solution to all monitery problems, do not pay imigrants any benifit until they have worked ten years, then only pay what they have paid into the system, giving then the option to increase what they pay, just incase they need to claim. and make a…See More

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Barry Buttigieg hopefully, you lot will be in opposition next may. my friend is on £ 71 per week. 2 or 3 days a week she barely eats. if it was not for food banks she would not eat. are you proud you are doing that to a uk national? prisoners get looked after better. hang your heads. if only multy nationals paid their taxes.

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Gaynor Marie Jones I HATE you and all you stand for. I believe there are people who need taking into account for benefit fraud,dam right laziness and refusal to work but your slash bash attiude is effecting people who are genuinely ill. The sooner the people of this country get rid of you cant come quick enough!!!!!!!

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Graham Tyre Dave, it is simple – Reward those who work, penalise those who do not, look after those who cannot, and stop importing the masses that abuse this system and ruin it for everyone else.

Like · Reply · 71 · 23 August at 08:57

David Simpson David a question? what is the basic wage set on, and what is the benefits system set on? the idea of the system was to give people who have or cannot work, either through ill health or the fact that more British jobs are being sub contracted to Europea…See More

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Andrew Barbour Min wage increase 19p. Tory MP can’t live on £300,000 a year plus £500,000 profit from house fiddle funded by us.

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David Griffiths Welfare should be earned not given as a hand out, anyone out of work for longer than 6 months should be given choice of re-education, voluntary work, national service, or opt out of welfare system and lose any rights to claim anything. Need to end the something for nothing attitude that exists around welfare.

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Lee Bishop id like to know why you didn’t arrest the dicks declaring sharia law in Walthamstow for inciting violence or something. as im pretty sure if the bnp started posting leaflets and stating there going to physically hurt muslims who refuse to convert to Ch…See More

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Kev Brindle listen people hes a nob but to vote labour will be worse as they will never close our shores

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Alison Miles Loaded questions! Maggie created an I’m alright jack society and we’ve been reaping what she sewed ever since. David Cameron you’re blinkered.

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Jane Elliott your survey is not a good one it is black and white it does not allow for the correct answers as in your question about housing benefits how about putting a cap on owners who know the system and charge exorbitant rents because they know the council wil…See More

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Dawn Inonme You and your cronies have told more shameless lies about Social Security than anything else. You have the blood of many sick, poor and disabled people on your hands. Your brutal demonising of the most vulnerable has led to a large increase in hate cri…See More

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Ali Ellie Collier what’s the point we don’t get a say anyway, i could say right now on how we can save this country millions, but not like you or the government care anyway, we pay our taxes for you all to do right by this country and the people within it, what do we get back in return, broken promises as always, im ashamed to say i’m british

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8 Replies

Stuart Findlay So long tories.

Like · Reply · 47 · 19 August at 21:28

Jordan Allen david camron is a lier

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Karl Anzelmo Make it IMPOSSIBLE to get an unemployment benefit package worth more than full time at minimum wage. Unless youre doing that youre not getting my vote.

Like · Reply · 41 · 19 August at 21:38

22 Replies

Madz Khan I want you to slap sanctions on Israel. Will it happen? That remains to be seen. Once you’ve shown you have a conscious, then I’ll be happy to chat about welfare.

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18 Replies · 7 hrs

Tara Taylor My question is: Why would you invite Dee from benefits street to talk at the Conservative party conference? What are you hoping to learn from her?

Like · Reply · 40 · 19 August at 22:38 · Edited

11 Replies

Richard Pryce Absolute shambles David Cameron, my father is terminally ill and is expected to wait six months before his PIP can be processed. This is due to your shambolic WP minister IDS destroying the welfare state. Bear in mind my dad has worked since the age of 15, so for the last 45 yeas you have been very quick to ensure he pays his tax to the state and his NI contributions, but now it is his time to have back what he is entitled to, the system does not want to know. Why don’t you message me back with a response, I am happy to give you the details, and perhaps you can start looking at looking after hard working people at home instead of trying to start illegal wars in other countries as they obviously cost the taxpayer a fair amount of revenue, I would rather not pay for bombing countries like Libya and Syria and give my tax to the people here who deserve to be looked after in illness, disability and old age. I await your response sir…….

Like · Reply · 35 · 23 August at 11:42

Deborah Burkmar Terminally ill patients qualify for urgent PIP payments although they can take two weeks to come through.

Like · 23 August at 17:08

Billy Carlin Richard – you will find the reason for the shambles is the massive fraud being carried out by all of the political parties including Cameron being exposed here…/better…

Like · 1 · 23 September at 17:54

Mel Hepworth Scrap the Monarchy, Abolish the Lords, cutback on MPs perks and expenses, increase the tax rate for the wealthy and force the tax avoiding multinationals to cough up.

Like · Reply · 32 · 6 September at 11:06

Billy Carlin And jail- at least – all of the politicians involved in the massive fraud being committed against the people of this country and world that is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 1 · 23 September at 17:52

Robert Barron your communistic ideas you want a totalitarian dictatorship like North Korea even now why don’t you sling your hook and go \north Korea they will love you there comrade hepworth

Like · 2 · 23 September at 20:45

James Maddison how do i get this cock off my facebook news feed

Like · Reply · 30 · 22 August at 19:52

Mike Stringer

Like · 23 August at 23:08

Leigh Silvester At the top of this page look for the down arrow next to the Like button and there will be an option saying something like “hide all post from David I’m-only-in-it-to-look-after-my-millionaire-chums Cameron”, if I recall correctly. Might have to double check.

Like · 28 August at 22:18

Lee Sowden Why don’t you give the low payed worker of this country who pay all there taxes a fair pay rises instead of looking after them who use loop holes that people like you create to dodge paying tax if anybody makes mony in this country should pay tax and prescription everybody should pay a £1 for them everybody start giving the low payed workers something for a change

Like · Reply · 30 · 19 August at 21:24 · Edited

Kayleigh Wood Here’s an idea, stop giving benefits to people who are fully capable of working and don’t, to those coming in from abroad to give them an easy ticket to this country – a flat, ‘wage’ etc given to them on a plate, this benefits system is NOT designed to support the whole flaming world!

Like · Reply · 27 · 21 August at 22:59

Carol Arkley Well agree!

Like · 29 August at 17:55 · Edited

Lorraine Crawford Well said

Like · 1 · 19 September at 18:23

Donna Aston What the heck, are you Tories for real? One of the questions asks should welfare be cut to stop it growing faster than a working wage….splutter!!….For a single person on benefit under 25, they get a grand total of £50 a week to survive on. For a single person over 25, they get £70 per week to live on… the hell do those amounts constitute overtaking a working wage????….Someone working full time would get double to treble the amount welfare claimants get!!!!!……Everyone on Welfare’s circumstances are different….They aren’t all single parents with ten kids!!!!….While I agree with your cutting the benefits of larger families, it is unfair that single people struggling are affected also!!!……Circumstances should be taken into account, for as I said, everyone’s are different. By the way, 93% of housing benefit claimants are working!!!….So to cut housing benefit anymore, is to punish those who work for low wages….not all jobs are highly paid. The trouble is not too much welfare, it is LOW wages, because employers no longer pay a decent wage…..not helped by MASS immigration of cheap workers to these shores!!!!

Like · Reply · 23 · 22 August at 19:55

MaryxFreddy Hercules well said .

Like · 1 · 24 September at 09:00

Donna Ross To bloody true

Like · 26 September at 14:36

Jayne Bromage My opinion is, as a factory worker, stop allowing all these East Europeans in, to take jobs that would be willingly done by local people. We have had 1 pay rise in 4 years and even though we work continental shifts, are not on much more than the minimum wage. The companys view is – if you dont like it , then there are plenty of foreigners that will do the job for whatever we decide to pay. I am a middle aged woman that is made to feel like I am worthless as the managers just want young, East European men. Another gripe is the Brazilians that work in this country – quite legally – because they go to the mother country, Portugal, for a while and are then entitled to work in THIS country under EU rules! We have had loads of them at my place. Let the local British people have access to the local jobs – we do NOT need the immigrants that come in and then take not only jobs but housing etc. It suits your government to take them in, ergo, keeping wages low and forcing people to claim benefits, which YOU then cut! And I do not claim any as I am not entitled.

Like · Reply · 22 · 22 August at 23:41

Damian Socha You lazy that why haha

Like · 3 · 21 September at 21:00

Catherine Wright Agree with it all, still think your’e a load of rubbish, IMMIGRATION, get a grip!

Like · Reply · 22 · 19 August at 21:49

Kayleigh Forsyth David Cameron, I am sick of seeing your ugly deformed face & weird hair line on my news feed. I am not a supporter or you or any of our corrupt “government”. Call this a democracy? the majority of people do not want you as our priminister, how is this right? The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Anyone who hasn’t heard about Agenda 21, look it up! It will scare you because most of the things are already starting to happen.

Like · Reply · 21 · 21 August at 23:15 · Edited

Mike Stringer Take that to the bank Dave !

Like · 1 · 23 August at 23:40

Roberts Dave u just take care of the rich u don’t care about the poor Mr robin Cameron u will keep the poor on the scrap heap wots this bedroom tax do you pay it on all the spare rooms u have do rich f mates pay it no we have no army no post royal mail nothing since u have been in u just turn people in this country against each other y the people of this country let u get away with it is beyond me

Like · 4 · 25 August at 17:28

Rory G Scurfield Take away MPs benefits. I get paid a lot less and have to pay for my own house, my own lunch and my own champagne dinners. (Except I can’t afford champagne dinners because my tax money is being spent on yours.)

Like · Reply · 19 · 25 August at 00:31

Alan Turnbull do away with the house of lords £300 per day just for signing in. whats the purpose of these outdated dinosaurs ???

Like · 2 · 23 September at 18:31

Alan Jeal 100% right Rory I emailed our local mp after he was moaning about having to pay on the train up front before claiming it back, told him about my nephew who had just started to work in London and was paying 400 pounds a month to get there when only earning 900 a month, I told him I was thinking of getting out of this country when I retire, his reply was sooner I leave the better

Like · 25 September at 13:35

Jiggly Bean Stop allowing the tax payer paying for people to have several children whilst on benefits. 2 should be the max any more after that, pay for it themselves. How someone who has 6+ kids can ‘earn’ £600+ a week in benefits stuns me.

Like · Reply · 18 · 21 August at 14:43 · Edited

John Scattergood They do not you misinformed Nazi.

Like · 3 · 24 August at 19:18

Roberts Dave hey jiggly did u ever think u would c food banks in this country its because the nobs u put in cut welfare and now we have have starving families in the country well done love or mate join the libcons bet ur member

Like · 1 · 25 August at 17:30

Greg Schofield 1. Get us out of the EU. 2. Stop all immigration from the third world. 3. Deport all those people that should not be here. THEN you can properly assess where we are..

Like · Reply · 18 · 20 August at 15:32

Lorraine Crawford Totally agree but it’s never going to happen unless us British people start standing up for OUR rights

Like · 2 · 19 September at 18:26

Rev. David Gray This is loaded. Do we really need to get the guillotine and knitting out before this bunch of psychopaths realise how angry the British people are? I do not agree with you stealing from pensioners, robbing the disabled and generally assaulting good people. If you really believe you are right DAVID CAMERON, please accept my invitation to be my radio guest one Sunday evening and justify your genocide to the people of this city.

Like · Reply · 17 · 16 September at 20:38 · Edited

Dawn Waddington Well said and yes why doesn’t he accept your Invitation?

Like · 27 September at 00:41

Patrick Rolink start by cutting the House of Lords and ther fees, MP’s expenses and “add ons” Trident, HS2,extravagances in the Foreign Office,Start collect taxes for the big Corps, and then you will be able to pay people benefits that allow them to live with some dignity!

Like · Reply · 17 · 27 August at 10:32

Dean J Smith mr cock womble,my views on you cutting benefit especially disabled and vunerablee peoples benefits is a disgrace,you was not elected in so you think its funny by seeing people suffer with your uneeded cuts while you n your pals fiddle the system by giving the bankers a massive bonus and laugh when maria fiddler fiddles her expense forms,now do the people of the uk a big favour n jump infront of a bus or better still infront of a train u toffee nosed scum bag as you are not wanted

Like · Reply · 17 · 21 August at 17:24

Daz J Smith I wouldn’t even answer him Dean because Moron will be able to answer those questions himself next year lol

Like · 2 · 21 August at 18:29

Dean J Smith lol no reply from mr cock womble,u see paper tonight Daz as ukip said they will side with labour just to get this unelected scum bag out

Like · 2 · 21 August at 22:55

Scott Young Can you please tell me Mr Cameron, why austerity is necessary in the UK?

Can you tell me why bankers, politicians and multi national finance corporations are exempt from austerity measures?

Can you tell me why the most vulnerable, poorest, disabled and hard working people on working tax credits are the ones hammered by your austerity policies?

Can you also tell me why westminster politicians aren’t affected by austerity, as i read that you all awarded yourself a 10% pay rise.

Can you also come clean and admit that you’re a complete coward, and were unable to come and speak with the people of Scotland, as part of the independence process, choosing instead to employ very devious and despicable tactics of truly scaring elderly and vulnerable people with outright lies, so as to secure 900,000 votes…

The people of scotland, outwith the terrified pensioners, spoke loud and clear, that we don’t believe in your insidious ideology, and we have a much more balanced vision of how to run society, so that the massive wealth of this country is shared more equally, and that we actually believe that a healthy social welfare system is in alignment with basic human rights…

Insincere questions like the one you asked here, are a pathetic attempt by your spin doctors to convince people that you actually care about all the people you are elected to serve…

Go on… prove us wrong and start taxing the millionaires and billionaires properly, so we can bring austerity to a close…

£100,000 extra per year in tax benefits to millionaires doesn’t seem like a reasonable austerity measure… perhaps you should revue that approach.. i feel that would help things considerably…

1000 people with a combined wealth of £590 billion whilst 80,000 children are homeless and hundreds of thousands of people reliant on foodbanks to survive… seems pretty obvious solution to me… goodbye Mr cameron and good luck with it all…. house of cards shaking…

Like · Reply · 16 · 23 September at 03:06

Aj Mcleod Scotland’s sons and daughters will show these tory English muppets don’t mess with Scotland

Like · Reply · 16 · 25 August at 00:50

Ian Lees Ha ha ha ha pft!!!

Like · 21 September at 21:19

Denis Wreford Not many For can’t say much for the other party’s – Nobody listened to Enoch Powell who ever sorts the problem out will be good for the country!!!

Like · 1 · 24 September at 19:25

Emma-Jayne King You don’t want to hear our views. You’ll just plough on with the misery you’re causing regardless.

Like · Reply · 15 · 25 August at 01:49

Rory Mansfield tiny cock , massive swell head.

Like · Reply · 15 · 19 August at 22:59

Steve Phelps Rory – my sincere sympathy. I hope you get well soon!

Like · 10 · 22 August at 10:32

Brian Hanson Your survey isn’t fair because it’s worded in such a way that people will find it impossible to disagree. There’s no space box in your survey for people to explain how they think you could make the capping benefits policy more fairer. The survey is all about what you want, Mr. Cameron. You’re not really interested in what the British working class people want.

Like · Reply · 14 · 26 August at 05:35

Susan J Chadwick Stop taking money from parents, children, women, the disabled and the vulnerable and recover some of the 13 billion owed by corporate tax dodgers instead….

Like · Reply · 14 · 25 August at 21:19

Sue Barber The unemployment status is falling because people are being offered zero hour contracts to get them off benefits. How the hell do they put food on the table for their families if they are classed as working but get no wage because they are employed but have no income. Bloody stupid idea. My nephew was given a zero hour contract and got zero wages for four weeks because they had no work for him, the following week he got five hours pay. Ridiculous.

Like · Reply · 14 · 23 August at 12:41

Val Meyer Benefits for disabled and elderly should not be reduced. Benefits however for those who choose a lifestyle of no work and many children to get more out of the govt, these should be capped. eg. Child benefit for 2 children only!

Like · Reply · 14 · 23 August at 07:50

Morag MacLachlan I know plenty disabled people who would love to work they don’t want to live on benefits it is sad when say they wish they had never been born

Like · 1 · 26 September at 20:48

Paul Sandham What a shallow, divisive set of questions that was? I would imagine that Hello or perhaps even cbeebies could have put something better and more relevant to he subject matter Why not cover the real costs of welfare? Housing benefit paid to private landlords takes a far far far larger proportion of the “welfare” bill. It distorts the “housing market”. Your policies prevent, preclude the provision of social housing which would even in the medium term would provide long term benefits to the economy and the significant proportion of people who are obliged to work for a pittance.
If your aims were as stated; to cap benefits.. then the vast tax payer subsidy to private landlords should be the real target for your “caps”.
In addition, perhaps employing more people to chase corporations who contribute little or nothing to the exchequer via the byzantine offshore tax regulations would enable smaller businesses who do not have these “loopholes” to compete more fairly.. But, hey these guys are your “friends” right?
Why not preventing civil servants from going straight from their high paid posts straight into the private sector might also help the taxpayer get real benefits from their contributions.
You are quite simply, the slimy visage of the most corrupt, ethically bereft, vacuous, divisive government this side of the 19th century.
You want to hear our views? No, you don’t you want to create the impression that you listen by presenting a limited set of questions that you will then attempt to use in order to provide some justification for your continuing rape of the British people.

Like · Reply · 14 · 22 August at 10:38

Shane Victor Meldrew Rowntree Do u think david cameron is really mr tumble in disguise lol

Like · 1 · 23 August at 16:37

Mike Stringer No he’s a half hard on.

Like · 23 August at 23:39 · Edited

Geoff Murray You are not our elected PM , and have no empathy with the hard working people of this country , who you and your posh pals shaft on a daily basis , do us all a favour and go away (and take Clegg with you)

Like · Reply · 14 · 21 August at 18:24

Paul Hawkins This survey doesn’t ask enough of the right questions. For example:- Do you think it’s right that genuinely disabled people should have their benefits stopped for not attending an assessment within a certain time frame when the assessors had canceled their appointments 5 times, on one occasion when the claimant had already turned up to be assessed? Or….. Should a JSA claimant be sanctioned for four weeks for missing his signing day when he was attending a job interview that he had already told the job centre about? Both these things happened to friends of mine, and I thank my lucky stars that I’m employed and not at the mercy of what the Social Security system has become under this government.

Like · Reply · 13 · 25 August at 09:10 · Edited

Karen Banks Worked full time for 38 years and will always believe that I should contribute to help people who didn’t get the same chances in life as me, so I think your survey is an insult to me, my beliefs and to the majority of the people of Britain who can and do contribute or would do if they could.

Like · Reply · 13 · 23 August at 23:51

Thomas Hingley piss off and die, after you resign on a few days time

Like · Reply · 12 · 16 September at 16:09

La Officer Beat it Dave, you’ll get my view on your disgusting criminal parliament instead. War-mongers, liars, genocidal maniacs, psychopathic warlords, child sex offenders, cover-up merchants, corrupt to the very core, murderers of the vulnerable, murderers of soldiers in false war for profit,
paedophile protectors, cheats, swindlers, fraudsters. The biggest criminal gang there is. The British Mafia. Elitist Scumbags.
Put yourself in the bin Dave.

Like · Reply · 12 · 14 September at 18:35

Harry Thomson Yes David, how come David Clapson was found dead with only £3.44 on him despite being in the army and working all his life, whilst you, who had never held down a real job before a relative ‘phoned the Conservative Party on your behalf, cannot not even admit how many houses you own?

Like · Reply · 12 · 1 September at 22:32

Steve Lowrey well said regarding David Clapson!Did a relative of Cam morons really ring the tories for him?lol

Like · 23 September at 15:10

Gayle Calverley Trouble is that MPs all talk about an average wage of £26,000 pa. I don’t know anyone working class jobs that pay that wage. We are all on £12,000 to ££15,000 less than that. Yet when you try to get any help with benefits, if you do work, the threshold is ridiculously lower, eg help with transports costs for long term hospital treatment WHILST still working. We have been on a wage freeze for nigh on 3 years and then get offered 1% while MP get offered 11%.
2015 will be your goodbye year! Don’t even get me started on the supposed public sector ‘gold plated’ pensions ONLY if you are a higher up manager. Why don’t you actually look at what a public sector pension looks like for a real ‘average’ wage after many years of contributions AND after being pushed back years when we have all planned our retirements often in failing health.

Like · Reply · 12 · 23 August at 08:05

Ian Lees All my friends are 28k plus.

Like · 2 · 27 August at 18:12

Philip Prosser Gayle my wife and I manage quite adequately on £14000. That’s state pension and private pension. Do you have a partner to help out or are you on you’re own. I hope you’ve explored all the possibilities and of course the new tax threshold will help you.

Like · 29 August at 00:14

Louise Wheeler shove your survey where the sun don’t shine – you have ruined this country ! Everyone hates you so why don’t you just emigrate to some other planet !

Like · Reply · 12 · 22 August at 22:03

Dave Seal Labour ruined this country, end of……..

Like · 2 · 23 August at 22:18

Mike Stringer That’s because labour became tories.

Like · 9 · 23 August at 23:08

Chris Oaten 4.5years too late!!!!! Don’t make out you care,what you do care about are the elections next year and getting your slimy smug face back in number 10!! No chance.

Like · Reply · 12 · 21 August at 18:57

Stan Jones Can we have some welfare please for those on zero hour contracts, who rely on food charities, who can’t afford bedroom tax, who are disabled, who don’t earn a living wage because us taxpayers subsidise their employer who still make a mint? Just askin…What was that David? no I thought not

Like · Reply · 12 · 21 August at 18:54

Phil Graham Your government are the biggest scroungers going. I really hope your excuse of government get kicked out at the general election.

Like · Reply · 11 · 26 August at 22:13

Matt Parker I spent 35 weeks of last year with an average income of £38 per week from busking because I had to sign off due to the constant LIES and DECEIT that YOUR government have made STANDARD PRACTICE in the DWP ………. How about you give me the £1155 i didn’t claim so I can AFFORD to start work? …… Maybe you could take a packed lunch out with you in a morning and cut back on the Moet ?

Like · Reply · 11 · 26 August at 07:29 · Edited

Tim Spencer What do YOU know Cameron about hardship and redundancy? About being ruthlessly dealt with by the system because you become sick and disabled? You have had everything handed to you on a plate and, like many of your friends, have this sense of entitlement that is breathtaking (am thinking of tax-payers forking out for IDS’s breakfasts and underpants here, although the examples are many). You will NEVER learn, and you will never get my vote.

Like · Reply · 11 · 23 August at 22:52

Philip Prosser So speaks the man who almost certainly earns twice the average national wage. Why does it follow that wealth reduces understanding, it doesn’t necessarily. Our government isn’t a dictatorship by one man it’s done at present by a coalition that includes liberal democrats who are also involved in the decision making. Sure they haven’t got it all right but I have greater trust in the present government than labour ( no real policies ) and UKIP (just one policy.)

Like · 29 August at 00:06

Kristina Grochowicki how about all mps take less wages,and do some work

Like · Reply · 11 · 22 August at 18:35

Mike Stringer Real work would kill them. Hey, on second thoughts that’s a great idea!

Like · 1 · 23 August at 23:38

Damian Socha Yeah

Like · 1 · 21 September at 21:22

Shayne Ward you give all the real welfare and benefits to your corporate masters and if you frack our water into poison WE WILL HUNT YOU AND YOUR KIND DOWN

Like · Reply · 11 · 22 August at 02:45

Karen Manley Indeedy, I couldn’t agree more

Like · 1 · 24 September at 20:18

Richard Thompson How is it fair that I have worked 23 1/2 out of 25 years since leaving school (just been made redundant) yet have to do 35 hours a week (!!!) job search , yet I am not a money grabbing immigrant, don’t get the sympathy vote cos I am not a druggy or alchy, nor a single parent that has knocked out several kids (that get loads of benefits) or hide behind the “income support cos I am a carer” routine that I know people do – they are not asked to prove they are looking for work ? adopt the Dutch system !

Like · Reply · 11 · 20 August at 15:58

Marko JonnyReed Happened to me Richard, after 30 years working not claimed anything, got made Redundant got told can only have 6 mts JSA then nothing! pay my mortgage on fresh air shall I Dave? and prove your looking for work when working all your life is a joke!

Like · 9 · 21 August at 16:33

Leigh Wasmuth Get a grip mate ur Time is Nearly up me ole Son!

Like · Reply · 11 · 19 August at 21:27

Paul Rooney No one within the Conservative party reads this, it is some lame attempt to pretend they are remotely interested in the suffering and struggles of the poor, or indeed, care about underpaid and overworked. This post is an utter scam…

Like · Reply · 10 · 15 September at 17:51

Eddie Kelly Why don’t you ask our views on the thieves stealing our taxes masquerading as expenses ?

Like · Reply · 10 · 8 September at 16:17

Jackson Kavanagh Why is your post appearing on my timeline? I have absolutely nothing in common with a party that picks on the most vulnerable people in our society and benefits the rich and powerful. I am ashamed to live in a country where policies are dictated by your vile philosophies. I sincerely hope that you will be out of a job next May – but know that you and your despicable ilk will never really experience the epain of being unemployed.

Like · Reply · 10 · 28 August at 10:46

Mark Abberley one more thing is the disgusting tory invention of zero hour contracts you are a disgusting and shameful man

Like · Reply · 10 · 25 August at 18:32

Simon Prater I would rather pay for 10 illegal immigrants than one Eton educated jumped up tory politicians expenses.

Like · Reply · 10 · 24 August at 15:23

Paul Main Give up Dave the people have seen through your divisive crap. Having ten men fighting for one low paid insecure job wont work anymore . They see you and your lib dem chums for what you are merely millionaires lobbyists. And salon corporate elitist fascists.

Like · Reply · 10 · 23 August at 23:05

Patsy Minton Stop the Muslims coming in to this country

Like · Reply · 10 · 23 August at 10:18

Emma Cowan That would include my new excellent consultant. Idiot get an education FFS

Like · 2 · 24 September at 11:26

Nita Jane White All these people stating how they feel and you are still not listening..The unfair treatment of the disabled and working class should not give you the time of will lose david cameron and I for one will be glad to see you leave …

Like · 1 · 18 hrs

Phill Turton “Poverty is the worst kind of violence” Muhatma Gandhi.

Unless in your arrogance you think you are better than one of the greatest human beings that ever lived David, you might want to listen to the wise words of “The Great Soul.” Thought not, and the poor will continue to die you evil scum bag

Like · Reply · 10 · 21 August at 19:52 · Edited

Marie Anne Harris Longfoot Put OAP pensions up so they can actually retire and live decently and not sit in the cold, eat properly and not live like hermits as they can’t go out because they can’t afford it…. PLEASE…….

Like · Reply · 10 · 21 August at 15:10

Philip Prosser That would be good, I’m a pensioner but the missus and me manage ok for now.

Like · 29 August at 00:15

Marie Anne Harris Longfoot That’s ok then Philip but not every one is the same, you have two pensions coming in I only have one. And I have the same bills to pay as you do.

Like · 2 · 30 August at 11:07 · Edited

Brian Norkett HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
I’ve had enough of being dictated to by minority factions in my own country.
I’ve had enough of listening to hate preachers on our streets,.
I’ve had enough of our freedom of speech laws being totally abused.
I’ve had enough of being told that the laws I abide by are wrong.
I’ve had enough of our government sitting by and watching my country bow to these people.
I’ve had enough of standing by.
I’ve had enough of cow towing to the human rights of others.
I’ve had enough of my human rights being abused, whilst I am expected to respect those that abuse it.
I’ve had enough of having to listen to these hate preachers on the TV news.
I’ve had enough of not being able to speak my mind.
I’ve had enough of seeing certain areas of my country becoming no go areas for my country men and women.
I’ve had enough of hearing I am a sinner because I don’t believe in some deity that no one can prove exists.
I’ve had enough of feeling like I’m unwanted in my own country.
I’ve had enough of standing by.
I’ve had enough of seeing our service people abused on remembrance parades.
I’ve had enough of our police standing by and let this happen.
I’ve had enough of being told to keep quiet.
I’ve had enough of politicians with no back bones.
I’ve had enough of these same politicians nodding in agreement whilst doing nothing.
I’ve had enough of marches against my country in my country.
I’ve had enough of standing by.
I’ve had enough of being in the silent majority.
I’ve had enough of being frightened to speak my mind for fear of retribution.
I’ve had enough of listening to others speak their hatred when I am gagged.
I’ve had enough of seeing atrocities being committed in the name of Allah.
I’ve had enough of internet sites being allowed to broadcast these atrocities.
I’ve had enough of standing by.
I’ve had enough of our country watching itself become a sponge for the dross of the world.
I’ve had enough of the welfare state being misused by those that purportedly hate us.
I’ve had enough of our laws being broken and nothing done about it.
I’ve had enough of seeing my country men and women arrested for standing up for themselves.
I’ve had enough of listening to platitudes from our supposed leaders.
I’ve had enough of having to work hard and pay taxes to support those that hate me.
I’ve had enough of the gentle touch.
I’ve had enough of seeing my children & grandchildren’s lifestyle being slowly eroded.
I’ve had enough of standing by.
I’ve had enough of seeing my countries flag being burnt and spat on.
I’ve had enough of seeing political parties not addressing this problem in manifestos.
I’ve had enough of being called a racist because of my love for my country.
I’ve had enough of looking on and doing nothing.
I’ve had enough of my countries flag being removed from public building for fear of upsetting those that hate us.
I’ve had enough of people being allowed to walk our streets with covered faces, when I am asked to remove my hat in banks and pubs.
I’ve had enough of feeling like my freedom of speech is curtailed.
I’ve had enough of seeing funding being given to those that hate us.
I’ve had enough of seeing millions of pounds being sent to countries that harbour those that hate us.
I’ve had enough of seeing the sacrifices of our fore fathers being shipped down the river of political correctness.
These are my own opinions, feel free to disagree with me by all means. I won’t take offence, I certainly will not try to cause you harm because our opinions differ.

Like · Reply · 24 · 22 August at 20:16

Steve Ormerod I’m with you !

Like · 1 · 31 August at 09:59

Linda Carmichael Well said, all true !…

Like · 1 · 4 September at 23:19

Peter Robinson I strongly disagree with your capping the welfare system, there are genuine people who truly have to rely upon it. I am not proud of the fact I suffer from mental health problems and other illnesses, that require me to live on benefits.

Like · Reply · 9 · 23 August at 10:22

Ian Lees Peter what about the freeloaders that play the system ? Why should I work my nuts off and watch them milk it for every penny ?

Like · 27 August at 18:14

Mike Grosvenor your not kidding they pop from this country fight to a so called holy war a blame our gove ,will living off our taxes

Like · 30 August at 20:49

Shelly Medium my view is that you do not care less about anyone other than yourselves; you couldnt give a hoot about anyone that has any form of illness/disability etc etc. you do not care that your policies have caused abject poverty and hardship to the good people of this country. You have got it all wrong and not big enough to put it right. You are only interested in our views now as there is an election forthcoming….. fix anything? You have to fix your own corruption first… and lets face it, that won’t happen….. you have done nothing for those in this country that have worked all their lives and then cannot; you have done nothing for those that have lived in their homes and then you tax them if they have a spare room…. you do nothing for me at all….. nothing for my family but you kick those when they are down and that is disgusting, sitting there in your ivory towers, but hopefully these self made pedestals you place yourselves on will soon crumble… would love to see a three way coalition …. that would be just hilarious as you are useless now so may as well have a laugh at the incompetence you all bring…. so Dave …. you couldnt be bothered to answer me when I wrote to you asking for questions… watch your political career burn now…. good luck by the way, you will all need it

Like · Reply · 8 · 27 August at 17:24

Shelly Medium sorry good folks of the UK bit of a rant there…. but feel better now x

Like · 6 · 27 August at 17:24

Shelly Medium ps can I add in here that I do not claim benefits, I run my own business, I pay a mortgage so none of their changes to the benefit system affected me but still outraged by it until my partner who had worked all his life became very ill. They stated he was unfit for work but as I worked and his fiance, then I had to keep him. Of course I did, but he worked or over 30 years paying taxes. Then he died. I was not then entitled to any help with the funeral costs as we were not married… please tell me which bit of that is right… so this government can go and find themselves up their own backsides as that is what comes out of their mouths….. second rant over x

Like · 7 · 27 August at 17:29

Gary Larmour Stop benefits for foreigners more like.

Like · Reply · 8 · 23 August at 11:13

Damian Socha You look like benefit man haha

Like · 21 September at 21:03

John M Cooper BUT you aren’t going far enough! Child allowance only for first 2 children, any more, you are on your own! Make people on dole pick litter, if they can collect their money, they can do something for it!

Like · Reply · 8 · 21 August at 18:51

Nigel Usher Ok … and then perhaps we can get the bankers to pay back the billions of taxpayers money that they have been given to bail them out? Odd how everybody conveniently forgets about how much tax money they stole … and how much they are still paying themselves. Of course no single Mum living on benefits will ever be able to offer a politician a nice fat consultancy cheque when he leaves parliament so let’s leave the bankers alone and concentrate on the people who in the vast majority of cases do not fiddle the system, or intentionally ‘sponge’ off the state. Can we just look at the ACTUAL figures. The total welfare bill for last year was £167 billion. On one day in October 2008 the banks were given £500 billion of taxpayers money. You want people on the dole picking up litter … fair enough. I want my money back from the bankers who are sitting in the sun laughing their heads off.

Like · 12 · 26 August at 12:39 · Edited

Ian Lees Nigel I want to stop paying for the scratters who lay around all day doing nothing while I supply them with new boilers!

Like · 3 · 27 August at 18:07

Iain Moss Vote for a Tory free Scotland. Vote YES.

Like · Reply · 17 · 4 September at 10:11

Scott CJ McKelvie haha like you’re really going to escape austerity, not a chance of that happening

Like · 9 hrs

Iain Moss Independence is the answer. F**k the Tories.

Like · Reply · 17 · 22 August at 02:26

Billy Carlin…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:20

John Gill Its not WELFARE its NATIONAL INSURANCE funded SOCIAL SECURITY! We who have paid PAYE tax and NI expect to receive a portion of it back when we fall on hard times, I am fed up with CORPORATE WELFARE! Tax dodging Bankers and Companies who pay F-ALL tax who then get bailed out when they fail to notice the bus of the World Economy was heading over a cliff like in the Italian Job, we are hanging over a cliff and if you bail them out again with my pension, you will be following the bus right over the edge!

Like · Reply · 7 · 15 September at 20:33

Tom Griffiths Well Sad bother

Like · 26 September at 00:56

Steve Ajao Why don’t you, and the rest of you sponging, vile. Etonian tossers just evaporate? The general public can no longer support you.

Like · Reply · 7 · 14 September at 00:40 · Edited

Sheila Maddocks We did NOT!! elect you .. you have destroyed our once great country our heritage and all faith in politics I cannot wait too see the fall of your destructive party .. Why are you not listening to the voice of the British public ..time for you and your lot to crawl back under your stones

Like · Reply · 7 · 6 September at 16:55 · Edited

Noeline Taker Try living on benefits for a year then decide what you can actually live with! I have worked all my life I got made redundant asked for help nothing was the answer. I got temp jobs until I found permanent work again so still did not stop working! Last year I had an operation on my shoulder after an accident and had to take 12 weeks off work due to the extent of the damage through no fault of my own, I rang for help, income support I think it was called, as I was NOT being paid for my time off, I got NOTHING yet again yet I have paid in all my life explain that. I ended up using the small amount of savings I had now I have no savings at all because of the lack of help for people in my situation! I see absolutely nothing wrong in helping people when they need it to keep their life’s intact, or people who are ill, old people, and all genuine cases, but people that have never worked in their life’s should be made to go to the job centre every single day as if their job is to find a job, get up in the morning like the rest of us to look for work! Those that have children and say they do not know the father are taking the p*ss. You should have paid in to get back in my opinion! We need a benefit system in place without it more people will end up on the streets which in turn will lead to more crime, but it needs to be for genuine cases not a way out of ever working! You need to build council houses, these should never have been sold off, there should be housing for everyone not privately rented where the rents are so high no one can afford them anyway or the government has to provide housing benefit because rents are set too high! The whole system is wrong, as far as I am concerned you owe me for the time I was off work and an explanation as to why help was not there for others like me that need short term help, is that not what the benefit system was originally set up for!

Like · Reply · 7 · 26 August at 05:04

Ian Lees Speak to the bums, they will give you advice in how to play the system .

Like · 1 · 27 August at 18:13

Gareth Maddo Maddison I’m gettin sick of your poison mr leas, or is it mr duncan smith? Dickhead

Like · 2 · 28 August at 21:59

Ian Milton Tax the rich, stop penalising the poor. Stop buying & subsidising arms and supporting vicious regimes like Saudi and Israel. Stop intervening and destabilising across the globe. For the people’s sake GO!

Like · Reply · 6 · 11 September at 22:40

Alex Salamone I would like the benefits that bankers get reduced. I find the £1.6 trillion given to them so far particularly offensive. Also the rich benefiting from tax reductions you gave them and their corporations, while the rest us suffer from the mess they made, is an affront.

I don’t like landlords exploitative rents being subsidised via the housing benefit of their tenants. I also don’t like employers being subsidised via the benefits that are needed for their employees to live on because they are not paid enough. I dont like our privatised services being subsidised by the state, the railway companies being the most notable examples. Their shareholders, exectives and directors are scroungers par excellence.

Regarding work, I want unemployment to not be “created” by the DWP. Workfare does this by replacing a paid job with unpaid labour. And it is only right and fair that people pay what they owe to society. So most of all I want the hundred of billions you help your mates avoid in tax taken more seriously than the £1 billion in benefit fraud. One is very big, the other comparatively small. It iritates me that we are distracted from banking fraud and the parasitism of the rich by attention being diverted to something of no consequence regarding reversing the glabal crisis caused by your friends.

The welfare of the sick and disabled is very important to me. So if you could stop killing them by removing their benefits when your fraudulent assessors find them “fit for work” and they soon die of ill-health or suicide, that would be great. Oh, and one more thing, stop privatising the NHS, giving contracts to your mates. Even the Daily Mail readers are catching on!

Like · Reply · 6 · 5 September at 11:28

John James Summers You took the words right out of my mouth.

Like · 5 September at 15:28

Nik Makris This survey is just a honey trap to build an email list of potential Tory voters, which they will then no doubt spam relentlessly with right-wing propaganda leading up to the general election.

Like · Reply · 6 · 31 August at 07:52

Jim Moody If our country stopped giving all these foriners benifits. Free health care nd houses that england is very short ov. All us British people cud live happy comfortable lives. Let people come to the country. But no benefits or housing benefit. No health care until they have worked for at least 5 year. If they already in our country. If they dont find work within 6 month stop all there benefits. Then no one will want to come here nd try live a better life off all us tax payers. Look after our own b4 any foriners

Like · Reply · 6 · 26 August at 07:43

Mike Stringer Hey jim we need pay rises immigrants can’t and have nothing to do with it.

Like · 27 August at 22:36

Matt Parker Throw the plans for the Universal Credit in the bin where they belong and give people a living wage instead of moving forward with your plans to drag all the lower end of the working population into “behavioural contracts” ie the “claimant commitment” they will have to sign when their other benefits / tax credits are replaced by the UC, which will dictate that they spend their time outside work looking for other work, whilst at the same time you’re allowing changes in workers rights that will allow them to be forced onto a zero hours contract and prohibited from working for a second employer ………………….. What comes after that? …… Everyone reduced to a 16hr working week and spending the other 19 on one of your programmes that serve no purpose other than to funnel money into the private sector and maintain the existence of an underclass in order to keep the minimum wage down for the benefit of big corporations?

Like · Reply · 6 · 26 August at 07:22

Paul Burgess I don’t honestly believe you even know this is here. Your publicity spin machine is no doubt behind this. You sir do not have the calibre to govern you have no understanding of the culture of the true honest tax payers of this land in fact you seem to have utter contept for us choosing to play to the spin doctors lies. A person of your back ground can never have the respect of this country as you have never experienced our lives your privileged life is a world away from ours but you still believe we are listening and believe what you say. You have to earn respect and admitting you get things wrong and do what WE wish as a public SERVANT not what you think will boost your ego. Don’t forget you WERE NOT voted in as leader of this country you basically lost and just took the seat with the help of a few other losers. Get a back bone and start doing something for the people who pay for this country and not for your tax fiddling private school mates or the no hoper leeches who have never put anything in to the system but get given the world. Now you will say that is not the case but it is how the tax payer perceives it and so it’s up to you to put us right not by words as they are cheap but by actions they speak louder than words but I sadly don’t believe you have any intention of doing anything as such you will be living up to your image of the party for the rich tax fiddling private school oinks.

Like · Reply · 6 · 25 August at 22:52

Maria Grant The only thing your fixing is benefits for you and your crooked cronies …if you read the questions they are worded to put people in work against those who don’t , of course some people abuse the system , its always happened … But your welfare reforms are downright cruel …how do you think we feel when we hear about all of your lifestyles ,when people are vilified for being poor …

Like · Reply · 6 · 25 August at 21:22

Mike Stringer Yep divide and rule!

Like · 2 · 27 August at 22:47

Nicholas Stewart you and your ilk are the biggest villians in britain . away with you and your greedy friends .

Like · Reply · 6 · 24 August at 21:44

Sue Crawford My views you would not want to hear !! I am a 48 year old single mother that bought my own house on my OWN 12 years ago !!! I have raised my son to have a fantastic work ethic and not live off our once wonderful country !!!! He is leaving me on 8th sept to join our British army NOT the Jihads !!!!!! As a hard working single mother that has paid her taxes her whole life thru and you charged me the earth for child care but I still did it. ! I urge you beg you and plead with you to give us back some pride in our country that we pay taxes into. I am so tired of working to support immigrants ?? When is someone gonna recognise my struggle and say this is what the young women of the world should be doing. ??? Your policies need to change I understand you have inherited these problems but you will only get my support by giving me my country back !!!! My country is lost and I have no pride and it is the governments fault. ! How dare you give my tax money that I pay each week to immigrant people. ??? I am a law abiding hard working citizen but I prom you if a revolt starts I will join them we can NOT trust our voices in government whom are trying to be PC correct !!!!!

Like · Reply · 6 · 24 August at 18:23

Nigel Padfield You only clamp down on your own people, never the foreigner or “asylum seeker”.

Like · Reply · 6 · 23 August at 14:24

Russ Mcgarry really do 1 cockhead.

Like · Reply · 6 · 21 August at 23:41

Jude Dallas I’ve just looked at your “survey” and cannot think of anything more “LOADED” against people in GENUINE need than what I saw there.

Shame on you!

And this comes from a traditional Tory voter who will be thinking VERY hard come the next election. Get rid of IDS and maybe I’ll think again.

Like · Reply · 6 · 21 August at 15:48

Frances Lennon Welfare should be fare and should reflect the economic status of a country. Reducing welfare to the weakest and most vulnerable members of society merely creates pockets of severe deprivation and instability, in neighborhoods already challenged by the closure of local industry. The ‘self employment’ option offered and pushed onto those without work, merely deflates unemployment figures and exacerbates the condition of poverty. By agreeing to the notion of reducing benefit related payments, one is agreeing to the notion of homelessness, as landlords evict more and more clients in favour of those who can pay more rent. Where do homeless families go? Where do older, unemployed workers go? Where do educationally challenged young people find work? Where do underfunded people go to find their daily food? How do unemployed people fund their compulsory visits to local job centers? Has anyone done an unbiased investigation into the death rates and the increase risk of severe ill health as a direct result of benefit reductions?

Like · Reply · 6 · 21 August at 10:37 · Edited

Helen Elizabeth James You are a disgusting vile facist, bullying the weak and vulnerable in society. Everything you do is only to the benefit of 1% …your cronies. You are morally bankrupt and I loathe everything you stand for…

Like · Reply · 12 · 20 August at 20:34

Heather Allen Your surveys are a scam designed to get people agreeing with you. Please credit people with intelligence, you are treating us like morons.

Like · Reply · 5 · 25 September at 08:44

Nicola Sinclair I was tempted to actually respond to this survey so that my horror at your Draconian welfare cuts and campaign to criminalise the poor would be recorded. But then I noticed the way you had shamelessly rigged the questions so that if you disagree you’re virtually saying you think benefits should be higher than wages. Shame on you. If you gave a toss about democracy you would circulate a straight questionnaire compiled by an impartial pollster. This is nothing more than propaganda designed to uphold your own disgusting policies. If the UK dissolves you will only have yourselves to blame.

Like · Reply · 5 · 23 September at 22:18

Tina Spencer As usual, the questions are worded so that the answer is what you want to hear. Raise the wages. Stop the war on the sick and disabled. Put an end to the MP’s being able to claim incredible sums for a breakfast -in fact cap the MP’s allowances – that will save a small fortune!

Like · Reply · 5 · 20 September at 20:21

Deborah Easton After the war this country really was Great Britain. We had the education system reformed to give everyone the opportunity to learn, grow and develop. We had the NHS where everyone had the ability to see a doctor and get the medical treatment they required. The elderly, widows and orphans were looked after. Housing was provided so all had a fair start in life. Britain was a community that cared and supported one another. A system that began to really help people achieve their full potential. I can remember the street parties and the unlocked doors, kids playing in the streets. What do we have now? How have we learnt from the past? Pride and greed have changed this wonderful nation! Education has suffered, their is not the diversity for children to learn new things, academia is not everything, children do not learn in the same way, neither do they all have the same skills, abilities and talents. The NHS has suffered and so too has housing and social care in the community. It is not rocket science Mr Cameron. The population is growing, the needs are growing and all you want to do is reduce everything. Why? The fat cats, the financial world, greed, dividends, shares, interest must be earnt! Housing prices that don’t give our children a chance to get onto the first rung of the ladder. There will come a time when someone might just wake up and shout ‘Hey the Emperor is wearing no clothes!’. It is totally crazy how we now have come to value people. What do I mean? Where is the logic, where is the common sense, where is the humanity? when people can pretend to act someone on the television and get more money than the real people. The value of our doctors and nurses, teachers, police, fire brigade, ambulances, all those who serve in our communities, who help others, how does their jobs stack up against a footballer running around after a ball!!!!!!!!! How much did Margaret Thatcher earn as PM, how much did Helen Mirren get to play her? How much did the series of dinner ladies bring in for the actors, how much do our real dinner ladies get? Money does not save peoples lives, money does not grow the food in our fields, money does not educate, money is an object or a piece of paper. If medical equipment did not cost so much the NHS would be better off. Louis Pasteur did not make all his discoveries because he wanted to become rich, he wanted to help people. It shouldn’t be about drug companies making as much money as possible and charging huge prices for much needed medical supplies. Hope you get the point!

Like · Reply · 5 · 20 September at 07:42 · Edited

Jennie Matthias I don’t think the people that you apparently govern really care about what you want David Cameron, given that you have NEVER once listened to what they say anyway why would they waste one moment of their precious time pandering to your ego?? Think about it???

Like · Reply · 5 · 17 September at 08:06

Caroline Cutts no welfare benefits should go to immigrants till they have contributed for at least 3 years. the household cap needs to be brought down fom 26k to 23k and chil benefit for 3 or more children should be halved.

Like · Reply · 5 · 16 September at 20:08

Yvonne De Carlo rent cap not benefit cap. Most of many family’s benefit monies end up in the pockets of rapacious landlords in the form of housing benefit, and not in the pocket of the tenant

Like · Reply · 5 · 16 September at 16:31

Billy Carlin And most of the country’s money is going into the off-shore accounts of corrupt politicians of all parties etc as is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 1 · 23 September at 18:32

Robber Byker Kiick the royals of benefits a fortune..

Like · Reply · 5 · 14 September at 18:09

Brian Jones Wanna see abuses of the welfare system? Prime minster just hold a mirror to yourself and your rotten party, the hypocrisy party.

Like · Reply · 5 · 10 September at 13:09

John Etherington How about cutting the ten per cent pay rise for politicians who are already earning £67,000 per year and giving it to the people who are having to live on £40 per week because of bedroom tax?

Like · Reply · 5 · 9 September at 08:30

Jamie Craddock Mr Cameron you are a trator to the people of great britian an all those soldiers that have served and been killed for this country in ww1 +2 ect for you to let it be takin away from us by immigration an your stupid multicultural idea and for these to come in and claim benefits for free may you rot in hell

Like · Reply · 5 · 8 September at 14:44

Cliff Eastabrook If you really want to know what I think of your welfare changes… I think you have behaved like a bunch of bullies. You have attacked the poor and the needy, hard working people who have been put out of a job by the economic situation, illness or disability have been denied the support they need and blamed for their misfortune. There is nothing Christian in your behaviour at all. What is worse you lie about the reasons.

Like · Reply · 5 · 8 September at 11:47

Karen Henderson yes im on so called welfare, i have worked in the past so have my husband, but due to health he can’t no one will employ him as they need more insurance for him, so he worked self employed nearly kill himself just to try and provide for his family, im now his carerer, my parents, and my daughter, i only get one allowance for all three, you tell me david if im a slacker and just want to sit on my backside, because this is what you class ALL on welfare. yes there are people out there who want to do just that, you pick the hand full of these kind to put us all down, I WILL TELL YOU WHAT MY HUSBAND HAS, HE HAS A BLOOD CLOT ON THE BRAIN WHICH THEY CAN NOT REMOVE, HE TAKES 14 TABLETS A DAY, AND STILL CAN NOT GET DLA so dont you sit in your posh office picking on people who are living just day to day. and everyone else who say stop the welfare. how are we ment to live, never asked for this. you and your pals would not know how the the working class and out of work live.

Like · Reply · 5 · 6 September at 22:03

Andy Highton Do the decent thing Scumeron and resign,oops I forgot you’re not decent

Like · Reply · 5 · 6 September at 15:09

Dee Willis Stop paying lip service, we don’t trust you because every tine you open your mouth anothet lie cones out and you never listen
Nationalise all our utilities, invest in the NHS, stop destroying the welfare state, stop screwing us blindly…I could go on, but you’re not interested.

Like · Reply · 5 · 1 September at 09:09

Paul Parker I work 12 hr shifts at the age of 64. I get my pension next year and will have to carry on working. I pay my tax yet cannot receive any assistance. My lady has cancer and cant work. We need some help and yet you INSIST on sendind money to despot nations and giving help to all sorts of immigrants. I may not bbe very good at geography but when did Somalia and Eritrea become part of the EU? If my neighbour was hungry I would feed them, but NOT until I knew that my own family had eaten. I have been a lifetime Tory voter because I think the Labour party are crap. but you wont be getting my vote next time. You have 2 ears and one mouth, so why dont you use them in that ratio? (Bet you dont even read this)

Like · Reply · 5 · 26 August at 21:32

Philip Prosser Have you looked at benefits for your poor wife, surely there must be something.

Like · 29 August at 00:18

Paul Parker Thank you for your note Philip. My wife recdeives the state pension and because I work we are considered well off and do not qualify for benefits. Oh to be an immigrant who has contributed nothing!

Like · 1 · 29 August at 19:30

Kaz Sumatran Tiger Cobb You want my views. I’ve worked for over 30 years, never claimed any benefits. Get made redundant yet I’m not entitled to any benefits except £72 a week. No help with council tax, rent NOTHING. Yet I see all these immigrents come over and get given the TAX that I PAID IN. Look after your own first and send the rest back home.

Like · Reply · 5 · 25 August at 21:07

Mike Stringer Give me their names we’ll hunt them down.

Like · 27 August at 22:37

Kaz Mcvey makes me laugh those that moan about dolies and benefits are claiming themselves ie working tax credit. child tax credit….so stop slagging of benefits or stop claiming ur working tax credits etc yourself…idiots

Like · 25 September at 11:50

Alvin Pritchard Have you any Idea how many family’s you have broken up,& forced to leave their homes to save the country a few quid Mr Cameron ? Might be a pompous game to you but not so funny to the respectable poor and most vulnerable of society … BTW Food banks in 21st century Britain are a National Disgrace.

Like · Reply · 5 · 23 August at 01:04

AC MC Cap mp benefits. Cut Their Salaries

Like · Reply · 5 · 23 August at 00:25

Vicki Taylor dont think your bothered dave tbh , if i was you i would concentrate on the terrioust and immigration problem in this country , clearly we have one , if you sort them out who knows as well as this country being a safer place your benefits bill will go down , start looking after your own dave , your bye bye next year you muppet , try loking at what enoch powel cited and get a brain !!!

Like · Reply · 5 · 22 August at 22:59

Sheena Leversedge Wood stop scapegoating and demonising benefit claimants.
your bitter abuse and degradation of the disabled is heartbreaking, especially considering YOU of all people should have compassion for the disabled.
and in a world where work is so hard to come by, the unemployed are painted as “workshy” and “scroungers”
the most vulnerable in society must not be made to bear the punishment for the mistakes of the most secure.

Like · Reply · 5 · 22 August at 19:54

Andrew Appleford im a claiment off the welfare system but before you jugde me i was working and wish to god that i could be working as i was 2 years ago but i was diagnosed with arthitus in the blood simaller to the normal ar ive been pushed and shoved to esa to jsa i am willing to work yet im getting punished by the welfare state that i paid into for 36 years what i d like to see is where has all the money gone from taxes national insurance road taxes buisness tax car tax congestion charges tax on food tabaco tax importation tax once upon a time i can remmeber that there was more money left in the pot for extra things like parks and comunnity events etc i dont want anymore money then what i already get which is £128 a fortnight as this is just right for me to live on or i should say basic living i appriciate the help i get but the politics behind it all stinks and whilst our borders are open to all or they might as well be we will have more and more people that have never paid in to our health care and tax system sucking the money out is there an answer to all this with the fat cats at the top sucking the system dry as well ???????????????

Like · Reply · 5 · 21 August at 20:26

Andy Hopkins I think that you should do something to ensure those massive impersonal corporations pay their rightful share of TAXES and while you are about it you can include the mega rich into that program. The tax subsidies and other subsidies to the corporations and mega rich are what is bleeding this country dry, not the benefits to poor people.
As for the Social Security Benefits, the whole system is to complicated and obscure. It needs totally scrapping and a new system replacing it based on the minimum wage, with enhancements for disabilities and serious illnesses which needs to be transparent for the user.

Like · Reply · 5 · 21 August at 19:30


Like · Reply · 14 · 12 September at 21:08

Natalie Morgan You are having a laugh you CLOWN!!!..You have destroyed the Welfare system in this country!..& Privatising our NHS!!!!…I hope Scotland tell you where to GO!!!!…CAMORON!

Like · Reply · 10 · 9 September at 22:49

Matthew Bent Scrap the benefits system altogether and lower income tax to compensate make it pay to work rather than me losing a third of my wage in tax and NI so others can sit and play xbox thats what winds me up

Like · Reply · 10 · 23 August at 08:01

Paul Ferry Smithlz Scrap it altogether you would love that wouldn’t you more deaths more in poverty fkn scum you are only 0.7 percent is benefit fraud not much compared to tax fiddle cockhead

Like · 6 · 25 August at 22:10

Nigel Usher £167 billion a year in welfare. £500 billion in one day to bail out the banks. What planet are you living on if you think that your tax money is going so that feckless people can play Xbox? Then look at the fraudulent claim figure .. 0.7% !! Who was it who said “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think” …. oh yes Adolf Hitler

Like · 8 · 26 August at 12:48

Paul Ferry Smithlz Well I seen some thick nasty comments like just give them food vouchers. Tory scum would love for people on benefits not to have a social life total scum. AND HOW IS 72 A WEEK MORE THAN A WORKER GETS? ?? ?? Torys leaving I’ll disabled most vulnerable with no money at all discusting

Like · Reply · 10 · 21 August at 19:20

Sue Jones…/its-absolute…/

Like · Reply · 11 · 25 August at 16:24

Onyechi Osakwe It’s all ok capping benefits but there are families out there who are barely existing. It must be equitable and fair. Britain has always been a fair society. You must however target for such capping, those who for sinister reasons, as they’ve been taught in their Mosques that outnumbering the “Christian” population by share birth in numbers will hand them this country on a plate in order to bring it to its knees as they’ve done to countries all around the world where their voices are loudest! I vote the Tories but until this mess is sorted out then you are on your own this time. People should understand that if coming to this country is a licence to outbreed the Judea-Christian population, then they must not dare venture in and if they do, any more children after the 3rd child must be the responsibility of the parents NOT the state! It will soon stop them! Britain has become unrecognisable in parts and I speak as a foreigner but one who has the best interest of this country at heart! The Judea-Christian principles upon which Great Britain was founded is now going to the dogs and the blessings of God through Christ is about to dry up! Stop this rot now!

Like · Reply · 4 · 5 hrs

Dan Williams Go away David.

Like · Reply · 4 · 14 hrs

Claragh O’Reardon The fact that people can earn more on benefits than by working does not mean benefits are too high it means wages are too low.

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 hrs

Tom Selway If you want my opinion please allow me to make it DONT give me a choice of answers

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 hrs

Diane Scott I have worked since I was 15 years old.. I have raised 2 Children who both work … I have had my retirement age increased to 68 years old and have not had a pay rise for 4 years.. but you give immigrants benefits as soon as they arrive in this country out of our taxes which should be providing our own people in our own country… Look after our old folk.. Stop giving away millions in aid.. Bring on the elections UKIP will be my preference if you don’t shape up and listen to hard working British people..

Like · Reply · 4 · 27 September at 07:58

Ruth Howlett Why are you asking for our opinions? Since when have you taken any notice of public concerns. Do you actually read the responses to these surveys?

Like · Reply · 4 · 27 September at 02:15

Liz Paris Somehow I don’t think you want to read my opinion of you but seeing as you asked for it here it is. You’ve robbed the poor and disabled, tried to get rid of workers rights, couldn’t care less how the decent people of this country feed their families and keep warm in the winter by taking away their tax credits. You seem to want to wipe out the wildlife of this country with your culls and have told the authorities to turn a blind eye to the hunting act. Let me ask you this Mr Cameron, could you and your family eat, heat your home, clothe your kids on £6.31 per hour, I think not, but you expect the good people of this country to. I don’t blame the people of Scotland wanting to be shot of you, yeah ok you won but just, and I think it goes without saying that I won’t be voting for you at the next election.

Like · Reply · 4 · 26 September at 19:15

Jessie Barnard Good god these are the most biased / leading questions ever. So juvenile. Benefits wouldn’t be rising faster than wages if people were paid properly for their work.

Like · Reply · 4 · 26 September at 10:27

Phineas Harper It is illuminating how disrespectful and manipulative this kind of Tory survey is even when aimed at their own supporters.

Like · 26 September at 20:29

Pamela Lucas I see no point in even trying to fill in this survey; it has such limited options and takes for granted that we agree with your status quo!! The majority of people in this country get paid far too little for their time. I’ve always been really proud of living in a country where the citizens help support those less well off than themselves and those in unfortunate circumstances. Your Tory Government is the most elitist and unkind that I have been subjected to in my lifetime. We pay you for this rubbish??? You won’t be here this time next year.

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 September at 22:51

Joanne Nosy Parkin Cameron I hope your little muffin toasters make you aware that you are as popular as a turd in a swimming pool? We all hate you from the lower middle class right down to the disabled your torturing. Heir Hitler would be so proud of you! Bet you don’t even know how many disabled people YOU have killed? Silly me of course you do, all in your plan!

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 September at 17:17 · Edited

Suzanne Linsey My partner is an educated, experienced person who was employed by a local authority for 16 years (not one day off sick and excellent reports). He is not only a very hard worker, as soon as he was made redundent he worked his backside off looking for work. He was treated by job centres and benefit agencies like a piece of dirt. At 47 he was told he was ‘too old’ for many jobs (more likely the place wanted to put apprentices in on minimum wage), or that he was too experienced, or ‘didnt have a degree’ to do what were petty low paid jobs. This government has got to stop insulting us by inferring that people without a job are lazy workshy scum. Stop this stupid catchphrase on your banners ‘For hardworking people’ inferring people like my partner are not, nor ever have been hardworking. Stop cutting everything to the bone, stop reducing funding to vital services which then have to get rid of hundreds of skills staff on the scrapheap. My partner is not the only one, please do not insult our intelligence.

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 September at 16:04

Trio Watson Do you actually need them? Your propaganda fuelling hatred to justify treating humans like sausagemeat has no relation to reality anyway.

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 September at 22:19

Simon Erridge I worked. I worked bloody hard, for the nhs, worked so hard my back broke, then I was cast on the scrap heap. Will you give me my ESA? WILL YOU? NO. being practically blind, post operative memory issues, in constant pain, suffering depression, Not good enough to get any payment, despite all those years of paying my taxes and N.I. I WON’T answer your questions, as i would have to destroy my computer afterwards for fear of it being tainted by contact with your website. Our “leaders” are a foul and divisive crew of self aggrandising pirates, siphoning off the cream and leaving us with the left overs. So No, Mr Cameron, and Mr Duncan-smith. I will not fill in your form, as you wouldn’t listen anyway. Not that you will listen here either.

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 September at 22:15

Sharon Turner How about we stop giving to immigrants and look after our own. we have one child, both go to work and are struggling while others get free activities, school meals e.t.c there is no encouragement to work any more

Like · 27 September at 15:05

Kaz Glastonbury This is what your cuts means for the real people of the UK (not the 1% elite). And this is the REAL Big Society. Where people care and have compassion for each other. Not the hatred and division that you’re spreading.

“Hundreds of bags of food have been donated to an impromptu food bank that started amid a gathering of peace campaigners.

Members of the public began dropping off bags of groceries when they heard about the food bank”.…/292974-hundreds-of-bags-donated…/

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 September at 16:16

David Barron you do very well out of benefits. you mention hard working families all the time. in your neo liberal vision does this include the children? what welfare? you have destroyed the lives in a literal sense of the needy and disabled. you are a disgrace to humanity cameron and if you were on fire i would not spare my bodily fluids to douse the good flame.

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 September at 06:50

Theresa Stirling Problem is David Cameron people who are on ESA or job seekers allowance etc get weekly benefit of £73 approximately. How can you honestly say this is more than the man or woman going to work receives. This amount of money does not cover food, electricity, gas, TV licence (criminal offence not to have one), 20% council tax (10% additional charge for not paying immediately), bedroom tax (approx 14% charge if you have more rooms than government deem you require, regardless of what other rooms is used for e.g wheelchair, dinning room etc.,) as i told your scottish MP Ruth Davidson last year at the Scottish Parliament the allowance of £73 approximately does not cover the essentials required each week to run your household if you are single, and the pittance of allowance is actually less than people get to look after their children as they get £53.00 per week per child tax credits and £20 per week per child for child benefit approximately or £15 if you have two or more kids , so if you need £70 odd quid to keep a child how do you expect the man or woman to run his house and pay all his/her bills for less. YOUR PARTY AND THIS GOVERNMENT ARE A JOKE AND OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY. TELL YOU WHAT YOU LOT GO AND PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTHS ARE AND YOU LIVE ON £70 ODD QUID PER WEEK. SEE HOW MUCH FUN IT IS. DONT FORGET YOUR LABOUR TORIES WHO STOOD SIDE BY SIDE WITH YOU LOT.

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 September at 02:06

Steve Roberts ok Dave, how about capping the £billions of taxpayers money you keep giving to foreign governments, which the people of those countries never benefit from. The welfare of this country depends on you, so resign and let someone do the job properly.

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 September at 21:44

Gavin Blackburn why are people in this country demonised for living on benefits when the biggest scroungers are mps-most already millionaires and born with a silver spoon in their mouths but apparently cant afford to travel to work or buy their own dinners-they need to claim expenses-tossers

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 September at 21:40

Riona Strang “O pause false wigs, in the midst of yer glee,
You’ve no seen the last o my bonnets & me!”

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 September at 16:16

Lewis Watson Hi Dave, scope of the survey’s a bit narrow and questions are a bit leading so I’ll not be completing it. I would however be delighted to refer you to the work of the Jimmy Reid foundation and The Common Weal – a vision for a better Scotland. Some really brilliant ideas in there all based on tried and tested models from countries with less of a wealth gap. All the best, Cheers, Lewis

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 September at 18:42

Bryan Quinn I have looked at several of these surveys and are all terribly designed to basically get people to agree with you. Of course everybody agrees workers should get more than benefits but the answers is to increase the minimum wage, not decrease benefits. That sadly wasn’t an option on any of your questions.

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 September at 09:03

Di Ross Stop telling the world and encouraging people to come here for the benefits. Look after the elderly they have worked hard so support them not put them on deaths row when they are ill

Like · Reply · 4 · 21 September at 16:26

Kevin Hewick You don’t want to hear our views on welfare, benefits, work, war, peace, playing the banjo or about how you are selling our utilities, our NHS, our country down the river to your billionaire mates! By the way answer YES or NO – have you ever taken cocaine? Yes or No answer the question David!!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 20 September at 21:45 · Edited

Stuart Hill Well said Kevin Hewick

Like · 25 September at 23:19

Kevin Lindsay Start looking after the people who are working hard for your country instead of bleeding us dry people who don’t want to work are better off than us that do!

Like · Reply · 4 · 20 September at 21:42

Fiona Goldie You want our views? But then you word your questions in such a way that views are not possible.
Your survey is twisted. It does not reflect the differences that may occur within families such as step children, redundancy, disability, temporary ill health, care needs, low pay. This is just a further attempt to demonise those already at the bottom of the pile; to turn neighbour against neighbour- low paid against unpaid. Have your policies not done enough damage? You need to hurt people even further?!
The welfare state was a safety net, to help people get by in times of need, but you have stripped that net away and people are falling into the abyss.
If you sincerely wish to ‘fix’ the system, bring back the social fund, remove the bedroom tax- for ALL tenants, withdraw your sneaky poll tax, reinstate legal aid, remove the need for food banks, keep payments weekly/fortnightly, pay rent direct to landlords, raise the minimum wage (and apply it equally to apprentices) and end benefit sanctions… penalising people for not finding a job in an economic climate with no jobs is a despicable policy.

The Tory insistence on austerity for the poor and tax breaks for the rich is sickening. And now you dress up further cuts to those in need as somehow moral. Shame on every single one of you!

Like · Reply · 4 · 16 September at 23:35

Dean Williams You’re a greedy, dishonest, self-serving, lying, waste of human flesh. You have no care for anyone except your own selfish little group of elitist cronyist cowards and seek to line your own pockets with money stolen from the poorest, most vulnerable men, women, and children of society. Your days of cheating and corruption are numbered. The score will be settled, and the People that you and your ilk have punished, demonised, and degraded will in turn punish you. And it is starting, right here, right now, in Scotland, and no-one, not you, not your toadies, not your propaganda machine, not your pet media, can stop it.

Like · Reply · 4 · 14 September at 17:32

Janet Fairhurst Why are MPs claiming more expenses than before the expenses scam, why are MPs being given another pay rise of 10% and nurses get 1% ? Why because you and your ilk are just greedy, your hypocrisy is beyond words.

Like · Reply · 4 · 12 September at 01:36

Lauretta Pearson Stop being the causation of the deaths of those who have nothing more to look forward to because you’ve stopped what they had to help them get through a day you will never know.

Like · Reply · 4 · 10 September at 19:53

Louis Huw Davies You don’t give a toss Scameron,you murderer!!!!!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 10 September at 17:14

Dave Roberts Why would a complete moron who has ignored the view of the people asked for it now?

Like · Reply · 4 · 9 September at 23:30

Tom Tomney Lvss Cutting MPs Salaries by 11 % and no Living expenses only expenses should be in the Budget the get for Running there office! Give The Nurses a 11% rise. Nurses Never Caused The Financial crisis London Politicians and The bankers and Finance Moguls Did They should foot Bill Not The poor old workers on Minimum! Wage!

Like · Reply · 4 · 9 September at 22:32 · Edited

Barbara Ynwa King Not all of us on benefits are scroungers we are fully time carers struggling on the same money a job seeker gets us full time carers save the government £1000s a year and yet we are the hardest hit by you welfare cuts with out us where would our disabled loved ones be it’s time we were recognised for the job we do which is 24 hrs a day 79 as a week !

Like · Reply · 5 · 9 September at 08:02

Tony Conway Resign

Like · Reply · 4 · 7 September at 12:28

Michael Shaughnessy The benefits service seems to be more concerned about finding ways to cancel peoples benefits these days rather than actually finding people jobs. They will try any devious and often dodgy tricks to achieve this they don’t care if you have a job to go to they just want you off benefit. The hatred that the Conservative party is drumming up against those on benefits is tantamount to discrimination on mass. Maybe the conservative party should come up with other ideas to save money for the country rather than keep hammering the vulnerable in society maybe start hammering the rich also but of course seeing as many Conservatives come from the privileged classes they won’t want to upset their friends.

Like · Reply · 4 · 6 September at 17:16 · Edited

Ruth Mort Why are they wasting time with stupid questions???

Problem – We all know what should be happening but all the Parliamentary wimps are far to weak to do anything just in case we upset the world and it’s feelings!!

Solution – Get a job or starve if you refuse to do volunteer work whilst sorting yourself out!!

Problem – Stop stealing from the workers ie stop pretending it’s TAX your taking more than you need!!

Solution – All the idle and super toffs and rich are all the same but coming at it at a different angles!!

Problem – If you have more than 2 kids, cool but you pay for them!!

Solution – The thieves in Parliament put them in prison and sell their homes and give the money back to the system!!

Problem – No benefits to the immigrants unless they have paid in!! Just like it is in Spain and many more EU countries!!! I know I lived there!!

Solution – Look after the old, the real men and women who fought for our freedom, the disabled, the real infirm not the glass backed slugs!!

Problem – If you hate our country and want to kill us….
Solution – deportation to your chosen destination!!

Solution – Of course help lower in come families but don’t patronise them!!

Solution – Make the changes now!!

Solution – Stop wasting time!!

Like · Reply · 5 · 4 September at 21:25

Kath Leen Ive never read such a biased questionaire in all my life – why don’t you ask fair questions if you really give a dam what people think – the welfare system isn’t just about unemployed as you insinuate – unemployment benefits are about 5% of the welfare budget – so why didn’t you ask if we wanted our sick, elderly, disabled. children to receive a decent quality of life and for once in your smug privaleged existence be honest !!!!!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 31 August at 19:05

Simon Key Ask the right questions in the first place but some ideas that you may need to consider 1. Increase wages so that being on welfare is not necessary. 2. Stop penalising people that need financial assistance in an ever increasingly economically challenging environment. 3. Stop trying to justify the increase of profit for those that already have more than enough money in the first place. “The trickle down effect doesn’t work”- Warren Buffet. 4. Try investing in a future that includes the rest of life rather than the financial ‘chosen few’ i.e the FTSE etc. 5. Stop pandering to the US please. 6. Stop running down the NHS so that you can sell if off for a profit and so leave people with less money no option for a consistent health service. 7. try investing in it [the NHS] instead and create more jobs and a more caring society (this make good economic sense! That’s why you are selling it [our NHS] to someone else), likewise Education 8. Stop tacitly promoting the right wing and claiming it to be the ‘peoples’ choice. It isn’t! 9. If you want the whole country on your side try being honest and courageous rather than ‘political’. All of us are tired with the political performances from all of the political parties 10. Try having some people that actually know what bit is like to have to live on low and lower incomes in your cabinet and you might actually know what is going on rather than reading a paper given to you by advisor’s that are trying to ‘suck up to the boss’. 11. Get on with it! I don’t care what political party you come from. What you call yourselves, What colour tie you wear. Do the job with people in mind rather than the large [cash] number at the bottom of the balance sheet.

Like · Reply · 4 · 28 August at 09:46 · Edited

James Mcnulty Loaded questions, phoney survey as per usual. Why are more n more working people claiming working tax credits and such? Oh that’s right, because big business profits are subsidised by the state due to the fact that they pay poverty wages! But that’s ok as long as they donate to your party. You n your party has asset stripped this country for the last 30 or so years. You have subjected the working class to a future of legalised slavery, zero hour contracts, low pay n little hope. Congratulations

Like · Reply · 4 · 28 August at 08:56

Ian Gleeson Why did you bring a french company called ATOS in to tell disabled people that if they can press a button with one finger then they are not disabled anymore ? There are people who have commited suicide over these antics and the best you can do is put a carefully worded survey up so that it can only read in the favour of reducing benefits for certain people . Your bent and you know it but you won’t do anything about that while you and your corrupt government are lining your own pockets .If you really want to do something about the welfare system then only give it to people who have lived in this country for a minimum of 20 years . If immigrants cannot look after themselves then don’t let them in !

Like · Reply · 4 · 28 August at 09:08 · Edited

Peter Stafford Why have you dumped the working classes, the men and women who would have been on the front line fighting for this country 60 years ago, How can you possibly attempt to run a country when your opinion and knowledge of its vast majority is non existent, you and your Eton cowboys have never been in touch never mind out of touch. And finally somethimg personal, after spending a lifetime as a bricklayer building houses all over the country, 15 years as a sole single parent for my son and the last 5 years being a fulltime carer for a father who eventually died of motor neurone..End up homeless at 56. Your a dog Cameron.

Like · Reply · 4 · 27 August at 06:19

Julie Field I for one am very disappointed in your government I want you to explain to me how you can justify the policies you have made for instance the bedroom tax people’s rent is calculated on how many bedrooms they have so to be taxed for having spare bedrooms seem to me they are paying twice and not only that there is not enough one bedroom accommodation to be able to rehouse every one but you are still quite happy to penalise them these people don’t view that as just a house it’s their home with all the emotions that go with that or is that only a luxury of the rich to have any sentimental feelings for their home your hard faced polices seem to be more about poor bashing people having to go to food banks is about as low as you and your fellow minsters can go it is a sad indictment of this government that the very poor and vulnerable have to resort to this one of the richest countries in the world it’s beyond appalling allowing 0 contracts so employers can exploit workers I thought as I grew older things would progress and become even better where the gulf between the rich and the poor would be smaller but the reverse has happened what happened to democracy a government voted in by the people to serve all the people to make it a better place for all not just the rich you need to cap rent so landlords don’t charge extortionate rents you need to cap loan sharks and the like so that they can only charge Apr that is set by the banks stop exploiting the people of this country because we are getting fed Up with it I’m fed up hearing about the 1 percenter’s how much money does any man need in a life time this is just greed global greed is now the order of the day this government sadly for me dose not care about its own people unless of course you earn over a certain salary I use to be proud of Britain because it cared about it sick and vulnerable where poor working class could at least pay rent and be able to feed themselves and maybe be have a little money put by for a rainy day that’s not the case any more what happened to a fair wage a fairer way of living for all not this dog eats dog society we live in now can you explain that to me mr Cameron

Like · Reply · 4 · 26 August at 23:35

Beverley Oliver-Mckenzie Working people are going to food banks how are people that are not working living

Like · Reply · 4 · 26 August at 22:57

Ian Lees Benefits and screwing the x partners over for money.

Like · 21 September at 21:27

Danny Walker You have to get the balance right between making work pay, and between punishing families, young people, the sick, disabled, and simply darned unluckily unemployed in a global recession (NOTHING to do with overspending by the last Labour government on welfare). Maybe the Labour govt. went too far but the Tories with IDS at the helm have swung the pendulum too far the other way. Given the choice between a few people scrounging and the welfare state providing a vital safety net for a large number of people when the economy is weak and unemployment high; or seeing people go hungry, sick or die whilst others cut back on a basic quality-of-life, due to benefit sanctions and caps whilst the government cuts tax for millionaires, I know which one I’d choose. The rhetoric on cuts and debt/deficit (again the conflation) has allowed the Tories to get away with it on welfare unfortunately.

Like · Reply · 4 · 26 August at 02:03

Dov Stekel Disband the Conservative party and leave the job of government to those who care about all people who live here, not just the super-rich.

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 August at 21:38

Sheila Laura Harper My views are simply met, THE BRITISH PEOPLE WANT YOU OUT..there is nothing you can say or do, like a giant sucking machine you have pulled us to the bowels of the earth, you have stripped people of their self esteem and dignity. If you are looking for praise in this area then go to the top of the class..2015 VOTE UKIP

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 August at 19:43

Emma Mullen I have seen first hand how your iniquitous coalition has destroyedthe Civil Service and thereby another public service. I hate you.

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 August at 19:26

Barry Gibson Cap MP’S wages and allowances …. an insult to ordinary working class people struggling …multiple vehicles and properties is rather gauling to people including pensioners like myself on a tight budget.

Like · Reply · 4 · 25 August at 18:57

Billy Carlin Not to mention all of the massive fraud being carried out by all of the political parties being exposed here…/better…

Like · 1 · 23 September at 18:06

Steve Cater it really makes you boil when you get a top line of say £2000 quid and end up with £1400 after stoppages cos you paid your tax !! then the benefit masses get £2000 quid and keep the lot !!! thats a joke isnt it !!! make the buggers sweep a few roads for their money or pick up some litter !!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 August at 21:38

Billy Carlin Oh Dear! What about the massive fraud being carried out by all of the political parties that is the real reason for the state of the country as being exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:08

Cheryl Johnson You dont live in the real world. You are making the vunerable poorer while you line your pockets.

EQUALITY ACT OCTOBER 2010 was created to make disabled abd vunerable people treated as equals. You break that law ever day every time you sanction a benefit, reduce the amount of money we have to live off and pay your houses and bonuses.
As a Government you have run your course. You dont see the real people living hand to mouth, asking for help from the food banks etc in this century it isnt our faults you made this country in debt yet you are making us suffer and pay for it. Do you think that is fair? I would love to see you and your muppets live on £59 per week to pay for food and bills and live for a minimum of 6 months.

Instead off the ICE CHALLENGE I challenge you for the next 6 months live on that amount of money in basic accomodation and see what you actually learn about us. And not off fixed programmes like Benefit Street etc

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 August at 19:20

June Jones shut the gates and sort your own country out first before cutting benefits get a grip ffs

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 August at 16:32

George Mccartney food banks , welfare cuts, low wages , anxiety, insecurity, mistrust,unemployment, total mistrust of government,pensions,massive welfare cuts still to be announced,but 130 billion pounds to be spent to upgrade TRIDENT a weapon that cannot be used,what is wrong with peoples heads.

Like · Reply · 4 · 24 August at 00:43

Lynne Godfrey Smith Look at all the outsiders comming in to our country and bragging about the free housing ,money in their hand,free health care ,being able to claim for their kids they say they have back in their own country .THEN PICK ON US UNTIL THEN LEAVE US ALONE AND NO I AM NOT ON BENIFITS?

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 August at 17:21

Billy Carlin Nothing to do with the massive fraud being carried out by all of the political parties, royalty etc that is bankrupting the country as is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:11

Simon Hipkiss id like to know why when you was born in to such wealth i.e 30 million pounds worth of wealth you took the time and effort to become prime minister and start on the poor in society hope you are proud of yourself u nob head.

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 August at 11:30

John Voisey I remember a country where very nobody on a council estate got “housing benefits” because their rent was capped by a tribunal. I remember a country where the only “benefits” most families got was family allowance which the government thought should be universal to promote indigenous population growth. But most of all I remember a country where few people on those estates got “benefits” because almost all the fathers and growing-up sons that lived on them had jobs to go to that brought home money that allowed a dignified lifestyle if not a particularly affluent one. Inremember a country in which a young man could look forward to a job, a trade, a career, a life, a marriage, a family and a futurevfor him and his children. And then you buggers got elected inb1979nandcdestroyed it all.

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 August at 08:40

Billy Carlin Not just the Tories matey – every single political party involved in the massive fraud that has bankrupted this country as has been exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:12

John Voisey No argument (well not much of one) from me on that, for while it was nigel lawson and his idiotic six month delay in closing double miras relief for living in sin, which pushed my e bed semi from 39k to 86k in 1988 and then caused it to crash back to 55k leaving fools who bought at tge top in negative equity, it was BROWN who presided over the rise in my next house from 97k to 359k at the height of the 2008 stupidity and it is still worth 260k today nit that I can affird to sell… this sfternoon milliballs declared a mansion tax to pay for the nhs but HIS party created the bloody mansions

Like · 23 September at 18:37

Bernie Jones People pay into this all their lives, it is our right, not yours to play god with !!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 August at 00:48

Jodie Rose McLoughlin I think his vendetta against the disabled started when his son sadly died. I think something snapped inside him and his warped logic and cognitive dissonance allowed him to justify such heinous and callous ‘reforms’ that only target the most vulnerable in society. You and your ilk, ‘Sir’ are sociopaths and ordinary Brits are not as stupid as you think we are! You dare to use ‘God’ as justification for your pseudo-Eugenics. Trying to drag us kicking and screaming back 100 years plus to Victorian times. Back to the days of asylums, workhouses for the un-deserving poor, no social mobility, grinding poverty, and hypocritical morality. Those of us on the left (and the sane thinking centre) will not allow you to continue as you have been going on. If they win again next year we’re all screwed! Unless you’re a Tory donor, an aristocrat or already a self-made millionaire that is. I just hope that most people aren’t too apathetic and downtrodden to vote!!

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 August at 23:52

Tracy Cummings Limit the number of migrant workers entering the country as there isn’t enough employment for British people, or learn from Australia allowing migrant worker to work for 6 months then they have to seek other employment or have a sponsor to stay in work and in the country after a year. Support small business by lowering rates or at least offer businesses a service for paying rates this will support the growth of the economy instead of just offering incentives to large companies, encourage manufacturers this country imports most of the products. Charge higher tax”s on importing poland and china are selling sub standard goods. Stop selling council houses this will create income for the council’s Margret Thatcher made a huge mistake with privatisation. I could go on and on but thats enough I hope you make some changes

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 August at 23:00

Delyth Hughes Having looked at the survey, you clearly DONT want our views because the questions are worded in a way that you either agree with the reforms whole heartily or not at all. And why bring Labour into it your the government not them. Maybe instead of doing nothing about the loopholes except wring your hands and shrug your shoulders you actually did something about the rich avoiding paying their dues the country wouldn’t be in such a mess. Instead of worrying about every other country, the finance sector and multi national companies you did what your PAID to do and look after the British citizens first we would all be better off

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 August at 22:56

Billy Carlin All of the political parties are involved in massive fraud that has bankrupted this and most other countries as has been exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:14

Macebook Returns The questions are loaded, what used to be benefits for the unemployed have become entitlements for the low paid. Check out the percentage of ‘benefits’ paid out to families who are actually in work, reword the questions to highlight just how fruitless low paid employment is, then you might have some idea of why you have a disgruntled workforce, and an unemployed population who are unlikely to be impressed with the 5000 jobs ‘created’ at McDonalds. Get a grip Dave, sanction the wealthy and the corporate fiddlers, not the vulnerable…

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 August at 18:25

Egg So Stencil you have spent more (of taxpayers’ money) promoting yourself on facebook than double the average household income…. and you want to want to cut welfare for poor families?

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 August at 00:35

Jacqui Harris You are not going far enough and the system is still unfair to a large majority in this country who have paid in, done the right thing, saved, paid into pensions and get little out especially at a time of need, the system is wrong. We should not have benefits for life, it should be open to everyone who has paid in and not means tested, so when a helping hand is needed people can apply unrestricted and qualify and it be for a minimum period for everyone 6 months. It should be down to the family unit and extended family to give the main support not the state. More work also needs doing around the legal aid system. 1 lot of support to everyone and if you are stupid enough to be back in court, no aide should be given. Child benefit should be restricted to 1 child or stopped all together. You want children have what you can afford and pay for them. Why should the state? No benefits should be paid until anyone wanting to claim has paid in at least 12 months TAX and NI, including nationals. Why do we have so many Gov depts dealing with the same issues but never talk or share info? I understand you may not want redundancies but the system needs streamlining. Why is child benefit paid out to those working? Just adjust the tax code??? This will reduce costs including bureaucracy. For those on benefits adjust them in the one payment, Universal credit? Include Child Benefit. If you don’t like it here just look at other countries and how hard it is. It is not that bad here, just full of folk who have half empty glasses! It is not the rich who are at fault with out them and the hard working folk of this country who do the right thing, we would be in a mess and they need thanking not abuse. We would be like Greece then where would we be? or the broken economy in Ireland and other European countries.This hard working group is growing and the resentment is clear so listen out for it. I shall await the Diatribe and outrage for posting my view. Don’t care it wasn’t for you it was for Mr Cameron and his team, if you don’t like this forum remove yourself!

Like · Reply · 4 · 21 August at 23:04 · Edited

Billy Carlin The broken countries like Ireland, Greece etc and ours are because of the massive fraud being committed by all of the political parties etc that is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:17

Lee Ball Just had a quick look at this survey and it presented in such a way as to allow the conservative party to continue to slash, cut and repress all in the alleged wider public interest. Nowhere does it offer you chance to voice an opinion, whether for or against, rather is a set of leading, closed questions, with the aim to allow some statistical propaganda. It is unfair to ask an agree/disagree question regarding benefit rises against wage rises, when there has been a deliberate wage repression. I notice there wasn’t anywhere either to comment on MP’s expenses or massive pay rises or tax cuts for the already wealthy or tax evasion by the same. If you want to cut the benefits bill, start at the top, instead of this cynical race to the bottom. We’re all in it together has never been further from the truth. If you want true public opinion, ask for it honestly. But I suppose therein lies the problem. You want nothing to do with either.

Like · Reply · 4 · 21 August at 20:21 · Edited

Alastair Stephens How pleased are you that in your five years in power most people’s wages have gone down and are significantly poorer than when you came to power but the richest 5% have become significantly richer?

Like · Reply · 9 · 23 August at 10:41

Billy Carlin And here is the reason why and it involves all of the political parties…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:18

Chris Batchelor sorry but you are a creep…running a creepy government…after the election where hopefully you will be a creep in the history books…I am hoping to take you and your rubbish government to the European Court of Human Rights…because myself and my family feel violated.Why should we the poorer be made to pay for what you (Conservative party) had set up ie UNREGULATED BANKING AND BANKERS…it has caused a catastrophe which you have wilfully gleely (seemingly) inflicted on the poor…and you full well know many are now dead (including some of my friends)

Like · Reply · 9 · 21 August at 15:31

Billy Carlin All of the political parties are involved in this massive fraud against the people as is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 1 · 23 September at 18:20

Chris Batchelor thankyou Mister Carlin

Like · 23 September at 18:24

Sue Jones…/the-poverty-of…/

Like · Reply · 10 · 25 August at 16:26

Lisa Samson Make work pay and stop letting the people be used as slaves! The questions on this survey are a disgrace and are worded so badly. I don’t agree with anything you do Cameron! You are a greedy, savage little man and I hope every single person you have murdered with your heinous welfare policies haunt you forever!

Like · Reply · 8 · 17 September at 14:17

Sam Weller Simple redirect overseas aid to help our own people. (all 14 billion per year of it)

Like · Reply · 3 · 3 hrs

Anthony Alphonse Charity begins at home! The Welfare system should be capped in accordance with one’s Personal Tax Contribution. The Country is not Red Cross or Oxfam. If you have contributed nothing into the Taxation System or NI then you get diddly squat. There should be a Period of Contribution like a minimum of 10 Years. If you need to use the NHS then if you have not contributed then you pay! If you cannot speak the English Language then you either learn or get out. I am Black and have lived and worked all my life and don’t see why People should think the UK is an easy touch to fund a Holiday for non-citizens. And you twats that have never contributed should starve because I do not wish to feed you because I have worked many hours sacrificing my family life!

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 hrs

Wendy Harper Whats the point you don’t listen to your British people anyway! you do what YOU WANT It’s not BRITAIN anymore, Have you forgotten that OUR and YOU’R grandparents fought a war for our freedom! and dictatorship! but all you care about is letting other nation’s rule us! as long as your gold plated income,pension,private health insurance that you get for being where you are is ok thats it! (look after number one, is your mantra!) just sad that i believed your lies and voted for you! but next vote will definatley be not you! grow a spine and believe in YOUR people and stick by them! without them you would not have a job!(but I suppose we all make mistakes believing liar’s)TRY LISTENENING TO PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY WANT! you are supposed to represent us,(YOU’R COUNTRY ?LOL?) your survey’s only have the questions you want answering,(get a life and ask where the question’s matter) WHERE are the the spaces for OUR VEIW’S? THIS IS BRITAIN! IF other people dont like it, then they are free to leave! (Mind you they might not like losing the benifits they get that us tax PAYER’S pay!) PLEASE LET US BE BRITISH! and stand by us! (silly question to ask lol)

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 hrs

Cassie Dillon Under this Government,We have seen ever increasing harassment and intimidation of those on welfare than ever before. By the ever increasing comments attributed to David cameron and his ministers we see how really out of touch they are by stepping up the harassment of and vilifying those on welfare this government is actively inciting hate crimes on some of the most vulnerable in society. I f they honestly believe that all a young person dreams of when they leave school is a council flat a dole cheque and an h ousing benefit cheque then they really are living on another planet. The integrity of all young people is insulted by meaningless courses and workfare schemes. what these young people want is a real job, with real on the job training that will actively assist and encourage them in their chosen career. The government cannot pass blame on the unemployed when they are not doing their job properly to actively create proper jobs that people can do.Many young people are stuck in a catch 22 where they go for a job but because it is the first step of their career ladder they are told they do not have experience so cannot have the job, they become demoralised. then they read their government is accusing them of being work shy and insinuating they are a burden to society and need to be taught a lesson so they are condemned again. Regarding everyone who is unemployed , no one chooses to be, everyone would like a job but until this country can create enough work for those that are able to work it is hardly fair to lay the blame at their door. Regarding the sick and disabled, it is again disingenuous to imply that somehow everyone is faking their disability and can be “encouraged back into work with a little govt help .everyone who isdisabled has to deal every day with added pressures and would dearly love to be fully fit . To penalise Those on Welfare by taking away the little they have and placing them in ever more enforced poverty is both ignorant and cruel beyond measure. If the government and other mps cannot afford to live on their salaries with out expenses and other subsidies paid for by the taxpayer, how on earth can they expect those on low pay or welfare to live. There needs to be a fresh look both at welfare and mps’expenses and subsidies. It is unfair to expect the tax payer to keep paying up when nothing constructive is being done so rather than spend British money on going to war, why not spend that money in actively creating and sustaining more jobs for the people of Britain.

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 hrs

Jim Bryant How did you manage to rig out vote for independence Cameron? We the people of Scotland are once again the puppets for Westminster. LIAR!!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 13 hrs

Melanie Mcgrath I was about to answer your survey but then I read the questions. The way you have phrased them all is biased and manipulative. Many of your proposed cuts will hurt working families and not achieve what you claim they will. You are out of touch with the needs of the vast majority of this country, working or otherwise. Furthermore, how dare you accept a 10% pay rise when most people can’t even afford to cover their bills. Shame on you! You have lied and manipulated since you came into power and I pray you don’t see a second term of office.

Like · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Michael Walters A policy goal founded on the public’s fear of a few feckless individuals has denied thousands of people dignity and the opportunity to live independently. I have never needed benefits but I am ashamed of this country and government. We will look back in years to come with disbelief that we allowed this to happen with little more than a murmur. I can only hope that there is some small chance that canvassing opinion will have an effect on you and those who make policy.

Like · Reply · 3 · 14 hrs

Robert G Long Let’s remove the charitable status of private schools, limit executive pay to 5 times the amount of the lowest paid in an organisation, raise the minimum wage to £12 per hour, raise tax on 2nd/3rd houses, stop hedge funds from asset-stripping companies such as phones-4-u, remove all expenses for Politicians and give them a set wage at £100k, and instigate a transaction tax on all share deals etc.

It’s a start.

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 hrs

Ken Bf Buckley Stop Labelling the sick and disabled as scroungers ,

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 hrs

Diana A. Ramalho This survey is offensive. Other questions related to the welfare of the rich, to the privileges of big private companies, to the failing social and corrupted wild liberal politics should be asked in this survey. The answers would be answered if the right questions were asked.

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 12:04 · Edited

Wayne Guttridge Why not stop letting foreign people in who cant afford to pay their way? Why not stop these people who go abroad to fight in other countries from ever coming back? Why not get tougher on criminals instead of letting them off with a slap on the wrist, its the victims that need the support. Why not say f@*K you to the European Union and let Britain rule itself. Why not put the people of the UK regardless of ethnicity and make this country great again. Mr Cameron you will never read this but you and other politicians have let the people down time and time again.

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 08:45

Will Riley Drug test anyone on benefits and if its positive suspend their allowance. Save money and fight crime in one big swoop. I am sick of paying tax for freeloading smack heads and immigrants.

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 08:05

Ashlieigh Shaw i don’t care what you think we should do with welfare…you and your millionaire friends wont be in power for much longer so what you want to do with welfare is totally irrelevant

Like · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 00:57

Matthew L Scott No, you don’t. You want to get people to answer carefully structured questions designed to reinforce your existing views. The Q’s won’t enable me (a fairly high earning white English home owner – your so-called ‘base’) to say STOP picking on the poor, sick, disabled and unfortunate. Call off your fascist attack dog IDS and halt your lunatic race to right wing UKIP appeasing extremism. You are destroying civil society and the NHS. You are encouraging a selfish, ‘ends-justify the means’ culture that will drag Britain back into the dark ages whilst you count your millions. I hate what you are doing to my country. You are not doing it in my name.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 22:18

Guy Fothergill You’ve decimated the system and made millions vulnerable; what you have done for the disabled is an outrage and the bedroom tax is an abomination- enough views for you? You are at the head of an odious government that peddles ‘the big society’ whilst destroying it.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 21:10

Darren Sheppard Worked since was 12 years old, have changed jobs a few times but never been unemployed until I had 3 strokes which made me very disabled. I have never done drugs or smoked. Only drank alcohol at Xmas. Yet now thanks to this government I am made feel like a social outcast being called a scrounger. There is no health service support and all my savings are gone. This government need to come out of there Ivory towers and see the real world.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 20:03

Helen Noble The survey is simply not worth filling in. If this is David Cameron’s way of communicating with the electorate, it shows how out of touch he is and how little intelligence he credits us with. ALL our “representatives” in Westminster are not listening to the people, they are too busy towing the party line and making sure they keep living in the style they have become accustomed to. “Better Together” and “We’re all in this together” ….. Bah, humbug!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 16:45

Michael Underhill Even his Mp’s don’t believe him..Mark Reckless MP for Rochester now resigned is moving to UKIP…

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 16:43

George O’Mahoney Why do you want ‘our’ views, you won’t listen your murdering swine

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 16:41

Vivienne Carter the best thing is don’t let anyone in we are full up.trouble is you don’t care about the people that’s us whom you re supposed to represent .if you stopped benefits for immigrants then they wouldn’t be queing up to come here to bleed us dry

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 22:45

Tina Davies Garnett Oh davey boy!!! What does it matter what we think! Ur gonna do whatever u like as long as ur pockets are filled.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 22:33

Roger Shutt If you had ever done any work and weren’t born with a silver spoon in your mouth you would know. Your nothing but a pompous conceited con man.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 21:09

Brad O’Ryan Haha! He doesn’t want you views. This is a piece of political canvassing masquerading as a survey. Don’t fill it out.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 17:52

Paul Cronk 10.600 people have died within six weeks of losing their ESA Support. And you point to “Welfare Reform” as one of your successes. I ask one question, how do you sleep at night?

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 14:26

Tony Hardy or do you mean lets demonize working class people that are struggling to make a living. Divert peoples attention way from your secret scheming. Rubbishing and underfunding the NHS so that you sell it off too your rich friends. Trying to sneak through the Trade agreement with America that potentially could ruin this country. Just Frack off!

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 13:51 · Edited

Mark Boyd WOW! How simple and arrogant! “Do you agree with our policy of capping benefits so no out-of-work household can claim more than the average family earns by working?” I think the problem here Dave, is that you’re allowing your chums to pay “the average family” a pittance. Sort that out and you can begin to fix this problem? reasonable huh?

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 13:09

Ashley Millington I’m sorry, but even the way the above is worded is designed to influence… “fixing the benefit system”??!! This crusade against the poor is absolutely shameful. The vast majority of people who claim welfare (or try to, in spite of all the shameful treatment, hoops they have to jump through and outright denial of what they are entitled to) are people in a horrible situation and in need of help. I have never claimed; I’ve been very fortunate never to have to. I do not mind at all that a portion of my hard earned taxes go to help people who aren’t as fortunate as me.

We will never have a fair and just society with a right wing party in power.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 08:21 · Edited

Keith Nicholas Benefits why ask British people ask the polish thy know better than us

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 03:20

Sarah Rake Claiming benefits is not illegal so stop treating the disabled and disadvantaged like they are criminals. Real people are actually dying because of your party’s psychopathic policies.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 September at 01:40

Kev Fiford Trevor Power…at 56,.I was made redundant after 23 years continuous work last year. When I needed help I got jack…all they wanted to know was how much redundancy and savings I had …so next day I got a job stacking shelves. In a better position now, but really pissed off at how those at the top and bottom of the pile work the system. Labour…Tory…both ends of the same turd.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 22:39

Gerry Mander Stop destroying the safety net for victims of your social policy -read robbing the poor to pay the rich. You make the British people suffer, you create a system where children go to school unfed because of poverty, you create a system where WORKING people have to rely on housing benefits and foodbanks, you privatise and sell off cheap the assets that the public purse has paid for and maintained to benefit your already wealthy corporate sponsors. You are removing the welfare state bit by bit. It will be replaced with insurance. You are dismantling the NHS but by bit and replacing it with insurance. You have close ties and allegiances to many large insurance companies. You handed £850 billion to the banks who acted like incompetents. Our money. Our childrens money. You are tearing this country up and selling it off to the highest bidder. You ask me questions about “fixing” the welfare state? You have absolutely no interest in fixing anything. You and your government are an avoricious mafia of silver spoon conmen making filthy piles of cash while the sun shines. If there is a hell, which I unfortunately doubt, you will burn in it forever. Get off my feed you dreadful people.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 21:01 · Edited

John Mceachran My view is that you criminals in Westminster should have no say in it what so ever. Always money for a war but nothing but condemnation of the poor and defenceless. You lot in Warmonster have no back bone or guts an I call you out gift the traitors to democracy that you really and truly with no doubt what so ever are. Proud to have voted yes. Sorry to all others in the UK that we failed. The grand plan would have been the best help you could have ever got because it would have been the stat of the end for Westminster in the form it has. Your a disgrace to humanity and all Tories should be jailed for life for there crimes against this nation and all its people.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 20:51 · Edited

Art Hunter How about we all pay the same rate of tax on our income and make it illegal to have offshore personal or business bank accounts. Also MP’s expenses and council corruption would be a better place to start than with the poorest people in the country. Also it would be nice if a working mans wage was enough to support a family like it was when I was a kid because it makes no sense whatsoever that both parents need to work to be able to afford to live while giving over the care of their children to strangers. There has been an accumulation of wealth by a small group of individuals and to me it looks like your protecting them as they’re your friend. Just saying…

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 21:37 · Edited

Christopher Burden Sadly, on FB there is no ‘F*** Off!’ button

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 18:25

Jack Peploe Yes Im with Trevor, you have made the least able amongst us scape goats in order to side track the dim witted from the issue of such a small proportion of this country controlling such a huge percentage of its wealth. Your fealty to the greedy, corpulent bankers and the corporations who pay miniscule tax bills is sickening to watch. Even Thatcher would have balked at your treatment of the sick and vulnerable. You, your party and your class are vile creatures.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 17:05

Jay N Taylor your DWP has bullied robbed and abused me, resulting in 14 days in hospital, and a loss of £2,500 in entitelment payments, DWP have refused to accept responsibilty and fobbed off and ignored, so I regard your gang as crimminals. so stop posting to my pages, I am ill enough without you lot making me sick with your lies. jnj ps do NOT POST to my pages again.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 17:01

Angela Hayward I’d like to know how Tory scum got on my Facebook page? The demonization of the working classes, started by thatcher and living on through Cameron is a bloody disgrace. And that’s putting it mildly.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 16:43

Jeanette Armstrong What’s the point in asking us about our views when you are not going do anything about it. I will be voting with the hope that you lose the right to govern the country

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 16:24

Mark Simms Do you want my views on air strikes and war Mr Cameron?

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 15:57

Bob Lee how about capping MPs pay and the royal families benefits or are some peoples sense of entitlement more important thn others to you?

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 14:30

Gary Goss Mr Cameron
Please explain to the public how your giving 1 billion to India their own space programme have sent a craft to MARS. It’s very worrying how you an labour care so much for foreign countries. An their people financially than your own indigenous folk?

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 13:02 · Edited

Adam Hignell The problem with this infantile questionnaire is all the questions are phrased in the most reductivist, leading manner. It massively oversimplifies the issues and ignores the barbaric methods you use to actually implement your policies. ‘Do I agree that benefits should not rise faster than worker’s wages?’ Yes of course I agree with that – but I don’t agree with the way your policies achieve that by squeezing the very poorest and most vulnerable in society while allowing the ultra-wealthy (your mates) to completely disregard their social obligations and tax obligations. Benefits claimants are NOT the enemy, Dave. You are

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 12:12

Charlie Codd The government should be tougher on all benefits. No uk passport no benefit . If your work capable but decide to sit on your lazy ars then no housing or doll. If your claiming sick you should have a tough monthly assessment. Health care should be provided for UK residents ONLY.
BENEFITS FOR GENUINE UK PASSPORT HOLDERS IN NEED ONLY. no more milking the system making the rest of us suffer….

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 12:09

Inky Thomson Get after the Tax Dodging millionaires & off the Backs of the most vulnerable.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 09:37

Rachel Parkinson Why the hell is this on my news feed???
Facebook’s tailored advertising could not be more wrong!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 09:15

Christopher Webster van Tonder get lost Cameron – your questions are loaded and don’t allow a real balanced response – typical corporatist, capitalist, pigs…

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 08:59

John Whall I would like to know how you plan to get a decent overview of peoples ‘views’ from these 4 question surveys?! Oh, look you have our email addresses to campaign to. Never mind.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 08:46

Craig Webster No chance Dave. All your getting from me is this

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 08:46

Steve Bannister These questions are not research. They are a set of leading, self-fulfilling statements that mean nothing except for purpose of underlining a warped and distorted view of the function and purpose of benefits. Of course we would like to see it worked perfectly but the idea that the undeserving poor should starve to achieve this is ludicrous.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 08:41

Mark Edwardson If what you’re asking is, “What should we do with scroungers?” start with that family in that massive council house at the end of The Mall.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 08:39

Peter Ainger leave the sick and disabled alone in your reforms

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 04:27

Steven Scott You, Mr Cameron and your party and all your mates in the lords are an absolute disgrace. How can you possibly accept a 9% pay rise and 11% last year, when you are offering teachers a 1% rise. DISGUSTING

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 23:43

George Peddie firstly stop pay rises to MP`s and bonus to bankers,and leave what little money the working and unemployed get alone,make minimum wage worth getting a job that actually pays more than what little unemployed receive.would also like to know what you think the average family get for a week,what you mean by unlimited housing benefit.can you explain how people will get back to work and earn a decent wage when more immigrants are coming here and working for less money,have never been into politics but now i know i should have been,paid a good salary,expenses for two houses so really getting housing benefit and working,the way this country is run with your MP`s having time to sleep in the house of commons,eating and drinking a £i,000,000 of tea and biscuits,your free bar,you all make me sick to my stomach that you are still trying to rob the average man,which by the way is a skint one.think you are cheats,liars and thieves the lot of you.rant over

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 22:11

Margaret Perkins No thank you I won’t like David Cameron, can’t stand what he and his government have done with this country in so many areas

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 22:10

Callum May I want you out of office!

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 21:44

David Dudley Too little too late Mr Cameron, you have had your four years. we have had four years of you cutting public services to the bone. and you ask these questions now, why did you not ask these questions before making the cuts. Because you chose to go your own merry little way and prove that you could do it without consulting the public, well done Mr Cameron within your four years you have messed this country up, brought about suffering and suicide from your austerity cuts and cut essential public services including defence and the NHS therefore going back on all your pre election promises, your just another public schoolboy tosser mate.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 21:42

John Sheppard lets impeach cameron . . sack him i mean. . .

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 17:36

Kaz Glastonbury You’re asking the wrong question. The question should be:

Should we enforce that all benefits and wages rise at the same percentage as all MPs? (11% )

And if anyone seriously suggests that their 11% is needed more than nurses and doctors, firemen and schoolteachers I suggest you do some research. A good proportion of MPs already are millionaires AND they have expenses that the average worker doesn’t get (second home, travel, food etc).

( )

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 16:34

Dee Mattison my view on everything the conservatives have done to ill people is disgusting, i like many cant wait to see you out of number 10 along with the rest of you upper class toffs who don’t live in the real world. you don’t have to worry where your next meals coming from, you don’t have to worry if your going to become homeless through this unfair bedroom tax you’ve allowed IDS to bring in. there are ways to deal with scroungers, but the way you’ve gone about it is classing all people the same, Atos should not be doing medical assessments either, that’s the job of trained doctors not fecking pen pushers. you’ve asked Dave and the country will tell you how much you are hated come the next election and it cant come soon enough, you lot have got blood on your hands, murderers.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 14:57

Bobby Young Kills disabled people & claims expenses. You do the maths ya fascist.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 14:16

Matthew John Soffe Get off my feed you disgusting lizard.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 12:38

Patricia Jones what welfare what work all you do is take of the poor and give to the rich.not all people are fortunate enough to have plenty of money behind them to see them through this mad mad goverment who want to look after there own .and sod everyone else.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 11:16

Elizabeth Cook FIXING THE WELFARE STATE? who are you trying to kid?
Welfare Reform = killing sick, disabled and mentally ill.
You have blood on your hands Mr C.
You have failed to get a grip of the DWP and IDS, you have allowed him and his ministers to lie to the house and vilify the sick, disabled and unemployed in the media, many of whom have worked all their lives 20 – 40+ yrs.
You and your party have destroyed the United Kingdom, sadly it will take many many years to recover to the point we were at prior to the 2010 election.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 11:16

Fred Munn Stop all benefit pay outs and free housing to imigrants. Maybe the pensioners and hard up british will benefit having worked hard all their lives paying in . !!!! We cannot go to other countries and get these hand outs .!

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 11:17 · Edited

Cathy Challis If you want to save some money David, pay all Ministers Minimum Wage. Then, and ONLY then can you really appreciate how the poorest in this country have to contend with. You are punishing the poorest of this country by giving more concessions to the richest. If the poorest people can’t afford the basics in life, you will end up with another General Strike on your hands and it will be the Government’s fault, yours and Nick Cleggs fault for bringing this good country to its knees, all because the 1% want more than the 99% can’t give! THINK ABOUT IT DAVID, STOP CRIPPLING our pensioners, disabled and those who cannot work through serious illness and those who are in the lowest paid jobs (of which I am one). And by the way the NHS is not broken or breaking and saying that it is free healthcare. IT IS NOT. I PAY FOR IT VIA NATIONAL INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS!

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 September at 09:24

Simon Allen Do one Cameron and visit a local food bank you upper crust out of touch pillock

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 22:37

Rich Smith UKIP 2015

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 21:46

Our Kev To what point !! ALL you are doing is looking towards the next election so you can twist peoples opinions and make promises ( Again ) to reform things sensibly so people will vote you back in for another term in office ! When the plain reality of it is that ALL politicians make promises they KNOW they cannot and WILL not keep , and are indeed only out to look after number one ! IF you REALLY cared about what the people think you would stop allowing sponging foreigners into this country to bleed it dry & stop throwing good money after bad in the way of foreign aid….. I am NOT a racist and agree there are genuine cases out there where people need help , BUT the governments need to remember CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME try looking after the british people first, Taxing households where the property is worth over 2 million so as to help the NHS is not the way to do it treat foreigners like they do the british when on holiday …No Insurance No treatment , tell the NHS to stop doing Bloody stupid sex change ops and boob jobs , make people contribute towards these ops , that’d be a good start towards helping the NHS !!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 21:36

Margaret McAlavey Definitely not answering your questions and definitely not donating £10 to your party funds can’t afford to with all your cutbacks, the only good thing you can do for me and the country is resign and take deputy dog Clegg with you

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 21:20

Abinequine Fraser Well David Cameron, I hope you read all these comments and learn something, even I didn’t realise how much you are hated!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 21:20

Lorraine Turner i live in scotland is there any point in my views, they are never listened to anyway, we are minority.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 21:20

Mike Reynolds I worked for 22 years until i had to have three operations on my back,I could not work and still can’t as i find it hard when walking and have to keep starting and stopping and my balance isn’t that good. and can’t bend because of my pain i have. I received disability living allowance for 11 year then nearly 2 years ago i lost it because of you. What am i meant to do there is no help out there you tell me who is going to employ me? I’am not proud to be British if this is how you treat people who are disabled through Know fault of their own and you as me about Benefits. the rich get richer and the poor get poorer thats all i can say.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 21:01

David Wycherley collect some of the taxes avoided by your friends before you kill any more people

Like · Reply · 4 · 23 September at 20:57

Tam Mcgeary resign and take your cabinet of scaremongering scroungers with you the 45 will rise again

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 19:40

Chris Jinxc Rainey No matter how many scroungers there really are, you and your scummy bunch of cronies scrounge more than everyone in this country put together~!

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 14:48

John Dingwall You are such a joker, Dave. Why don’t you ask your Labour pals? They have some ideas on capping child benefit and raising the minimum wage by less than inflation by 2020 by which time hundreds of thousands more people will be in poverty. What’s the matter, not fast enough for you?

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 September at 10:16 · Edited

Philip Mantle Resign.

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 September at 20:38

Jon Jenkins my opinion is you are a tit

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 September at 17:10

Angelina J Crossley I’m now 50 and have worked ALL my life. You didnt look after me ( a single person)the 3 times I was off work with cancer and breast reconstruction. YOU stopped my benefits and expected me to work after one of your so called ‘medicals’ that stated I was fit to work after having a pedicel tram flap reconstruction. Your a fkin disgrace and so is your system. You penalise GENUINE cases and leave people who really needed help with nothing and almost 3 thousand pound in debt!! Your government stinks!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 September at 07:00 · Edited

Helen Anderson The only things that need to be cut are, MP’s salaries, expense accounts, bankers bailout’s and bonuses! Do that and you won’t have to sell the NHS. And might even be able to pay the hard working people of this country a wage they can actually live on!! minimum wage zero hour contracts are a disgrace!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 22:59

Pamela Lynch “I want your views”… Why? U and your cronies couldn’t care less… But well done for your “great” effort in looking the part!! Prat!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 22:23

Mandy Fitzgerald David you have a lot to answer for and so do all the other parties who all say the same thing just to get in power to try to win the votes
While ordinary working people work there backsides off and we work to survive and none of us work to live because this is not living it is like we are going back in the Victorian times no help for the working class at all.
All Your just doing is robbing us all the time by thinking up another tax that you can land us with.
Unlike you and your cronies who would never know what it’s like to live like we all do
When we get our wages so much has to come out of it we do not get expenses to fix our houses up that comes out of our wages or to buy white goods that too comes out of our wages and surprise surprise our very expensive transport system that also comes out of our wages that’s before we all pay our very high utilities high petrol shopping clothing and so on because believe me there is so much to pay out for
Unlike you this all has to come from the ridiculous wages in this country that we have to put up with I am fed up with all the crap that us honest workers have to go through just to work to pay bills
We are in Britain a dumping ground for any one who wants to come here these people that are here are not coming in and investing money back into our country they are given so much help and money and guidance when people here are working so very hard to survive
People in this country are not racist they are as I am quiet happy to see people come over here and work hard to put something back into the system
But to come over and be allowed to use the over stretched health system without contributing a penny and be given benefits straight away how is that helping our economy that is already over stretched no wonder why people here and people coming over here do not want to work because it’s offered on a plate for them all so why work when it’s made so easy for them they even admit that it’s easy for them to be on benefits than working long hours and not meeting there commitments this way everything gets paid and they get money to live on top
It’s time this country woke up
We do not have enough housing here already the private renting system is a joke most people pay more than some people pay for there mortgages and yet prove that they can afford a mortgage by paying private rent year in and year out but not given a chance to get a mortgage our is this helping the housing situation that’s why so many people have had enough because people like you do not listen to insignificant people like us that’s how you see real workers OPEN YOUR EYES and EARS and listen to your Voters because that is what voting is suppose to be all about helping and supporting all of Britain not just your cronies makes me so angry no one is ever in power to support ordinary working people we have to sit back and watch you rich get richer and richer with your many homes that you do not always use buying in small villages and making the house prices go sky high for the villages out pricing the people of the village that have lived there all there lives so have to go and buy a house in a area that you would not dream of living let alone buying then you do not hardly use the house and it stands empty whilst others are struggling to buy one or even try to get on the property ladder you end up with three houses one in London when you are working perhaps a country house that you may use and if your lucky a house abroad and claiming expenses for all your homes whilst we struggle to keep one roof over our head
This Britain is now a very unfair nation

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 16:34

Bill Val Oliver Instead of capping benefits for the people of this country that this government have put out of work stop the benefits for the immigrants who haven’t paid anything in that’s where our money is going stop that and you wouldn’t have to cap any benefits

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 13:18

Stuart Outterside All very well the plans which I wholeheartedly agree with but you also need to sort out some real jobs too. The ridiculous notion on apprenticeships which employers abuse to get people to take jobs on less than the minimum wage for something which is not even a real trade is a disgrace. I work in construction where there is still a large amount of Eastern Europeans , whenever I go to a hospital or care home we have similar levels of foreign workers…. Why not train teenage kids from the ages of thirteen to develop real skills for jobs they can do at sixteen. Joiners, plumbers, electricians, plasterers, draughtsmen, metalworkers, nurses… For those of a more academic nature further education leading to jobs at eighteen as junior quantity surveyors, architect technicians, junior site supervisors, site engineers…. If they go into uni and look to become professionals how about the state pays for all the cleverest kids for free (no matter which background) because they deserve it being the future brains of our society

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 10:19

Billy Carlin Because it is all deliberate what they are doing and very party is involved…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:22

Gary Nicol Your usual. Target the poor and vulnerable . Costs more keep you bandits …..

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 02:47

Andersons Taxis Stop the immigrants getting benefits ! European workers who’s family’s are back home getting tax credits ! If they want them ur family needs to be in this country ! Companies who hire illegal immigrants fine them £10.000 plus any costs off detaining them per day ! Tax credits and beniefits should only be paid up too two children per household if u want more children u must keep them

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 September at 02:33

Billy Carlin…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:23

Margaret Fletcher Step into the shoes of the hard working lower class citizen being paid minimum wage or those trying to get by on zero hour contracts. Try this out for a year or two and When you struggle to keep a roof over your head, heat you home & feed your kids I’m sure you will not have to ask anyone of their views!

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 September at 21:32

Iain McKinlay Chances of anything posted on here making any difference or being acted upon…nil

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 September at 16:11

Stephen Baynes Living wage for all. Making everyone poor is not the right answer.

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 September at 07:57

Chris Devonport I wonder who will read any of these comments? Certainly not the people who should be. British people are fed up with being lied to, patronised and bullied. There are too many immigrants – that is not racism, it’s fact. Get us out of the EU, lose the euro MPs on their gravy train, and start looking after the people of Britain, we have suffered enough.

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 September at 07:38

Billy Carlin All too busy with their massive fraud against the people being exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:26

Elaine Burns You have the country on its knees and your pushing it down further. People cannot afford the constant extra taxes you’re piling on! People cannot afford to be without the services that your taking away. You ask views about capping benefits, what a joke! You will do what you want to do anyway! If you want to cap anything try MPs expenses! You have the cheek to vote for them to get 11% of a pay increase when NHS staff – including nurses get a 1% rise! Its disgusting! How many more people should be eating out of food banks? You have failed us!

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 September at 05:30

Andrew Dickinson How about ” capping ” politicians and their ” perks ” instead of attacking the old, poor and disabled with your ethnic cleansing … You prats have took us back to the dark ages with your ” food banks “.

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 September at 04:42

Billy Carlin Here here!…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:25

Fiona Munro These questions are couched in the wrong way. For years we have designed social housing to meet the reasonable needs of people I.e families where parents have parted, and who need to have space to allow a child to visit. Elderly people who may have to sleep in separate rooms or who need to have space for a family member to stay over. People with equipment to assist with a disability. To penalise them with the bedroom tax puts decent , dignified people in a totally unreasonable position and is a backward step . Go after those people who can afford to pay at. Task our civil service with going after large scale tax evasion and let us treat our citizens with dignity and respect.

Like · Reply · 3 · 19 September at 22:14

Hannah France What a biased questionnaire…how about raising wages rather then cutting benefits, creating lower cost housing rather then cutting benefits…you may find benefits will lower automatically if you fix the real problems

Like · Reply · 3 · 19 September at 18:08

Billy Carlin This is why…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:24

Simon Maslak I’d like to know why the hard line on benefits after you appoint a known benefit fraudster to be in charge of it all after you yourself were claiming DLA for your son despite your millions, free food, wages and expenses, and then had the nerve to use him as a pawn and lie by saying “You understand the plight of the disabled” despite doing what you’re doing now that DLA is surplus to your requirements.

Like · Reply · 3 · 19 September at 17:49

John Beattie Shut tax loopholes and stop your wealthy cronies stashing away money that should be taxed and maybe then the rest of us in the 99% wouldn’t be so squeezed. Ditch trickle-down economics, it doesn’t work, even a blind man could see it’s doesn’t work.

Forget a minimum wage, let’s have a ‘maximum’ wage which caps pay and use the rest of the money for reinvestment in jobs for people, education, and good healthcare.

Stop villainising the poor on benefits, and if you want to make real benefit cuts, start the the real scroungers in Britain, the Royal family. Get rid of them

Like · Reply · 3 · 19 September at 14:20 · Edited

Nichola Ronnquist This is just a pointless exercise! The establishment at westminster whether its tories labour or lib dems are not interested in public opinion! What you are doing to our welfare system by targeting the most vulnerable people in our society is disgraceful and amounts to discrimmination! Cutting disability benefits and benefit sanctions. The majority of these people are genuinely disabled!! Goverment is purely about big corporations and keeping them happy and trying to divert the public attention with ridiculous propoganda from what the elite establishment is really trying to do in secret for example selling off the NHS. Why this not in the main stream media?? Oh could it be bcos mainstream media is biased and doesnt report the truth. I could go on and on…. do you think the general population are really that stupid and are sheep… all i can say is thank goodness for social media where the truth is available. Why not invade another oil rich country so you elite can get even richer and kill thousands more innocent women and children. Wars profit the big corporations so its in their interests!! Rant over!! People in the majority have had enough and we need drastic change. We the population will not be controlled any more by vicious lies.

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 September at 21:02

Graham Allcott Could we cap how much amazon and all your other mates avoid in tax? Could we also cap the bonuses of bankers, especially those that are employed by banks that WE OWN? That wld be a good start.

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 September at 20:30

Adam Greer This survey is ridiculous. There is no opportunity to answer questions the way I want to. They are carefully worded to skew answers in your favour. This survey is as immoral and unacceptable as your policies on benefits and welfare reform.

The reality is that you are blaming the poor and vulnerable for problems that are caused by the most wealthy and privileged. Your “robbing from the poor to feed the rich” approach to taxation, benefits reform and wage inflation is sociopathic and subhuman. Where is your empathy?

Of course it’s not good to create a culture that people are better off on benefits than they are working. The answer however is not to cut the already unacceptably poor benefits system that people depend on to survive. The solution is to increase the minimum wage, increase taxation on the rich, who have a moral responsibility to support those less fortunate, place caps on housing, mortgage, rental and energy/utility increases, give people a reasonable pay rise every year rather than freezing everyone elses wages whilst giving yourselves an extortionate payrise, so that we really are “all in this together”.

The truth is that working 40 hours a week for most people doesn’t pay enough to live! People need to get into debt just to survive. This is the 21st century in one of the worlds (apparently) leading developed countries. That is unacceptable. Costs of living continue to rise whilst pay continues to remain stagnant (or decline for many). Not to mention the fact that the jobs available for many jobseekers are zero hour contracts, part time contracts with inflexible negotiations for accommodating a second job, or worse yet – unavailable.

You cannot cut benefits when there are less available jobs on the market than applicants to apply for them. It guarantees that some people will be unable to get jobs, whilst also losing the very financial support that keeps them from homelessness. That is an absurd logic! It’s a recipe for increasing the rate of crime.

Create jobs in sustainable sectors in abundance, which pay well enough to create a good (read: good, not bare minimum) standard of living and you can guarantee that people will be more than eager to work! The idea that people are inherently lazy and can only be motivated by the stick, rather than the carrot, is ridiculously outdated. This is the 21st century. We have a huge resource of published internationally available research in every sector imaginable. There is no excuse for creating policies that are not evidence-based anymore.

The idea that we need to keep taxes low for corporations and the very wealthy to keep business in the UK is a not an acceptable logic. This is basically creating a culture of greed -driven ‘domestic violence’ or schoolyard bully placation. The role of government is to act in the best interests of all citizens, not a small wealthy number of citizens and businesses. Continually bleeding the poor for scraps of change whilst giving corporate handjobs to the highest bidders is not justifiable by any sound rationale.

This isn’t about you trying to create a fair and equal society. It’s about punishing those who already have no voice or power to create a smoke screen, so that the real causes (ie. greedy bankers, unscrupulous corporations and politicians) of our economic issues are not focused on for too long.

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 September at 15:27 · Edited

Alan Wheat Faith in HUMANITY restored I was expecting to read a swath of grass fed sheeple lying to themselves, still believing your bullsh*t as you coerce them back to their cages…. instead i find theres a sea of angry awake and intelligent people waiting to tear your slimy face off!! hahahaha!!! god help you when we organise!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 September at 11:59

Nigel Bradbury The over-simplistic questions in this ‘survey’ don’t address the real issues and reek of offensive Tory condescension

Like · Reply · 3 · 18 September at 11:44

Angela Pidgeon I have filled in your survey, then you ask me if I agree with you to donate £10 to you, you do realise I’m a pensioner and only get £6000 a year to live on, I would like you to try and live on that, while all these immigrants and refugees get £29900 to live on a year.We give to much to all these other countries instead of looking after our own people.

Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 22:16

Julie Jackson Do you really want to know what we think? I think you lot are screwing us big time, what a set of f****** w*****s you shower are!!! Not even worth what ive written. Conservatives and Lib Dems! Together you Condem our country!! Shame on you! A resignation would be acceptable!!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 20:40

Dave Morrow Yes Mr Cameron, you and your Bullington Club toff mates, continue to drive a wedge between those on benefits and those who aren’t, because divide and rule is the only way you and your like know how to attain power.

Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 19:07

Billy Carlin Bullington Club and Cameron being exposed by Professor George Lees here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:27

Donna Robson completely biased about do we agree that people are killing themselves after getting into debt due to bedroom tax? or if the disabled should be made to feel like spongers for not being able to work?

Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 19:03

Billy Carlin While Cameron and the rest of them are involved in the massive fraud that has bankrupted the country as is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 1 · 23 September at 18:29

Craig Butterworth This is probably more offensive than U2 sending me their guff.

Unfortunately you have no idea how (or no will) to connect with our nation to make meaningful change. The voting turn out figures is the real true measure.

Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 19:02


Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 08:01

Gordon Leed What welfare? What benefits? What work? Your bunch of Hitlerian ministers have destroyed our much admired welfare system and sold off the NHS to American service companies. Even Thatcher didn’t tamper with NHS or ROYAL Mail…Do us a favour, Dave, go hide yourself in a dark pile of s***

Like · Reply · 3 · 17 September at 01:06

Nigel Carden I answered one of surveys. I don’t think you took any notice, because you started writing to me as if I was supporter, even asking me for donations. So this is just a fake way to get hold of personal info and try to raise money for the Tories.

Like · Reply · 3 · 16 September at 23:02

Grace Mason Was going to do the survey… But it didn’t give a chance to point out that the reality of the welfare system is that it subsides wages for people who work for companies who pay an inadequate minimum wages whilst allowing aforementioned companies to generate large profits…..

Like · Reply · 3 · 16 September at 20:11

Simon Linford Stop giving money to feckless losers who refuse to work whilst screwing the working man/woman with high tax, it’s really quite simple wouldn’t you say?

Like · Reply · 3 · 16 September at 17:28

Billy Carlin Or taking part in the massive fraud that has bankrupted the country as is being exposed here…/better…

Like · 23 September at 18:31

Tricia McConalogue These questions do not touch on or reflect the hardship that people or children living in poverty are experiencing. Sanctions and food banks are not acceptable. Where are the questions about these issues ?? we should be asked why have we got food-banks? why is there a need to sanctions thousand of people and families, leaving them with no money, no electricity or dignity. I have chosen not to participate in this questionnaire…..i would urge others to do the same if you believe in a fair and just society.

Like · Reply · 3 · 16 September at 16:34

William Archbold I own a small business and employ 4 people. I pay my taxes and I don’t have any offshore accounts. On average I work over 100 hours per week and take a wage from the business of £500.00 pcm. We have had a very hard 3 years since we started the business but things are looking up and we are staying positive. I see myself as very lucky my other half is a teacher and supports the family financially. I have no problem supporting the welfare system like all systems it has its problems but in the main it is there to support people that are not so fortunate. And if you asked me tomorrow if I would pay a bit more tax to pay a decent wage to nurses I would agree. It is our duty to protect and care for individuals who through no fault of there own have fell on hard times. Is that not what makes us human?

Like · Reply · 3 · 14 September at 10:08

Tim Niel where on earth is the ‘hate’ button for this survey

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 September at 18:51

Baz Nobes Whatever we say wont have any effect , the welfare system looks after people who have moved to the UK for a better standard of living , than it does UK residents who have paid taxes etc all their lives and who are now struggleing to survive , come on UKIP !!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 September at 09:31

Vicky Ivanovic Forget that. Lets see how many people are up for a cull of tory’s and republicans. There are far too many of them and they cause a lot of damage. No one seems to likes them. Lets get rid of them!

Like · Reply · 3 · 12 September at 02:58

Jean Jory David Cameron..Do you and your party get the impression from these answers that you are not only disliked but dishonest..You all came in to power to feather your own nests..and when you dont get elected next time you will not give a flying toss as your nest is feathered for life..Myself..i am a 63 year old pensioner receieving a pittance of a pension.I am still self employed and still working on a small basis..because i have my least your party cant take that from me!And now we have to deal with the audacity of parliament thinking of stopping free bus passes for the elderly?What next..a pill to get rid of us aftwer a certain age?Worked all my life..for what?Nothing as the ones on benefits are getting whatever they require!!Its people like you who took the great out of britain!

Like · Reply · 3 · 10 September at 21:49

Phil Gibson Well done to the tory filth, they’ve managed to make the country’s brand so toxic, not only have we alienated our closets neighbours, there’s a sizeable chunk of people from here don’t want anything to do with your precious UK.

Like · Reply · 3 · 10 September at 20:11

Richie Bisset I think you are a shower of self serving hideous individuals who, if there is any justice shouldn’t sleep at night. Clearly you think we’re all too stupid to notice you have privatised profit while socialising risk and liability so you and your cronies can get rich. That is why Scotland and the regions want little more to do with the corrupt world of Westminster politics and why no matter what desperate gimmicks and scaremongering you try and resort to the vote on the 18th will be yes.

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 September at 22:40

Michelle McGuire Instead of sending out stupid survey’s which don’t reflect the complexity of the benefits system in its multiple choice answers, or the opportunity to add your own comments, maybe you should focus on raising minimum wage and compulsory annual wage rises to meet with the ever increasing cost of living. It might actually PAY!! to work.

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 September at 19:38

Mark Williams Mr Cameron you keep going on about welfare? when you have done nothing about the people that put this country in debt and let get it right shall we, it was not the poor disabled and the working poor it was not the labour government IT WAS THE BANKERS which most are donors to your party, and you have never answered what you would have done about the banks have you if this happened now would you bail them out? or would you allow them to go under no you would lend them more than labour did, plus your goverment have froze the wages to 1% for nurse firemen and all that public sector yet your going to be given a 10% pay rise and you do not in any way need it like most of you party you are all greedy and cannot tell the truth if it jumped up and bite you

Like · Reply · 4 · 9 September at 19:05

Graham Silbiger It’s not a questionaire on benefits it’s phishing scam for would be Tory scumbag supporters.

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 19:05

Mark Impey your destroying it lord snooty..

Like · Reply · 4 · 9 September at 14:06

Ray Ryan Don’t try to pretend to give a toss or listening to the people knobhead. But look after the needy and most vulnerable in society; cut MPs perks and pay rises;tax the rich instead of giving your buddies tax cuts; fund the NHS. But that’s all against your principles. So feck off and turn the lights off when you leave No10…

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 September at 13:45

Lewis Stones Mr Cameron, with the greatest respect but your party has created a lot of the people claiming benefits.
For instance I used to have an apprenticeship with the local authority.
I was promised a job but then chucked out because of your parties public spending cuts.
Then my time claiming benefits was horrible because of your increased pressure on benefits.
I was made to feel so bad for claiming something that I contributed for in the first place.
I’ve got a job now thankfully, but itd besides the point. For a family of 2 children and my gf I was claiming £220 per week plus housing and council tax benefit.
How much money do you get to spend a week Mr Cameron?
Also may I add you and other think that MP’s wages should be increased. But for what?
You already have massively high pay anyway and now you want to raise it! I don’t think you’ve earned it.
Even in work I get a little over 13 grand try surviving on that.
I’m not supporting labour by any means. But I have never been through the hardships I have now when labour were in.
You look after your own first and the country 2nd.
capping what little people get on benefits is outrageous considering you’ve created a lot of the problem.
I doubt you would even give my reply a second glance. But o truly believe you’re just trying to muck things up as much as you can. Mainly because general election time is coming and with the damage you’ve caused won’t be in for another term for a long while.
So from me and many, many people do us a favour and pack up and leave.

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 September at 07:43 · Edited

Ron Carter-Bonsteel Now Cameron wants our thoughts on Welfare is there by any chance a upcoming election. Hate this Government.

Like · Reply · 3 · 8 September at 09:16

Norman Phay the welfare system cameron needs to cap is the corporate welfare system that allows large companies to avoid paying their taxes on the money they make from british citizens who have no choise wether or not to support their cheap freeloading ways. I will not hold my breath on this one.

Like · Reply · 3 · 6 September at 17:17 · Edited

Jez Unbear Abel These are what are referred to in my trade as “Leading Questions.” I have a question “Do you believe we should regulate rent prices and the entire housing market better so it’s fairer for the majority, y’know, so it’s a bit more democratic and not just benefit (ooh the irony) home-owners and those buying too let (what a morally objectionable activity that is!) or those with an already enormous property portfolio, a lot of which is paid for by Housing Benefit which people are profiting from the Welfare State despite often being the very people who seek to demonise the recipients and dismantle it. Blah, blah, blah. BLAH!

Like · Reply · 3 · 6 September at 19:10 · Edited

Mark Crump maybe we should help the terrorists and gang up against you cunts, take your houses and money off you you, i would gladly chop your head off

Like · Reply · 3 · 6 September at 05:09

Brian Russell Too busy laughing to comment

Like · Reply · 3 · 5 September at 19:13

Linda Williams working people need to earn more than unemployed or its not worth working

Like · Reply · 3 · 5 September at 16:23

Duncan Read Why do people vote for these rich tossers ???????

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 September at 20:04

Gen William Taggart Well we can easily tell that the Tories are not economists. They still believe in the top down trickle conjecture (nope its not a theory). The reality is if you reduce the welfare state you do not promote self dependence, you actually take away the income that allowed independence for everybody else. How so?
Well let’s take Joe Blogs, he is Senior Store Manager for a Supermarket chain, He Earns £100K take home pay per annum. We also have 28 peeps on JSA.

The Store Manager spends about 65% of his income in the UK some of which goes in to the local economy.

The 28 peeps on JSA, spend 100% of their income in the local economy/UK.
So those 28 are actually injecting £35K more a year into the local economy than the Store Manager.

Now due to impossible to meet requirements for claiming JSA, those 28 are facing there third sanction. up to 3 years without income.

That’s a full £100K a year less into the local economy. £100K that was used to purchase items in the local cheap stores etc. Which in turn paid the wages for those who then shopped in the Store Managers More exclusive up market supermarket.

With this down turn in income the Senior Store Manager is now facing possible closure of his store and unemployment. Along with his 50 staff.

Just a simple example, but benefit caps, sanctions and generally making it impossible to be in receipt of Social Security. Has serious repercussions on the local and National economies.

So yes have your caps, 100% sanctions, and impossible nudge unit tasks for the receipt of Social Security, then see how many peeps are still happy when they have to pay £5 for a single apple.

Lowering taxes is pointless if you devalue the currency…..

Like · Reply · 3 · 4 September at 12:36 · Edited

Tony Bunday Half of all recipients of benefits are pensioners. Half of the rest are in low paid jobs. Child poverty is going up sharply. You are looking after your own and yet you want to demonise those on benefits. You are a cheap shallow man Cameron and should be ashamed. You are completely out of touch. IDS is worse adn a clown. Thankfully those you demonise have the vote.

Like · Reply · 3 · 2 September at 19:48

Oliver Tooley I think that, when a Tory minister quits because he can’t afford a flat with £28k allowances on top of his £89k salary, it’s a bit much to gloat over capping benefits at £26k
You are destroying the last vestiges of decency in my country. I am only sorry there is no Hell for you to rot in.

Like · Reply · 3 · 2 September at 16:45

Matthew Dinger Bell Very loaded survey in favour of agreeing to all the questions, I would have liked to have seen some questions on bedroom tax, cutting disability benefits and forcing vulnerable people out of their homes and into work leaving them to commit suicide, cutting our armed forces to the bone but expect us to still fight wars for the corporate sponsors of our government, why the government failed to protect its vulnerable citizens from rape gangs because they were too afraid to upset the Muslim community. Those are the questions I would have liked to see. A Vetran.

Like · Reply · 3 · 31 August at 08:03

WasIst Das you make me vomit

Like · Reply · 3 · 30 August at 22:19

Julian Mark Self Much of the welfare bill is paying benefits to working families to bring their income above poverty. Raise the minimum wage/enforce the living wage – the recovery isn’t reaching real people.

Like · Reply · 3 · 29 August at 22:26

Paul Whiteside Looking at the wording of the questions it appears to be more like I want you to hear my opinion.

Like · Reply · 3 · 29 August at 21:55

Carol Allen You should by now know how people feel about these things without asking…out of touch..out of office

Like · Reply · 3 · 28 August at 23:17

Lee Preston Your incompetence in dealing with immigration has put massive strain on the welfare system and to cover up your disgrace you blame people not wanting to work and come up with great ideas to get people back in work. The REAL problem though is immigration and they come here and sponge of the state. I work in council houses every day and most houses i go in are immigrants. They get new builds given to them before a brit even gets a look in. Is this really right in your eyes david? come on bit of honesty here. You honestly think your housing benefit bill would be so high if there wasnt immigration problems?

Like · Reply · 3 · 28 August at 08:49

Chris Teece Stop making Public sector employees unemployed, and stop privatising everything!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 28 August at 07:44

Ali Campbell Shut up. You don’t want our views. It isn’t even you asking. It’s a paid for media agency trying to garner some kind of opinion. Please take your patronising use of social media, read the common response that you are not welcome, and crawl back under your Eton mess.

Like · Reply · 3 · 28 August at 01:58

Marty Myles this is what I think of this post
this is what I think of the Tories

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 August at 22:59

Linda Lord Your Administration introduced the Bedroom Tax before ensuring there were sufficient properties to move into and then financially penalising people who could ill afford it, forcing many into poverty and/or hardship. Your callous disregard for people’s welfare will be remembered for a long, long time.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 August at 20:51

Paul Mills Why? So you know what lies you need to tell in your manifesto to persuade the sheep who always vote tory to continue to do so?? No thanks Dishface!

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 August at 20:39

Jane Bion Cut immigration numbers then there would be more jobs for the people who are already here. The benefits for genuine claimants are pitiful so how are they supposed to live if you cut them anymore? Immigration cuts and better standard of living and jobs for British people. Also cut child benefit for people who have too many kids its about common sense not bashing people on benefits and making them starve.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 August at 17:38

Aurora Crescent Moon We did not vote for you or your class war against the poor.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 August at 15:42

Arminder Sandhu 50% of people who claim benefits are pensioners, the other 49% are people with disabilities, family’s, unemployed and the more vulnerable in society which in my opinion are entitled to support where needed. I have never claimed a benefit in my life because I can work and take pride in it, however there are millions that can’t and need and yes I may not agree but I will work and support it because there will be a time in my life where I may or (may not) need it. The other 1% is through fraud and false claims. But rather than ask the public about there opinion on work, benefits and welfare why don’t you stop and think about the basic fundamental issue that causes all of the above headings….. Inequality.. We live in a society governed by private school boys and social, political & monetary alliances where you believe you have the interest of the people at head and heart but actually it’s companies, plc and major organisations that influence your policy’s and austerity measures!! Yes and that is what is at the head and heart ££££… I do not want to be apart of a society where the 1% that commit fraud in the welfare system get away with it and the other 99% get punished or in a society where the 1% of the uber rich lavish unchallenged when more and more families are turning not to welfare but food banks..??? I no longer want to live in a society where corporations such as eBay, Starbucks, Amazon and the who can forget all the banks mismanage all the paper work and yet individuals yes people who have a spare bedroom are taxed without choice??!! I no longer believe in westminister and their story spinning puppets and to be honest never have, so that’s why I probably have never voted except for in the next 3 weeks. When I vote for independence and when we achieve this and take all our oil revenue, all our water, Whisky, timber,agriculture, food and beverage, renewable energy, education revenues we will create a better fairer & just society which I will be very very proud to say I am apart of and I VOTED for it!! … So Mr David Cameroon I wish you all the best for the 19th of September…..YES 18.09.2014

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 August at 01:13

Laura Dickie well said Minne:) xxxxx

Like · 29 August at 11:09

Rein Phoebe Nabong Mr Cameron I might not be originally been born and bread here in the UK but I would like to thank the UK for giving me a chance to be a nurse here and exploring the many available opportunities for me and strengthen my nursing expertise. Having said that, I feel for my patients especially who rely on welfare simply because their health and circumstances that they cannot help I love the NHS and frankly having worked in America, I am happy there is a country such as the UK who believes in Universal healthcare. A healthcare that doesn’t judge your status, A healthcare that continues to explore research in the name of medical advancement. What are you doing to the very pillars that made the UK a Pioneer in healthcare? Welfare is there to help. Please dont punish the ones who needed it. Our elderly who are in their twilight years who served this country by their very hands in the name of freedom and why are you cutting their care? Why punish the normal citizen? Do you think people on benefits are proud of their status? I have meet many people who aren’t .

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 August at 22:57 · Edited

Sue N Lloyd Holness Go back to your own country then

Like · 26 August at 22:21

Rein Phoebe Nabong Thanks Sue that was an intelligent response from a teaching assistant.

Like · 4 · 26 August at 22:46 · Edited

Kathryn Duncombe The questions on the survey are limiting and therefore do not give opportunity to truly say what we think of your policy on benefit capping. You should know better than to be so limiting with opinion surveys.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 August at 19:15

Ruaraidh Macpherson will you be going after tax avoiders and evaders, who are screwing this country’s economy out of billions, on a weekly basis, with as much vigour as you have done the poor and disabled, Prime Minister?

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 August at 16:28

Ian Hayes Isn’t over 10,000 deaths after welfare cuts to the obviously disabled enough for these Tory idiots. Why not try taxing the mega rich for a change rather than those who can’t help themselves…………………. you have blood on your hand Cameron.

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 August at 08:54

Chris Adams what you think with your eton screw the poor ways DONT MATTER because when scotland votes for freedom the country you lead wont exist anymore, so your historical footnote will be as the LAST british PM, ever felt like ringing up mikey gorbachov and asking him what it feels like?

Like · Reply · 3 · 26 August at 07:13 · Edited

Teresa Corbett I think that the reason why people need benefits is because it is so hard to get a job now a days and every job that is available is only part time and min wage. Us British people don’t get offered the jobs because the people from abroad come over to live and work for less and then send the money home. I think that they need to be more like Australia and get tougher on letting people into are country and try and help the British people who have lived here all there lives and paid taxes and national insurance contributions all there lives to get prority over all the people who have just come over here to abuse are benefit system and Nhs. I see it happening all the time where I live and it has made my life unbareable for me and my family.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 21:21

Barry Gibson Maggie Thatchers dream …making house prices out of reach unless the mother of the family worked as well … ruined family life Madam Thatcher …curse you

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 19:00

Helen Garnett The problem with this survey is biased to get the answers you want. The real problem David Cameron is your out of touch policies. Why is your government borrowing more than any previous government in history whilst at the same time dismantling the public sector and making irreversible changes to the NHS? Why Mr Cameron do you and your cronies refuse to chase tax dodging companies like Vodafone, Amazon etc? Mmm could it be that they donate to your party? Why Mr Cameron are you choosing to dismantle the NHS and sell it off when you came to power on a promise that the NHS was safe in your hands? Oh could it be that these companies are donors to your party? Mr Cameron why do you preside over a government that has seen the biggest increase in poverty in living memory/ Why Mr Cameron do you and your cronies blame all the problems you have created on the Labour party? Why Mr Cameron do you and your cronies give tax cuts to the rich whilst taking from the very poorest in society? Mr Cameron – you have proved yourself to be the worst Prime Minister in living history. I hope that the people of this country have the sense to kick you and your government to the curb at the next election.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 10:40

Joseph Scaramanga Roantree stop sending money aboard and tax the millionaires and leave our nhs alone and put more money into nhs oh by the way i’m labour all the way

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 08:23

Glen Hopwood Stop allowing holiday hospital visits we need travel insurance to pay for any medical work that’s needed when abroad, only British N.I payers should be allowed to receive treatment free of charge not anyone that enters the country, if they can afford to come here then they can afford to pay for any treatment if not they should be turned away, payments for children should only extend to the second child and end when the second child leaves education if anyone decides they want more than 2 children then they should be able to afford these children, immigrants should be excluded from benefits they have never paid in so why allow them to take out, if coming here to live then they will need to pay in for a minimum of 5years before any allowance of hospital treatment / assistance should be considered that way we stand a better chance of building the pot up so that its not abused by immigrants

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 08:09

Roisin Rooney And this from a millionaire who claimed DLA off the welfare state?

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 01:24

Matt Thfc Lucas bloody hell they only get 71 pound a week to live on , i spend that in a day ! stop kicking the uk unemployed people when there down .

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 00:51

Inky Thomson David. We will consider your views when the Rich Stop getting Richer at the expense of the poor. Stop trying to profiteer out of people’s ill health by Privatising, for profit , not for Treatment. Our NHS. You are a bunch of Posh Bullies who are not at all Civilised. A minority Government that Encourages Banker Bonus’s for Failing Performance & then punishes the most vulnerable. I don’t know how you can sleep at night.
I am looking forward to your Parties Demise & a Future that is Both Civilised & Humane.
Not a Rant a Must Happen.
Goodbye Greed Welcome Fairness.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 00:24 · Edited

Arthur Vickers well said Inky I don’t know why you are still not in politics

Like · 25 August at 09:11

Brett Biro Get out and get someone who actually cares!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 August at 22:07

Kev Bailey Ban zero hours contracts Dave, Forget the Minimum wage… change it to a living wage instead… That’ll do for now. Oh! and turn the light off when you leave please

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 August at 22:00

James McCartney too right

Like · 25 August at 16:39

Ashley Ash Jones Stop giving it to people who hate the British

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 August at 20:23

Christina Ball when will you stop handouts to immigrants, free nhs for everyone, no matter which country they come from, and depleting our armed forces. we are no longer great Britain, you are running us into the ground, we are not allowed to have easter, christmas nativity, wear a crucifix, or celebrate our religion for fear we will offend the multinational Island that we have now become. we couldn’t push our religion or faith onto any other country, so why are you allowing it here. I Am Not Racist, i have friends of many religions, but having worked in the NHS i am horrified that non tax payers from anywhere in the world, are able to walk in, and receive free NHS care, and don’t tell me they are billed, A & E is free, why? because we cant discriminate against anyone. I think Enoch Powell was able to see this coming years ago. He said white people will be hard to find in this Country in the future, and when you see what has happened with immigration in such a short time, he was right. take a leaf out of Australia’s book, they are proud of their culture etc, they take care of their citizens first and foremost, thats what you should be doing .
Make Britain proud again, and take care of the young, the sick, the vulnerable, the homeless first, before giving our taxes to other countries.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 August at 20:19

Brett Letchford Well said

Like · 24 August at 20:48

Kris Harrison It don’t matter what we the voters say and do. You people are only out for one thing. Camaron and the rest of you are just out to take what you can from us working class. We don’t have a country to call great no more. That stupid cow that was there in office way before you, sold us out to Brussels. If you want to fix the welfare system then take the right steps. 1. Get all those foreign workers out of this country. 2. Bring the companies back under British management. 3.Close our borders and stop those big fat bosses taking our jobs out east to save money on production, only to make more profit on top of that selling it here.

Like · Reply · 3 · 24 August at 14:58

Excommunicant Ab Ingressu Ecclesiae you shouldn’t have any

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 22:21

Lizz Roe When you compose a survey like this it helps to get the questions designed so that there’s genuine surveying rather than a series of questions that mean you can’t help but converge with Conservative policies, I realise it’s very clever marketing but it’s crap social research.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 19:23

Mark Babaloo Walker Mr Cameron, before you cap benefits further than what you have already, would it not be prudent to first make sure you make a positive commitment to the many unemployed that are now struggling to compete with Europeans and many others that our labour market has been opened up to. How about your government committing yourself s to a positive program that will create jobs and boost our economy, ie, our infrastructure, Railways, roads highways and so many others i could mention, Why are you and your government not investing in the people of today, and i dont mean private investors who only invest in whats profitable to them selves. You have been elected to lead this country, so please do this, lead, many skills are wasting away waiting for this so called turn around, you can do so much more if you want it so, how much is wasted on wars etc, that solve nothing, time to show your mettle Mr Cameron, this country needs a leader with real vision sir…

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 18:53

David Empson The rich get richer while the poor stay poor. People starving in Britain while your government squander millions daily on foreign aid. The world is in crisis and you go surfing! If that ain’t out of touch then I don’t know what is.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 13:22

Chris Bradshaw Make all people who are drug or alcohol dependent work for free to get their benefits. Morbidly obese people shouldn’t get anything – they got themselves fat, they can get themselves thin. (That includes free healthcare) Benefits should be worked for, like in NYC. If they can walk around, they can clean the streets and parks to make Britain tidier.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 10:32

Tracy Allen you have no idea, how famillys are suffering, along with makeing everyone else turn against people on any sort of benafit. Famillys are being destroyed, yes more people have managed to get jobs, but low paid and cant afford to feed their famillies let a loan go on a holiday. I would not be shocked if you brought back the work house, very very sad, how this country has gone. The rich get richer,, the poorer get kicked! Cant wait to get rid of the lot of you.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 08:56

Justin Mcnamara The only welfare you care about is your own. There are no benefits to the country from you or your party and you must receive the highest rate of benefits in the UK because I have never seen a worthwwhile days work from you. Does that answer your question?

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 07:26

Bindi Lal Your benefit questionnaire is not fair as it is impossible to generalise all benefits ! The disabled for example in full time residential care receive benefits from which they contribute all towards their accommodation fees except the figure of £24.40 per week which is what the Govt say they are allowed ! How is this figure arrived to ? Weekly toiletries for personal hygiene and transport and not a lot more will go on this ! Are these people worthless ? Just because they are in care are they not allowed a quality of life for enjoyment ! Even just a day trip for mind stimulation can cost a person in a wheel chair as much as £15 a day ! Are they not allowed to eat out ? A trip to a cheap chippy can average £5.00 !How can they then be expected to manage for the rest of the week ? Someone who has power needs to listen and please help address this issue as it is a matter of quality of life for most who can not voice for themselves !

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 06:40

Kevin Edwards Benefits and welfare,
until immigrants have worked and contributing taxes for a five year period they should not be entitled to benefits

Like Australia immigration should be controlled not on the basis of nationality or citizenship but on the countries requirement for skills.

But the question is, is it really worth taking the time to pen my concerns for the UK and the path we are on, I’m sure of this, that when it come to our children the Country we leave to them will be a country that has given its Heritage over to political correctness and sold it’s family jewels and given away our way of life to those who would see this country sent back into the dark ages

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 22:46

Jim Liddell When my country is free of the Wastemonster leeches, we won’t bother with the disgraceful welfare cuts which are degrading, inhuman, and have led to attempted suicide amongst my fellow disabled friends.

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 20:14

Mark Spyborg My views are simple: leave Government today and don’t come back. before you go, tax the rich and stop punishing and blaming the poor. Now you can go, bye.

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 19:50 · Edited

Animal Heathen Enter my email address? Never Camoron, never.

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 19:27

Kev Varrow Benefits are NOT too high. WAGES ARE TOO LOW!! Unless you work in one of Dave’s school chums or families financial business’ that didn’t break any English laws. So how comes America & Europe are constantly taking OUR financial industry to court in ENGLAND & prosecuting them under ENGLISH LAW for destroying OUR economy & win EVERY SINGLE TIME?
Why does Dave HATE disabled people like HIS SON?
Why did Dave have an 11yr old boy delivered in a box to No 10 a few months ago during a sex orgy?
Why hasn’t our Head of State said anything about finding out HER friends rape children?
Why did Dave destroy the evidence?
How comes millions strike for more money & NOT against Paedos in the Palace?
How has Dave managed to privatise over 90% of the NHS already?
Everyone tells me WE can’t change anything!
If people can’t change anything it’s because they are DICTATED TO!!
Peace, Love, Understanding & Tolerance xox

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 18:45

Pat Byrne Silly survey. Simplistic. Just a ruse to ask for donation – in my opinion.

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 16:42

Tracy Brown It warms my heart to see all the comments of people in this country who know what evil lying scumbags you are. How dare you ask us our views on welfare as you are systematically dismantling the very welfare state our fathers and grandfather fought and paid for with their life’s work. You will rot in hell for what you have done to this and other countries you will not win we the people will come and get you and tear you to shreds just as you are doing to us!

Like · Reply · 3 · 22 August at 14:05

Clive Yvonne Karusseit All very well filling out the survey, but nothing will change except those who really need help are penalised and those who flaunt the system live like kings. Why do we give so many benefits and mansions to migrants from the EU etc when we have soldiers living on the streets as well as other British folk who are there because the system has failed them?

Like · Reply · 4 · 22 August at 13:42

Bob Todd Cameron you are a rancid piss flap…

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 August at 17:42

David Maltby i have looked at your survay, why did you not ask if we agree to deaths of our disabled and old your cuts rob people of vital aid. and why did you miss out your unfair atos medicals, which say 90% are fit to work. which they are clearly not fit to work, as the judges are over turning your atos at an alarming rate. sack ids as he is unfit for purpose and should face trial. so move over david cameron and let a real man like nige take us to the top.

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 August at 17:11

Jayson Carmichael Whys DWP interfering in complex bedroom tax tribunals involving the disabled even tho Clegg has promised a review of bedroom tax and disabled adults

Like · Reply · 4 · 21 August at 12:02

Sian Mathias This survey reads like Humphrey’s description of a government poll in ‘Yes Prime Minister’. It is too broad and too vague to be meaningful. Stop tub thumping and scaremongering and actually look at the reality of benefits. A huge proportion of people on benefits in this country are ALREADY working. Come to think of it, your speeches sound quite like Jim Hackers too…

Like · Reply · 3 · 21 August at 09:14 · Edited

Ron Carter-Bonsteel Don’t give this idiot any ideas all the bad ones he will use them against us mere plebs of Society.Hope this knob and his rich mates get kicked out of office to be fair no matter who wins nothing will change.

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 August at 20:38

Siobhan Samuel Get off the racist rubbish Mr Maher. Know your history, there is no such thing as pure British you are all foreigners in one way or another. Wake up, from the Roman invasion to the Normans none of you have pure British roots even the royals are a mixture of Greek and German. As for the “British expats” there are plenty of ‘Brits’ in Australia, America, Africa imagine if they all came home where would you be then? One world, one race the human race idiot!

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 August at 18:48

Marta L Liszewska immigrants are perfect, UK didnt spend even a penny for our education etc, and now get huge benefits from our work, and we spend money here, we buy houses, pay mortgages etc,we run this system, Here is too many british lazy querulous people on benefits. Truth is that this country needs us! Even if some lazy immigrants take some benefits we are still benefictial

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 August at 17:25

Stephen Hayes what about a comment box on this to . no money to people that have not paid any tax this would stop everybody coming into this country and gettiing benefits straight away . look after the people of this country first , ie the old the homeless

Like · Reply · 3 · 20 August at 15:11

Margaret Adams Here, here

Like · 25 August at 00:49

Sy Graham ile give u a good view ! why dont ya step aside and allow a real man to take the stage of the most important job in the uk of running this country forthe people and not just the people that matter inyour view ,sad perfetic man !

Like · Reply · 3 · 19 August at 22:27

Christine Williams well that survey was a complete waste of time, and i agree with lee;s comment

Like · Reply · 3 · 19 August at 21:36

Veronica Molly Coutain Just have a look around the world and see what is happening. Please stop being greedy. Its more, more, every time. They should be ashamed of their apalling behaviour.

Like · 21 August at 11:05

Sue Jones…/punishing-poverty…/

Like · Reply · 8 · 25 August at 16:24

Wesley Ahmed you are the enemy you treasonous peado protector

Like · Reply · 7 · 13 September at 01:16

Andrew Barbour Going well so far. Eh Dave ?

Like · Reply · 6 · 19 August at 20:29

Jade Doran I think on your (and your peers) salary you don’t need to claim benefits,oh sorry you call them ‘expenses’. You should be subject to bedroom tax on your second home and certainly should be able afford to buy your own champagne breakfasts. Please follow your own protocol of weeding out ‘benefit scroungers’ within your cabinet and sanction them as they are fraudulently using taxpayers money for things they do not need.

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 hr

Eve Hopwood And I want your opinion on Halal slaughter and why you think that that method of slaughter is justifiable in what is supposed to be a civilized society.

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 hrs

Angel Perez Cameron, you’re full of sh*t…you don’t want anyone’s views, you already know what you’re going to do which is the dismantling of any safety nets…you don’t give a flying f*ck about the poor

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Jeanette Malpas Do they think we are daft or alike.I filled in the questions form,then they ask you to donate£10.I am on D L A not your wage’s.I just about keep my head up out of the water.Unlike yourselves who can afford to live.I am disabled through an illness not just giving up work because I can get more on benifit’s because I don’t I can assure you of that.

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 hrs

Jane Woolhouse Benefits only for genuine disabled who cannot work, stop the lazy spongers

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Richie Bisset Lovely to.see you were able to afford to announce a tax break for elderly millionaires today. Particularly when hard working people in this country are having to rely on foodbanks. Meanwhile Gideon also announced cuts to benefits for young people unless they take on free work most likely, as with workfare, for highly profitable companies. Why should hard working tax payers have to foot the bill for the fact you won’t force profitable companies to pay a proper living wage? Don’t worry though it was a rhetorical question, we all know you’d lose out on share dividends if we the taxpayer’s didn’t subsidise company profits via schemes like this and having to pay benefits for working people who get paid joke wages.

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Ronnie Hall John Donald, you are spot on there, but also I would add that the answer to Dave problem lies within and without, within as much as the illigals who are in this country at present, and without with the illegals who in France waiting for their chance to cross the channel, we hold onto these people far to long, all the countries which they have crossed to make it to the port of Calais should be made to account for their lack of border security, its like they are saying what the hell, they dont want to stay here, they just want to flood another member state, and that state being Great Britain is a non enterty where the majority of the other EU states are concerned, so for me the only answer to Daves question is get that side of things sorted and then see what a difference it makes to the welfare state and the benefits system, there would certainly be more jobs for people to take without having to fight off applicants who shouldn’t be here…….

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Alan Wood Tory posh boys,have shafted hard working people.

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Vicky Nelmes-Marshall My opinion on you Cameron is you’re a gutless wonder deadset on destroying the weak and vulnerable all so you can thicken the lining of your already bulging pocket!

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Semaj Ruobrab Nobody seems to like you! Why do you think that is?

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Andrew Webb The benefit system should adequately support any person that needs it in troubled times whether it be due to unemployment, sickness, injury etc. As a hard working member of this country I personally would like to know that if for any reason I am unable to pay my own way through non self inflicted hardship I will be looked after. The benefit structure needs looking at, but I believe that looking at the numbers is not where the problem lies. You need to concentrate on certain people within the system and create the correct level of motivation for them to take action and make the decision to stop taking advantage. People, not numbers

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 hrs

Nicola Collison Four little letters should answer that: U K I P. Have a nice day.

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Like · Reply · 2 · 7 hrs · Edited

Stuart Ross Why not ask your core support if they enjoy investors walking away with £20 million from a failed business while they pick up the unemployment benefit bill. while you are on with your survey, why not also ask those who might support you if they like being portrayed as lazy or feckless when they are trying anything to progress, knowing full well that big business has your support and you do not appear to do anything that really helps?

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 hrs

Tony Wilson I fully support capping benefits for those who refuse to work and yet receive benefits. I would also like to see an end to single parents having the right to houses when working people cant get social housing. All too often youngsters fall pregnant and are rewarded with a house / housing benefit / unemployment benefit etc. Time to hammer those who have not contributed by way of paying tax and yet they receive every benefit going and in many ways are better off than working people. Enough is enough

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 hrs · Edited

Emma Simmons Loaded questions to provide only the answer you want! You really do have such a low opinion of us plebs

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Adele Greer Mccuish What about people who have worked all their lives, paying tax’s and for whatever reason become unemployed or unable to work due to age, illness or having to give full time care to a loved one! That have difficulty getting back what they have paid through taxes? They get minimum benefits!! It’s all wrong!! For those who apply for benefits, give them what they have paid through taxes! If you don’t pay tax or haven’t ever paid tax , give them sweet fanny Adams!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Mary Pinder Benefits system stinks,cause it all goes to imigrants. like the houses do

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 hrs

Rhian Adlam Benefit claimants are not to blame for this down turn in the economy. Please stop spreading the hate

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Benjamin Talbott I honestly believe myself to be an intelligent man, but all I can think to say is C***ty C*** C*** C***, C***ty C*** C*** C***, C*** C*** C*** C*** etc…

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Thomas Lunn Workfare isn’t either of those things. Most benefits are paid to those IN WORK. Benefits are not the problem; the amount of tax avoidance is. Get a grip and stop bleeding the population dry. Stop selling off EVERYTHING to your rich friends.

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 hrs

Pip Cuttell Facebook, Please stop pestering me with annoying Tory questionnaires that don’t allow me to answer how I really feel about the obnoxious and ignorant policies of this party.

Like · Reply · 2 · 15 hrs

Rebecca White so by benefits do you ACTUALLY mean money for unemployed people and sick people – or do you actually mean all the other things …also . tax breaks – partially funded homes and freebies for people instead of giving them a working wage ?its time you were honest… the percentage of money actually paid out in *benefits* for unemployed people is tiny compared to the huge payouts in tax break and partially funded schemes the government run…. but then ……. youd have to admit all the perks people in the know can get to fill their pockets and keep their nose in the trough wouldn’t you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 15 hrs

Timo-Pekko Nieminen Very loaded questions indeed. One cannot make reasonable survey about complex social issues with simple black and white questions like these. It’s about time we start talking our values as human beings first and then make the policies based on those values? Try these questions in your survey and make your policy based on answers: 1) Is everybody entitled to live under roof and have enough food to live? 2) Should people in our society be afraid how to survive for tomorrow? 3) should people be able to make profit on basic human needs like houses, heating and food?

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 hrs

Lisa Longman I know this will not be read by the people who are suppose to look after the British way of life but if I could ask David Cameron 1 questions what value are the eastern European, I have just visited Edinburgh and in doorways and street corners they are begging for money I might not be clued up in the way things work but why are we letting people like this just walk into the country with no skills so no added benefit for the UK

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs


Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs

Nathan Gunn go kill yeself cameron ye shithouse

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs

Elizabeth Waugh What is the point? You never take any notice of the voters wishes anyway.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 hrs

Robert Crawford People who paid into the system should be looked after first.The people who have never worked and never paid into the system should get only the smallest benefit available not every benefit going.I am fed up working all hours and getting nothing back .Time to look after the taxpayers and not the lazy people time to look after the old pensioners and not illegal immigrants

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 hrs

Leighton Payne shame on you! asking us to share our views! stop attacking people on welfare! i care for a very ill person! and you tar everyone with the same brush!

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 hrs

Martin Smith Stop with all the handouts to immigrants. If they cant work to provide there own money they shouldnt be here. No benefits. Why should people who worked there whole lives to support immigrants coming into our country

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 hrs

Robert Turner i havenever been unemployed or claimed benefits in the 32years from leaving school. 5 years ago i lost my leg and sight due to poor health. according to our wonderful goverment, i’m fit for work, and constantly find excuses, without notice, to stop my benefits. truly fair!!!!! i am not a scrounger, as the goverment labels everyone. i just want to live a comfortable and a simple life

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 hrs

Graham Huggins I work 2 jobs to keep my family’s head above the water paying thousands in tax, do not get any help what so ever from your government, while you give tax breaks to big business and the richest in society while telling us were all in this together! And WE need to do more? This mess was caused by you and your cronies at Westminster who care not a jot for the working man, only for your self serving political elite, your establishment disgusts me

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hrs · Edited

Rebecca Anderson You need better questions, how can you hear the poeple’s view with such vague questions. You want my view? Stop taking money from those who need it!!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hrs

Jen Lacey You want my view David? Exacerbating economic inequality is NOT part of your job description. Roll on the next election you greedy, useless imbecile.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hrs

Fiona Paterson The rules making single parents go out to work is a joke. Only people who benefit are the child care providers. I have managed to get a permanent job but my kids are now teenagers. I still get tax credits which is a great help since I’m paying full rent and council tax on one wage. The NHS, police, fire and ambulance services are try to work short staffed with budget cuts and wage freezes. Councils have cut back on services and closed libraries, community centres and careers offices. Job centres are full of rude, unhelpful staff that have no respect for anyone that walks through their doors. Not many people want to be on benefit but it’s at least a way of keeping a roof over your head and feeding the family. Jobs are scarce, poorly paid and don’t offer the hours that fit with single parents who have school kids. Those at the top don’t have a clue about those on the bottom and how hard it is to survive.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 hrs

Adam MacKay I have a very radical approach to Benefits and Criminals

Lets give every citizen £2000 around November time of each year tax free if they stay out of trouble with the law for that year and if they have proven to not depend on JSA for more than 6 consecutive weeks

Common Q&A’s
It would bankrupt the country

Lets look at 1 criminal who is arrested, trialled and goes to prison for 6 weeks

Think of the cost for processing that individual criminal
Staff to arrest and Interview
Staff to process the paper work at the police station
Staff to guard the prisoner ie: attend to the cell if the prisoner is needed
Legal aid / Solicitors
Community Service Staff
Prison Staff
Prison Food / Electricity etc

Do you think it would be under £2000 worth of costs or more like £10000+

A person on JSA for 12 months = approx £3180
A person on JSA for 6 weeks = £397.50

A person unemployed will also need housing and council tax benefits
Do the math is it still less than £2000 a year

Well if a person would get more by being on JSA why work?
A full time job at minimum wage is going to pay at least £13,000 the £2000 incentive now takes it to £15000 income

Do you still think that person would benefit from struggling on benefits with the bare minimum?

People will moan its not enough.
What £2000 to do what your supposed to do, keep your self out of trouble and work?

They will end up blowing it on alcohol, fags or drugs
Thats fine they best not get caught dealing, buying or taking the drug or they just blown the right to the £2000 the following year and end up with a criminal record which will make life harder to keep getting the £2000 the following years

My Story:
My mother brought up 3 children in Tenerife (Spain) with no benefits, no housing benefit or JSA, she also had to pay for health care as no NHS equivelent in the South of the island during the 1980s

So when I hear mothers say I have children, I just think back to my mom and my friends mothers who did work without any benefits!

I also think of the countless moms I have come across in work environments who are single moms who either placed the kid in a nursery or with family who helped out.

I love my child excuse or trying to appeal to peoples emotions.
Thats histrionic approach, and do I hate or loath my mother for working, no!
Did any of my friends whos parents worked also? No!
So whats your excuse again?

Homeserve have on site creche facilities for staff with children
TUI Travel offer childcare money off vouchers to help parents with children

She worked or she went without benefits!

In 2008 I was made redundant just as the recession was starting out as the business was struggling and the business im talking about has since downsized massively as it was a multinational company.

Since 2008, I have had 12-16 jobs with an average time on JSA of just 6 weeks, and the longest term was during 2010 which was 6 months on JSA

It was hard but the income of a job beats JSA anyday

Some excuses I have heard…

There are no jobs out there…
Unless you live in a rural area where there is barely any businesses you have no excuse.

I applied for everything and anything, if i physically could do it then I would do it, I worked in call centres for years, now I am a Web developer

But if I had to pick up litter in the streets I would of done it or gone back to retail as I did as a teenager working in Mc Donalds (Which I loathed the job) I would of done it until something better came along.

My partner has 2 part time jobs and does a lot of travelling but it adds up to a full time wage

I travelled to Coventry from Dudley every day (25 miles) to work when I struggled in 2010 to get work and was on JSA for 6 months, It was a job!
6 months later an apportunity for a job half a mile from my house appeared and i took that. It was just a job until something better and more local appeared

Why do people fail so much?
a) Job Seekers Act expects JSA applicants to apply for a minimum of 2 jobs per week, the JSA Act was from 1995.

Today people dont apply for jobs from a job board containing only local jobs and they dont apply with a paper CV

Its all digital and involves a click of a button to submit a CV making it easier to apply for work

That means the average employed no longer gets 20 CVs for a possition but more along the lines of 2000 CVs.

So if your only motivating your self to apply for the bare minimum than you will only get the bare minimum out of the system

I applied for 40 jobs PER WEEK! (160 jobs a month!)
thats why I was always on short term unemployment.

Out of that id be lucky if i got 10-20 interviews, I would try my hardest at each interview which usually out of 10-20 interviews I would get 2 job offers

and since interviews is a form of selling your self to an employer with what features and benefits you can bring to the company and trying to get the employer to invest their money on you, it follows the same ruling as any other sales based environment of 10% success.

b) Lack of peoples motivation
They say what people want to hear.
I want a job, i dont want to be on benefits


So I would go and speak to my employer who is recruiting, explained they are on benefits and desperate to get off it and dont have much experience but would promise to do their best and I felt they can do it, and even willing to personally train them up

Employer says yes sure, give me their number and i will call them on tuesday

I let the people know who ive done this for

How did it go?
Employer says, couldnt get hold of them or they dont seem interested

Why couldnt they get hold of them?
* Battery was dead

So you didnt think to charge it even though i told you when they would be calling

* Didnt recognise the number could of been a bailiff after me
I told you the area dial code, and how many employers do you know will contact you via email or post to say I will call you this is my number???

* Not sure Id like it?
So what you have no job just do it temporarily until something else better comes along, but by not even giving it a chance your choosing to stay on benefits which goes against everything you previously told me!

* I have back problems
So, its a call centre you dont have to lift anything other than a phone which you seem to do a lot of on your mobile!

* I dont like talking to people
You dont have a problem talking to strangers online you cretin!
What kind of a job do you expect to get where you dont talk to people

The excuses go on and on and a lot of them are weak and pathetic ones were people say what we want them to say but mean and do totally the opposite

There will always be the exceptional minority which do have genuine needs to be on benefits and life is well and trully hard for them

But the majority I have personally meet in life (In mid 20-early30s as as that was my age group) choose to be on benefits not because they need benefits but because they know the system will allow them to.

PS Job Centres should actively check more often what is on their job searches as some people have even bragged about stating they havent done any job searches on the pieces of paper they are supposed to write what jobs they been looking for, or falsifying it and the job centre staff said yeah thats fine and awarded them their benefits.

I know the system has changed in recent years were its linked to which is an improvement but it can be as good as the staff processing the claim

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 12:24 · Edited

Roy Webster British People Have Suffered because you take care of all the Cheating Robbing Foreigners!!! FACT….

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 11:55

Fiona Sarah I think the questions are so vague that any answer would only be used to distort the nations opinions/wishes. Sorry, do not have much trust for David Cameron or the Conservatives.

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 10:20

Jeff Thomas Stop demonising the vulnerable

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 10:16

Katie Brook shut up cameron u cock

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 10:14

Kerry Thomas Benefits and welfare? What a joke! Gobbled up by morons who can only count the coppers in their own money boxes. Can you please publish a survey on a living wage; job sharing; tax responsibility for all; the possibility of a return to a genuine social contract like that of the post war years (which was possible not because of the economic situation but because of shared values and collective will)… Oh that’s right you can’t because you represent a tiny minority who profit from the other 99% of the population bickering over the scraps…

Keep going David and Co. It won’t be long till they start to wake up.

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 09:03

Steven Antony Stewart Allsopp stop paying anything that involves anyone outside of our island borders

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 08:48

Steven Antony Stewart Allsopp stop paying child benefit to the immigrants who are on a benefits holiday for their children who live in THEIR country.

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 08:47

Ian Spence Appauling set of loaded politically biased questions. What about asking this question… “Do you agree that low paid families should suffer cuts when big corporations get away with huge scale tax evasion?”

Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 08:45

Paul Hancock Adopt the Australian system. Be a strong government and return all illegal immigrants, instead of releasing them back on the streets. That’s pathetic. Stuff the legalities. They shouldn’t be here. And can we stop the endless queue of Muslim immigrants trying to get here illegally. We will regret it. Why the heck are we so benevolent. It’s got to stop.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 23:35

Nota Bene Can you explain how you can always find money to go to war and buy expensive weapons but can’t find money to feed the people of the UK, who are having to rely on foodbanks?!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 23:34

Tony Parkes how do i get this bellend to stop appearing on my page…?

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 21:45

Robert Killeen Your party have divided the working population by turning workers against those who loose their jobs, in your parties eyes if you loose your job tomorrow you be a scrounger the day after. You have allowed your dictators Iain Duncan Smith, & Esther Mcvey, to persecute the sick and disabled of this country to the point of them taking their own lives. Your parties goals in life, are solely to make the rich richer and to drive the poor into the ground . If you think this comes from someone who is just spouting sour grapes, it comes from someone who voted for your party at the last election BIG, BIG mistake, to which your coalition party have broken every promise you made to the voter. Also if you think they come someone who is work shy I am 70 yrs old I served my country in the army , and worked all my life even to 5 yrs past my retirement age. So you have no axe to grind with me. But if I had my way YOUR PARTY WOULD BE GONE TOMORROW and I sincerely apologise to all those who you have persecuted for voting for you the last time. Anyone with any sense, at the next election would abolish your party forever by getting rid of the tories.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 21:40

Mandie Graham I would like to know why I have to work seven days a week to keep a roof over my head!!! My partner 5 days a week!! Got a child!!! And literally have nothing left to have any life because of ridiculous bills!!! I’m not on benefits!!! But I feel like we both should quit our jobs and live on them!! Because the minute I’m paid!!! It’s gone with in 3 days!!! And we practically live of pasta for the last two weeks of the month!!! I’m exhausted!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 20:37

Derek Hall Benefits have to be earned NOT handed out, especially to foriegners who’s only skill is being able to hang on to a lorry’s axle on the way to GB.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 20:03

Nicola Adolphe I can’t answer the survey becasue it’s not about capping or fixing anything… simplify the system so that, overall, people get what they need if they need it and at the time they need it. It’s really hard to know what you’re entitiled to. When you’re in between work contracts and you can’t plan tax credits in advance, you cannot predict what you’re earnings are going to be it’s impossible to work with the system that is based on employment in a certain type of consistent job. Our tax credits have been cut at the time we need help most. Some families are gaining loads, others are losing out. Scrap tax credits, support families who need assistance, the childcare element was useful, but it should only be used to support those on low incomes as minimum wage doesn’t cover childcare costs! I’m a mum of 3 children who wanted to work but minimum wage, part-time hours and occasional work was about all I could get (I am degree educated). Juggling family life is hard and we needed help but didn’t get it because everything is so COMPLICATED. Why do some disabled people get plenty and others can’t get enough help? Is this more a local lottery? Or about whether people can access certain things becasue they know the system well and others don’t understand things? We’ve worked with people who have mental health problems, and they cannot write a form! Is it any wonder that certain groups of people struggle more than others? What about capping high earners? Inequality feeds inequality, share fairly and equally – raise the support of low income earners, stop wealthy tax avoidance schemes, and the like… We have had a difficult few years financaially and the survey shows that you have no idea what the average family might be experiencing at the moment. I don’t agree that people on benefits scrounge – there are decent people who’ve lived a tough life, going through a difficult situation and they need help. It’s not going to be a quick ‘fix’ for these people. They need opportunities and chances like everyone but support and advice for money management rather than reams of paperwork and a benefit system that makes no sense might go further. Hope you’re able to produce a better survey. X

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 17:21

Samantha Walker Hmm I think there must be an election coming up, Mr Cameron, Why do you want our Views? You and all MPs are on BENEFITS As its the taxers that pay you all Laughable really as not one of you have had to show what you have done for the country as a whole but you still collect your pay and of course those large expenses, so you can cut the benefits of those most vulnerable, most needy in our society. You have taken form the POOR and Given to the rich, STOP and think, Not that you will ever have to stand in the JOB centers looking for work and collecting a pittance that you need to feed your children, or have to give up a job to care for a sick member of your family, This might be a novel Idea, Leave the benefits system alone, Stop Harming the NHS, In Fact JUST STOP taking our rights away, Close the borders, Time to stop given to other countries, and look after your own, The children who are now in Poverty the vulnerable who have no home, THE people who have worked all there lives, So I think before you think of Knocking at my door remember FOOD Banks, Town going to rack and ruin, And if you really want to cap something TRY YOUR EXPENSES AND PAY!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 16:56

Lynette Sloane no you don’t. You’ve taken money off the sick and disabled and left them to starve – even terminally sick people. No one wants to be sick!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 16:32

Cein Klaus I think you should leave office you bumbling cockwomble

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 16:11

Mark Jenkinson why you don’t bother listening any way. to busy fiddling your expenses. look at food banks they were not bad until this government came to power . the nhs belongs to the people .we do not have large salaries to go private .

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 16:04

Terry Simmester Tory Party CONference next week. Stand by for another load of false promises and phoney speeches from this set of public school cowboys

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 15:30

Alice R Robertson This tick box exercise leaves no room for shades of grey so I am not answering the questions. Your policies are very cruel.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 13:05

Chris Allington these questions are selected for you to agree, they dont allow a proper alternetive

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 12:47

Jo Pearce Well said John Donald its a very slanted survey, workers wages need to rise more than they are doing, If the govt thinks its ok to have an 11% wage rise on THEIR salery, then why shouldn’t everyone else have the same? After all 11?% of most peoples wages equates to nothing like the fat cats increase in saleries, govt’s should try leading by example but we’ve had enough proof that they won’t there in it for themselves on the whole.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 12:21

Joey Jomeister Kalloo fu

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 12:15

Matt Timson You’re a disgrace. A millionaire pretending to want to understand the plight of the common man, while simultaneously hitting the people that need the most help the hardest.

History, if it remembers you at all, will not remember you kindly.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 10:32

Rob Morris Dave? You still here?

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 10:28

Madeline Bayford Yeah, but not for long….

Like · 5 hrs

Neil Ploughman Youve created a repugnant vileness and persicutory hatread of the poor unfortunate and vulnerable not seen since Hitlers Nazi Germany. Youve tarred all with the same brush just because some…an historical minority ….. have chosen, due to poverty ignorance etc to survive on benefits. This tiney minority have existed in societies since time began but your modern day Himler cockwomble – Dunacan Smith has decided to attack everyone in the benefit safety net – just remember JSA and income support make up a tiney slice of the welfare bill and to attack an unfortunate section of the most unfortunate and vulnerable is criminal snd mirrors the gastley behaviour of other power holders who abuse their leadership such as ISLAMIC STATE !!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 09:19 · Edited

John Bosley The sooner you and the rest of you chinless self serving Lord fauntleroys are out of a job the better. Protect the rich and steal from the poor…same old Tory party.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 09:00

Skungheeney Harrison The system needs to be looked at, I see far too many fat tattooed pigs spending our money on fags, beer and slot machines with kids running around at the wetherspoons crèche, don’t believe me, then pop down my wetherspoons.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 08:44

Neil Ploughman How do you know that all of these people are on benefits – seriously ? Have you asked to see their benefit books or do they have painted stars on them ?
Despite what you may think or feel some of these ‘cockroaches’ possibly work maybee partime hours or unsociabke hours or gheir partners work you should not judge other people or thrir lifestyles. 56 POUNDS A WEEK cash is all an adult on jsa get in their hand to live on – nothing else ! So if you think they spend all their days in a pub blasting this “hand out” how do they pay for gas electric watet tv licence food clothes etc ???

Like · 1 · 27 September at 09:30

Simon Stack DIE David Cameron you cock sucker

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 08:24

Sally Whytehead Your survey does not ask the right questions, so I am not answering it, you merely seek to gain justification for your degrading and inhumane welfare policies

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 08:03

Nimue Brown The measure of a society is how it cares for its most vulnerable members. I would like to see more care and less blame. Those out of work did not create the financial crisis that has put them out of work. Punishing people for not having jobs when there are no jobs to be had, is disgusting. I want to see an end to welfare sanctions, an end to the bedroom tax, and an end to the stigmatising of the poor and powerless.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 07:55

Eva Moore You are a disgrace. I am on benefits as I have several ailments and disabilities and no doubt would be the kind of ”scrounger” you are trying to send back to work. I have epilepsy, thalasaemia, chronic back problems after having two discs removed and postural hypo tension which means when I stand up my blood pressure drops suddenly and results in me falling many times each day..Your shower have no compassion. Also my son is so disillusioned having tried for a year to get a job that he has done back to college and is living on practically nothing, thus bringing your figures on job seekers falselydown. Oh and before you call him lazy I should tell you that he has been so deperate for work that he has been working many days a week in a charity shop and the job centre rather than commending him for this have treated him like scum. So Cameron I pray that next may you lot are thrown out of no 10. You are the worst prime minister this country has had. Even worse than Thatcher and that is saying something. If we have you in for another 5 years this country will be on its knees and you have already left a huge mess for labour to clear up. Roll on the election.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 07:27

Jonny Gray A huge mess for Labour to clear up??? Are you for real? Are you forgetting who landed us in this mess we are in right now? You can thank Tony Blair and his Labour mates for everything that’s wrong with this country now, idiots like you voting Labour straight back in are why the rest of us are doomed.

Like · 2 · 27 September at 08:25

David Martin Johhny Gray labour were in power when criminal bankers screwed the WORLD’S economies so now the tories punish the poor and vulnerable leave people hungry and desperate while not one criminal banker was jailed they even still get obscene bonuses as reward. Tax the criminal bankers stop attacking the vulnerable turning those at the bottom on each other using the dictators favourite tool of divide and conquer would be a good start. May 2015 arrogant posh boys will feel the anger they cause millions and be booted out this country needs some humanity introducing into governance UKIP are a joke lib dems powerless only labour can save this country.

Like · 27 September at 10:58

Paul Morris Dear Dave, hahaha your not getting in again! Hahaha

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 02:23

Robert James Warburton Cameron. I would like to know why Kate and Gerry McCann were never charged with either child neglect or possible direct involvement ref the mysterious disappearance of madeline McCann.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 01:57 · Edited

Abbie Lilley Is that not just a million dollar question Robert? As a former Social Worker I have seen many parents charged with neglect and endangerment and their children were not kidnapped/missing/deceased (I have formed my own opinion in this matter based on extensive research and actually feel a charge of murder would be more apt) but of course they were working class families so obviously there is a different law for them!

Like · 1 · 27 September at 03:03

Emmie Carmichael Stop the fracking which is just money for the big corporations. It is like saying frack today and to hell with tomorrow, our children can deal with the consequences.

Like · Reply · 3 · 27 September at 01:45

Eco Tree ‘I want’ doesn’t get. I want a fair society, where the poorest and most vulnerable are helped, not driven into poverty and death. I want to stay out of middle eastern conflict (fighting never = peace). I want the UK Government paedophile ring inquiry to be overseen by an independent panel and the guilty charged while they are still alive. But like I say, I want doesn’t get.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 01:51 · Edited

David Simpson I like thousands of other Disabled People around the country, have just spent the last 2 years fighting the benefits system to get an entitlement to middle rate carers allowance re-instated, because of the LIES, LOSS OF MEDICAL INFORMATION, THE PLAIN “I JUST WON’T ANSWER YOU, ” and see if you go away. Being MEDICALLY EXAMINED BY ATOS, WHO DONOT HAVE THE MEDICAL KNOWLEDGE OR QUALIFICATIONS TO EXAMINE, ME LET ALONE GIVE A MEDICAL OPINION, which by the way seems to override a PRACTICING DOCTOR, SURGEON OR ANY OTHER PERSON WHO TREATS ME, because THEY DO NOT HAVE A DUTY OF CARE, THEY DO NOT SIGN THERE REPORTS, AND so far I have not seen any reference given by the DWP as to there GMC number, or that on signing a declaration stating I do not wish to be examined by an one from ATOS WITHOUT PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF THERE MEDICAL QUALIFICATIONS, WENT AHEAD AND MEDICALLY EXAMINED ME, 6 TIMES, if you wish to fix the welfare system then start by giving back these powers to the Doctors and Nurses that are qualified to do so and are already working for the NHS, NOT sub contract this work out to ATOS, WHO by the way, earlier this year tried to BUYOUT OF THE £850 MILLION CONTRACT YOU GAVE THEM…..WHY…..they were being abused by Disabled People?……….HOW MANY DOCTORS OR NURSES WERE ABUSED LAST YEAR? DON’T KNOW….neither do I, because these people, carry on a do a job, day in, day out, and do not complain, I was at a medical centre in Cardiff and witnessed an ATOS HEALTHCARE PROFFESSIONAL, physically and mentally abuse a poor man with his brother as a carer, who had mental problems, even a blind bat could see, the more they shouted at him, the more he became, agitated, when my report came back, because I said I wanted her name to report her, it said THIS PERSON WAS ABUSIVE TO OUR STAFF, AS SUCH I HAVE DECIDED NOT TO GIVE A REPORT BUT USE THE PREVIOUS REPORT, I SEE NO CHANGE IN HIS ATTITUDE? Fact, I had 2 days before had major surgery, was on crutches, had to get a note from the surgeon, to release me from a hospital bed to attend, and only if I came straight back, did not seem to matter. Do I have faith in the NHS, YES, do I have faith in your sustem, NO.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 01:41

Neil Russell Conservative and labour are dead in scotland come the next election.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 00:28

David Jackson these measures have not worked and have caused considerable problems and misery in my opinion.They have not been applied evenly across all citizens ie the elderly and those over a certain age as they are your core voters.You have penalised people financially who live in larger properties than you say they need, but have done nothing to increase the available housing stock of smaller rented properties you say they should be living in. ||We are not all in it together as you claimed so aften as your policies have benefited those who already have and have given them even more at the expense of those who have so little . The cost of everything continues to rise but benefits and wages are virtually stagnant unless you are a banker, and MP ( 11% rise) or an exec or already earn more than you need to live on and have been given considerable tax cuts ..roll on next year when the majority of people in this country will see the fraud and put you and your rich cronies out of office

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 September at 00:27

Wullie Watson What you on about making people work till they are 66 before they can get their OAP I’ve worked all my life in manual work and you who has never done a hard days graft in your entire life are telling me that I must work for another year….blow it out from where the sun don’t shine Cameron .

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 22:41

Ellen Brennan From…. Gail Forrester
Right I feel I must apologise for what I am about to write on here, but I am so angry, I just needed to vent a bit of frustration!!!
Last night, I watched a programme on channel 5 I think, called “gypsies on benefits and proud”. I am gobsmacked!!! This programme showed how European families were coming over to Britain to claim our benefits. They had no intention of working here, but were arriving in coach loads to claim our benefits. this was organised by a an aide from Britain, who paid for their coach, found them housing and fed them. He then got them a short term job for a couple of weeks in order for them to be able to get a national insurance number, and then proceeded to claim every benefit available and get them rented housing. Then he would take a percentage of their benefits in payment for his services. He would also register them with a GP. So within a couple of weeks these people were legally receiving benefits without ever having any intention of working. He would then move onto the next coach load. And so it continued.
To add insult to injury, these claimants were claiming for wives and children that were still in Romania etc. Disgusting!!! One family had a lovely large house, they had 11 children and 11 grandchildren, all on benefits!!!
What is going on with this country, I myself, as many people know am disabled. I have 2 dysfunctional hips and a broken pelvis, and been on crutches for over 20 years. But I was found fit for work!! and I had a long battle with the DHSS to appeal against this decision. But they are going to monitor me and I am going to have to prove my disability every 2 years. My father was a double amputee and he was hounded by them to get a job right up until the day he passed away.
So how do these people get away with it?
Why do our ex soldiers have to rely on charities to get housing and financial help.
Our NHS is bursting at the seams and cannot cope, even our local hospital has had to close its emergency dept.
Our care homes are closing down.
These are people that have worked all their lives and paid into the system, but they are not treated as well as our European invaders
I have family and friends that have 2 or 3 jobs, and still struggling to pay their bills and live comfortably. Yet their taxes go to make these peoples lives better than their own.
They have increased the pension age, at this rate full-time workers will be working into their 80’s just to keep the benefit system afloat for foreigners.
I am not a racist person what so ever, and I have no objections to people coming over here to work, preferably to have already found jobs before arriving, like you have to elsewhere in the world
So why is Britain such an easy touch, these people don’t want to go france or Germany as their benefit system is harder to take advantage of.
We need to speak out. if you agree with me, please share and like, otherwise, I am sorry if I have offended you.
But it would be interesting how many honest hardworking folk out their have the same views as me
Right rant over!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 21:54

John Portch How about stopping Child Benefit at 2 children?

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 21:17

Julie Briggs You don’t want to hear my views .. You just do what ever you want… I worked got depression.. Got hurt at work.. You took my incapacity benefit off me.. I had to sell my house after 30 years.. I now live in a caravan..

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 21:16

Stuart Hay Ram you’re survey. Would you listen to a Scot anyway. I’ll answer that for you. No. That’s a word you’re more than familiar with.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 18:27

Trevor Agnew I don’t see an option to say would we like to see wages rise to a respectable level, rather than how they are just now – not much better than the dole. Tory scum!

Like · 15 hrs

Jane Barr Willis David I don’t want to see your self ish satisfied face on my home page. You and your self serving cronies have turned my country (yes my) into a zero wage existent way of life. My son cannot get the job he was trained for and was living on 9hrs a week work so he did not have to sign on. His is the lost generation. The clever ploy of letting in immigrants to do jobs on a slave wage put your own country men out of work. Then stir the once working class against each other by labelling anyone signing on as a scrounger has worked in your and all the other parties favour. I have not bothered looking at your questions. Why not put them to the bankers, politicians, and the self serving rich that have bought the hard working people to their knees. Go ahead cut the welfare state be it on your own head the turmoil that will follow will be uncontrollable. Be glad when you and your like are gone.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 17:45

Kaila Kaila All the work programme jobs should be Paid jobs! Not slave labour for BiG RiCH companies. People are working 30 hours for beneifts! Thats a joke! Where is the equality in that? People they work with earn hundreds a week, they get either 53 (under 25) or 79!(over 25) Scandalous. Was at an unpaid trainig corse which included a sandwhich at lunch, EVERY JOBSEEKER said it was Their breakfast and dinner! Disgracful, if they got malnourished and unable to attend you bunch of crooks would Sanction them for months at a time. The brain cant function on empty and you prey on that! No wonder peoplenare starvin to death and killing themselves. U need to be locked up and the key thrown away if u think slave labour is acceptable.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 17:37 · Edited

Fiona Robb stop demonising those on benefits. stop attacking the disabled. stop privatising the NHS on the side. stop being such a vacuous spiv

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 17:19

Ralph Kava Your welfare reforms are a disgrace to the British people and the entire human race. Of course there will always be scroungers, you just have to look at Westminster to know that’s true, but most people on benefits want to work and are genuinely looking for employment. Your austerity measures are literally killing innocent people and you have blood on your hands. As far as I’m concerned you are corrupt, thieving, murdering liars and I sincerely hope you reap what you have sawn.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 16:05

Jayne Kettles Your no interested in anybodies welfare but your own and your fat cat friends

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 14:25

Poh Chee Moxham Stop privatization N.H.S. hospitals.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 13:27

Loraine Robert Yarnold stop stealing from the disabled if some one can not work why do you try and make them feel worse they do not have enough to live on £56 a week care money is not enough for any one to live on, some one who is disabled or ill can never improve there standard of living but your government will penalise them even more your are disgusting AND STOP THE BED ROOM TAX ITS THE WORST decision the government had ever mad !

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 13:22

Alan Lewis I would like to see Cameron out of work and claiming benefits. If he has a spare bedroom he needs to move.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 13:15

Mark Melville whats that sound? is that the sound of the queen purring down the phone at you again david?

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 13:14


Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 12:21

Vince Harrod how about companies paying decent wages…asda for instance owned by wal mart…one of the most lucrative co.panies in thd wotld pay above minimum wage but usually only.part time hours that have to be bolstered by the welfare system.i.e. housing benefit anx tax credits etc…so next time your slagginv off the unemployed “scrounging” off the tax payer…just remember that the tax payer is funding the low wages so these global companies get higher profits…close corporate tax loop holes and. end salary sacrfice schemes whichf rob the inland revenue legally…makes me puke

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 10:49 · Edited

Jason Cockerton For the love of god, please Cameron find a cliff and jump.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 10:46

Philip Duval Why not let the public know the real figures about what people receive? Namely that our welfare system is one of the least generous in the EU / OECD. You might also note that the vast majority of people have paid into the system – and everyone would pay in had your party (followed by New Labour) not deliberately created structural unemployment.

I actually agree that the system is broken. We wouldn’t have homeless people if it was working properly.

Given your comments before the 2010 election about reducing inequality and not making the poorest pay for a financial crisis caused by your friends and party donors – I would suggest you reflect on what a sociopathic liar you are. But then again, hell will freeze over before that happens.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 10:36

Andy Highton Take a long walk off a short pier

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 09:54

James Apps The questions are so biased toward getting the answers you want that to answer them is a waste of time. You bash those at the bottom, allow those at the top to get richer, and seem in this questionnaire to blame the lower paid for the ills of society. You and preceding governments have sold off much of the welfare services, allowed large utility companies to charge what they like, allowed banks to rob us and pay huge amounts to their robber barons, not dealt with tax avoidance, raped and are continuing to rape the NHS and you expect me to tell you how well you are doing. Sod off Tories!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 09:49

David ‘Moz’ Morris Commit to a living wage, stop penalising the poor while your banking mates/party donors have their tax rate cuts and stop thinking just because some jobs are being created in London that that means the whole country is packing up.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 09:47

Mark Monkeytoes Dunne Stop treating people with life long disability as bloody criminals and scroungers. Not all disabilities allow the person to be a paraolympian, most people with out disability aren’t regarded as athletes so why of those of us that bodies don’t work because of disability expected to be capable of getting a gold medal. Like wise it is possible for people with disabilities to be good at a sport and still have mobility problems; last time I looked being able to row does not mean you can walk. Get rid of your “Unlawful” medical, I still have abdominal tears from my medical because you are made to things that my body couldn’t and I know you say you can refuse but all the literature says if you refuse you will fail the medical. Get rid of the idea that if you look and act disabled you are disabled, this only benefits scroungers. Most disabled people aim not to look disabled or act disabled and will always ignore their own limits in life even if it can injure them. The fact is the government hate the poor and cripples and despise poor cripples more, the fact that they don’t look a persons past proves this because if they did look they would see that it is working hard that caused the disability in the people they vilify.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 09:46

Carol Newmarch Your ‘surveys’ are insulting lip service to public opinion. Please start consulting people properly and listen to the evidence that is already readily available within the statistics of suffering that your policies are already creating

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 09:16

Amanda M Knox You are the wrong person to be in charge of it, but way to pretend you care now that we’re a little closer to elections

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 08:30

Gemma Rushton There are way to many people who will not go back to work because they are better off on benefits, this culture needs to end! Benefits are there to help people in times of need not be a lifestyle choice!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 08:01

Steven White I believe mr Cameron that not just labour are to blame for this something for nothing culture as u put it with your cuts apon cuts to local authority spending which put a lot of council workers out of a job u have implemented harsher sanctions to people struggling to make ends meet on these welfare services, as a long time benefit subscriber before I started my own business I know exactly how hard it really is to get a job, there are plenty of employers offering 0 – 20 hours contracts at minimum wage but not enough for every person on benefits due to cuts and the recession, there are young familys being sanctiond cause there child was unwell more than 3 times in 12 months and its considered unreasonable that the person couldn’t apply for jobs, if any of your kids have been sick answer me this david have you been able to part with there company for more than five min at a time without them crying or being sick and u neading to comfort them? these families are the same ones on 13 week sanctions and cant afford to feed themselves and get a lifeline through food banks, if you were truly serious about getting rid of this now dependency on food banks, abolish sanctiones give more help to these families by way of support from the advisors at the job center give them the tools they need to help people get into work, run more focussed workshops for not just 18 – 24 year olds but older people 2 allow people closer to retirement age to work with these organisations too to give back some of their knowledge acquired through years of working and been forced out due to job losses n companys going bust I could sit here and type all day complaining to u about the real world that we live in day to day and I bet I never get a response from anyone in the tory party or even so much as a question n answer round with one either

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 07:49

Andrew Craig Can we ‘Have Our Say’ on tax avoidance for the super rich and multi-nationals, please? Instead of trying to pit the working class against each other.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 07:48

David Shaw Honestly, Dave. Nice that you’ve asked me, but how the hell do I get you off my Facebook?

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 07:00

Alan Williams get rid of the lowlife spongers, who want money for doing nothing MP’s

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 06:53

John Robb Thoughts on welfare? We’d be able to afford it if you scrapped this idea of dropping millions of pounds of ordnance on Iraq, again.


Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 06:50

Paul John Carter Stop kids going on dole. National service. Give them a trade

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 04:56

Susan Burgin what gives u the right to take the retirement date up twice from 60 to 63 then to 66 for my age group…disgusting! not all pensioners want to work till they drop! should be able to retire at 60 if youve paid in since 16 years old starting work!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 04:06

Debbie Wilton When you learn to phrase a question properly you might get a better response. “I want” are you asking opinions or demanding an answer? It’s frightening that our PM’s staff are so abrupt…smh

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 September at 03:17

Robyn Peters What’s the point of wasting our time giving you our opinion, when you don’t listen, your policy’s and past actions seem determined to fleece and wipe out the poor and sick, while giving tax breaks to the rich. And corporations! Your not a leader, your a puppet for the elite!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:52

Laila Kanji Stop picking on the disabled, autistic and vulnerable.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:51

Peter Anthony This is an utter, utter disgrace. Shamefully cynical questions, and no real forum for feedback at all. Except, of course, there is not an ounce of shame. Yes, the system needed fixing. But, speaking as someone who works closely with people who rely on welfare for all sorts of reasons, I am dismayed by policy that is tantamount to eugenics. The nature and level of the cuts are inhumane, and history will judge them as such. The system could be judged as either woefully inept or a wilful breach of human rights. Which is it?

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:50

Danny Donald Lets start with you and your toff chums stop picking on the elderly and disabled by fleecing them of every penny they own because you can’t stand up to the greedy MP’s you work with or the brain dead bankers you slurp Tea with.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:40

Helen Iih Dreadgirl Your survey isn’t a survey at all, it is a cynical ploy to try and gain support for your disgusting policies to steal from the working class and feather the nests of your rich cronies. You are a disgrace Mr Cameron. You are unelected, and do NOT represent the views of the majority of this country. A living wage would be the best way to encourage people to work.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:37

Trevor Mansell not all claiments are scroungers myself and my mrs have worked well over 40 years and paid into the system , my mrs has sadly contracted cancerin her pyre gland ,has fibromialga , suspected chroanes disease and pockets in her bowels that if they become full of waste can result in her death ,yet you Cameron have dragged such as us through assessments through Atoss who have then lied to to the powers that be and not passed on the most important part of the assessment I e doctors reports to the jobcentre ,who in turn did not pass said information to the appeals panel ,my partner who has to be cared for 24/7 by myself was put on a finding work programme and because of this she tried to overdose, ,in essence this reform is the biggest load of rubbish ever to hit this country and is designed to mislead the working people who see the genuine ill as scum, ps I am over 60 , and my partner is 58 ,what good would we do for society at our age ,and a footnote is that we will have to go through it all again in the near future even though she will never get any better ,

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:21

John Miller Just keep hitting the poor, hard pressed working families. DAVID CAMERON was asked along with IAN DUNCAN SMITH to actually live on benefits. This of course was before any cuts……….they refused.

Just incase your wondering. I am not on benefits. But the current coalition seem to want to hit the low income families. Not just people on benefits. Stop please.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:15

Joyce Harrison get out of the EU, bring industry back to the uk, pause immigration, give back to the british what joining the EU took away from them….

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 22:13

Danny Smith UKIP you mugs have had your chances UKIP the way forward

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 21:46

Eddie Brown If the Tories thought the riots in the eighties were bad, just wait and see what they think of the next uprising. We are all being taken for mugs. The way the police force and army have been cut there will be no controlling the masses when it all goes bang. Wake up and smell the coffee, start doing for us before us do you…..

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 21:42

Ian Doy I see you can’t make comment on the deaths they’ve caused to disabled people on benefits!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 21:41

Rimsky Korsikov Stop making poor people pay for rich banker’s mistakes. Don’t cut benefits, it does not make people work it makes them poorer.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:55

John Hill I’d write something heartfelt with an impeccable argument about the friends I have lost and about the hell of caring for a disabled partner both of us unable to work through no fault of our own, about the nightmare that is life on benefits, about being victimised and scapegoated. Honestly though, you and I both know that you don’t care. Have I ever or will I ever vote for you? No. Do you stand anything to gain by helping us? No. We are beneath your notice, we are nothing to you. I know its not malice on your part, its that you genuinely do not care about ordinary British people so can you please just stop the pretence.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:54

Neil Fazackerley I would like to know what you are doing about introducing a living wage for those workers or what you are doing about those on zero hours contracts being exploited by their managers left, right and centre. You just seem to spread nastiness about people who are disadvantaged all the time as a form of propaganda for your detrimental and unfair policies. Wrong questions Dave.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:52

Struan Marshall No cuts in welfare needed if the rich paid there taxes. Oh and what about the mansion tax which the Rich Tories don’t like but quit happy with the bedroom tax that effect the least well off.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:48

Vicki Kelly there are 2 simple acts so that benefits dont have to be capped; STOP paying benefits to NON BRITISH people, and START charging NON BRITISH people for using the NHS, we would have to pay for medical treatment abroad, so why shouldnt they???? FFS!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:45

Jay Gilhooley I agree with the principle of the back to work scheme – However forcing benefit claimees to work 40 hours a week to receive £70 a week is slave labour.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:16

Mark Paine Dear David please resign and go on the dole for a year and see how the real world works !!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 20:12

Michelle de Oude The questions you posed are so leading I am surprised they got approved totally right wing crap, as a disabled working person your treatment of us compared to your treatment of fat cat tax dodgers is abhorrent I cannot stand your party

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 19:57

Roy Williams Is he taking the piss

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 18:49

Donald Beale People are sick of all the main party’s puppets for the rich UKIP all the way !!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 18:44

Barry Samuel Do your circle have any notion of the damage that the government is causing to those being trapped ever deeper into poverty?

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 17:21

Joanne Nosy Parkin Susan we’d be well off & able to afford yummy bratwurst. You know that Germany is the richest country in Europe. Who won the war? Not us. My four Grandfather’s went through all that for this. Cameron and his scum..

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 17:16

Garry Green i think you are taking from the working class to fund, immergration benefit, as we get nothing if we work all our lives and through no fault of our own end up unemployed . and for that reason your system of welfare , STINKS, and for that you wont be getting my vote anytime soon.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 16:59

Jamal Gibbs WHY WHY WHY has this pond scum appeared on my facebook thread as a sponsored advert, proof that facebook DOES NOT track you

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 16:52

Emma Lawson U want my opinion, get fecked ur too busy sucking Rothschild dick whilst screwing us all over. The world is waking up Dave…

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 16:23

Julie Taylor the problem isnt benifits its the immigrations that come and take our money to send back home the government need to close the gates to them

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 15:53

Dave O’Leary stop all benefits for immigrants until they have paid into the system for 10 years at least

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 15:54 · Edited

Pauline McCreedy David Cameron get a grip you have just about brought us to our knees

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 15:39

Neil Gowland Stop giving my fooking money to not British people not wanting to work ffs

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 13:01

Graham Hatton You want my advice Dave? Resign. Go quietly now before you’re party are wiped out in the next generation (which you will be). You have failed MASSIVELY in your obligation to the British public. You Sir are a stuck up, toffee nosed, backward thinking useless git! GO, IN THE NAME OF GOD, GO!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 12:48

Sheriden Forbes none for immigrants ,work or leave

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 12:44 · Edited

Lesley Kidd This survey does not give anyone a say on anything. It also does not explain exactly how they are achieving these things. It does not address the real issues such as bedroom tax, which is immoral and wrong, job centre sanctions, also immoral and wrong, disability benefits, council tax reforms, the constant hammering of already struggling working age people, the derogatory, insulting pay rises for public sector workers. You want to know what we think Mr Cameron why don’t you REALLY ask us?

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 12:25

Stephen Brown Why your not going to listen, people have been telling you that the bedroom tax is cripoling people and you didint listen and now thanks to you and your so called party i am now homeless with no chance of getting back on the council listings because, A, i am in arrears and B,a single male has no rights in the london borough of Hounslow. so thank you very much for all that you have done for not just me but all the people that you and yours have now made homeless, the poor poorer, and every one else that you have screwed over since you got in to power and people thought thatcher was bad !!!!…..

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 11:25

Kye Cansdale A banker a daily mail reader and a benefits recipient are sitting around a table with 10 biscuits in the center, Banker takes 9 biscuits, looks the the daily mail reader and says, “better watch him” pointing to the benefits recipient, “hes after your biscuit”

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 11:05

Ken Austin Throw this lot out. Have you read the heavily loaded questions attached to this post? I am angry with our political system which has no sense of social justice, which says we’re all in it together and then pays bankers bonuses and starves the poor. This country has FOOD BANKS for the poor and they are supported by the ordinary working man. This bunch of selfish, self serving hypocrites deserve our contempt – And we, the people, deserve a viable alternative to this vile party of misrule. Something the weakest Labour Party I’ve ever seen fails pathetically to give us.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 10:41

Israel L Parper You are only pretending to care about Welfare and the NHS because your core group of voting racists have found a new home with UKIP and you’re scared that the minority that got you in power in the first place is shrinking.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 10:37

Gina Wheeler we need to cap expenses for you lot!!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 10:19

Dominic Garnett Hello Dave. Your survey isn’t much of a survey (4 loaded questions). I think you should just carry on as usual, because as the comments show, you’re so popular and it’s working so incredibly well isn’t it? Here’s a crazy idea though- what about getting your super rich mates to pay their share before you kick the poor? Oh, I forgot, they finance your party don’ they?

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 09:13

Mary Carmichael Tories have never been for the working class they only look out for themselves wouldn’t know a poor day in their lives time for them to go

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 09:11

Susan Archer How about a survey asking people whether or not you should resign ??? I’d complete that one !

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 08:58

Kate Kay I wouldn’t complete your survey as I have no trust in your system whatsoever . First view at the questions and I suspect them to be leading . People suffer because of your policy on benefits . Fact

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 08:57

Karol Tiler I am not answering you survey, I totally agree with Trevor power and most of the comments here. The governments are a waste of time, they have broken what was once a GREAT country. Why do you hate the British population yet suck up to illegals and terrorists, they are bent on destroying us and you are helping them. Common sense tells you that when you ask what we should do about immigration,there is only one answer and it should be loud and clear, Do not come to England for free housing,benefits,medical,schooling,from now on there will be no handouts to aliens. You have to be English, speak our language and have paid into our system for a number of years. Also all those who refuse to work, cut benefits so itpaysmore to work than sitting at home playing games,smoking,drinking and watching t.v.enough said.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 08:07 · Edited

Michael Stuart 3 words ‘jog on Cameron’

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 07:41

Anne Deniro My grandson went to college for two years and now has an apprenticeship, he is up at 6am works thro til 5pm five days a week, not at all work shy, and what does he get for his pains, just under £400.00 a month. Out of that he has to pay £49.00 a week bus fares, £60.00 a month rent and £22.00 month council tax which leaves him just over £100.00 a month to live on, how does that encourage anyone to work and how demoralising.

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 September at 06:39

Tiffany Darling It’s a joke how can people on benefits be better off the employed people freeze benefits up minimum wage and stop allowing people that come into our country claim benefits for five years.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 05:19

Wendy Lowther why oh why do we give so much money to other countries when we have so many in need in this country.and we have food banks for the needy, .and why do wales and scotland get free prescriptions when the English don’t,and lose the roof tax .those living on there own are paying the same money as 2 people living on benefit ,for there spare room,when there is no one bedroom flats or homes to live in.and family allowance should go back to the 1st born child only.then if people want many children they look after them ,their selves like they use to.and there would be more jobs around if the tories under Maggie hadn’t privatised industries and sold them out of this country.i remember the 3million unemployed figures ,the short time working 3day weeks.the miners strikes ect ,all under the tory government you lot don’t improve.and every party in power aways blames the previous thing I would like to see is members of the government living off what those on benefits live off without touching there bank accounts for six months not a week like previous experiments,where they gave up easily within the week

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 03:12

Tara McNabb I’ve just been made unemployed and I get my housing benefit cut because I was able to pay my rent when I was In work, If I had been unemployed when I rented the flat then I would have most of It paid!….I got this place because I had to flee my home through domestic violence and I was promised help but all I see Is the government wanting me on the street or in a shelter..I’m trying to get my life back together after a traumatic event In my life and I can’t move on because I’m too stressed whether I’m going to have a roof over my head or not, while single foreign alcoholic nationals get three bedroom houses by themselves! Does that answer your question???

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 03:02

Rachel Lister Shame you don’t want our views on going to war !!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 01:10

Ian Perry Will you please stop appearing on my news feed Mr Cameron.
Even the image of your self serving, corporation slave face annoys me.
Every time I see you I want to vote for you less.
Please, please go away!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 01:00

Stuart Ball Any party that encourages parents back to work by incentivising them with better benefits than if they stayed at home to raise their kids clearly has no interest or appreciation for avoiding the kind of morally bankrupt Nation you’re nurturing. Look to Scandinavia for inspiration on how to grow a nation with genuine family values.
You’re ruining our kids. Thanks.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 September at 00:12 · Edited

Danielli Bee How about you are the liar and a thief of the UK ….? Why should we ever trust you and your repugnant rich friends ?

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 23:29

Darren Alway Cameron I have no words to express how much I HATE you but put it this way when you meet your hero thatcher again I will party like it’s 1999

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 23:24

Stu MacKenzie I’d like to hear your views on the kind of lowlife scum who go around scaring old people into voting for them with the threat that they’ll lose their pension otherwise.
I’d also like to hear more about these new powers you and your other two amigos promised the Scots if they returned a No vote.
If you thought the issue about Scotland’s independence was simply going to go away after the 18th, then you really haven’t been paying attention.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 23:13

Simon Baxter C U N T

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:59

Laura Ellis Is there a dislike button? Smug Eton educated fanny who will never understand what it is like for real people. Oh and I am a hard working specialist nurse that does not rely on benefits but there are people out there who genuinely need help and Cameron ain’t going to give this….

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:56

Kara Wilkinson Can’t even be bothered to look at this one. It will be more loaded questions like: Do you mind going to work whilst lazy scumbags sit at home watching Jeremy Kyle?

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:52

Amanda Jones I am just fed up of this crap ending up on my wall! I don’t want it yet can’t block it! Tory I will never be and I don’t want Cameron’s smug little face or his side kick cleggie boy on my wall!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:47

Jackie Mowat I have been a single parent, worked whilst bringing up my children and I object to people having a higher standard of living off the state!!! Our wages are frozen or 1% pay rise that’s a joke … This is discrimination against the working population … I am not against people who need a helping hand as things happen out of our control … balance is what is needed .

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:33

Jayne Yorke Step down cameron u cant do the job

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:06

Andy Leigh You said it should be better to work than be on benefits. Why are we worse off going to work? It doesn’t add up to put your child in care to go to work. You work to loose money!! Country’s knackered David! Live a day in my life.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 22:05

Mandy Watson Get lost your a pompass git

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 23:05 · Edited

Phillip Hewitt I despise you and your incompetent government Mr Cameron But here’s a few radical ideas. Scrap zero hours contracts, introduce and enforce a living wage so the tax payer no longer has to subsidise bad and corrupt employers through benefits for low paid workers.As well as upping the tax take for the exchequer (because people on a living wage would not only need less in the form of benefits they would also contribute in paying tax) it will also help on the immigration front because, if all employers are forced to Pay a living wage there will be little point in bringing in immigrants from abroad because, cheap Labour would be outlawed. Stop your attacks on public sector workers because they do essential work and also pay a lot in tax as their taxes are taken out at source. Clamp down heavily on tax avoidance which is absolutely rife in this country in big and small business. There a few good ideas but if you really want to do Britain a service, f**k off!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 21:38

Alexandria Stowe Bedroom tax was the last straw, I won’t vote conservatives again there are many more ways to claw back money etc like people with more than one wife in three different houses all claiming benefits also people claiming for their families not living in this country and sending money to countries who waste the money and do t give it it to the poor people that it’s supposed to go to immigration why do they have preference to our own people after all this is the UK we are not a charity. Charity begins at home. We have more poverty in this country and more unemployment for our own people than ever. I will vote for whoever keeps their promise to remedy this terrible injustice in our own country. All this money going to other countries It’s a joke. Surely it’s time for this government to get the priorities of our own people first.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 21:29

Dave Silvester Welfare should equate to minimum wage

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 21:14

Graham Wilson If I put what I think about you Mr.CaMoron,that other lump of shite,Duncan smith and the rest of your fill your own pockets government and what you have done to the people who need help the most I would more than likely be locked up.One thing I will say,people comment on Blair with blood on his hands(Iraq) but what about you Mr. CaMORON.Count the suicides from people you and Smith have left destitute

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 20:28

Janet Surples Tick boxes are miss leading id like to see people being able to afford to live a decent life. More social housing for low to middle earners and an incentive to work. Part rent part buy is expensive especially in the south of england government affordable home schemes are unafordable to most and private rent is a joke 6 months of living in an over inflated rental house that has stipulations attatched to it such as no kids no pets no pot plants and no dss should be stopped if you cant spend money on social housing give the tennents of private rent more security and affordable rents. This country does not seem to value the grass roots worker the ones that keep our streets clean empty our bins care for our elderly and serve us in shops. These people are valued members of our community and are being priced out of decent homes. Recognise a society to flourish needs a skill and wealth mix as not everybody is academic nor can afford the luxury of university education nor are the wealthiest people going to be willing or prepared to empty your bins.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 20:25

David McClenaghan Mr Cameron; I was a Royal Ulster Constabulary officer for well over 25 years, but on being badly injured twice in two years was medically discharged. Two years ago, I went to the medical, and as a result, I lost ALL my Incapacity benefit award. The test was CLEARLY a way of sorting out those, they COULD stop funding, (those whose pension would make up some of the loss), as the test did NOT cater for those with Mental issues and suffering Pain, which is the two major issues with my health.. As a result, only those who would NOT tell lies, those who APPEARED healthy and the decent and honourable, were penalised by this “ASSESSMENT”.. The “ASSESSMENT” IGNORED the mental and physical suffering of those in receipt of the payment, who were then refused the payment, and that is despicable.. When the tests were announced, the many tens of thousands who stopped claiming would have been enough of a saving, without targeting those who desperately needed the benefit..

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 20:25

Patrick McCann Stop punishing the disabled& the poor would help for a start if yer that bothered!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 20:19

Yvonne Wroe you need to realise that most people are not out of work by choice keep letting immegrants in is not helping are you capping there benifits as well

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 17:37

Luke Marsh I propose a national strike of all sectors, once a week until they have no option but to listen. When we achieve this, disband the government. Set up a new system based on government service for all citizens. This will be over seen by administrators voluntarily.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 17:35

Maggie Jones-smallbone I am fed up with answering your questions as you never take any Notice !!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 17:24

Alistair McDougall What does it matter what we say you will still spend billions on crap that we don’t need and rob it from the poorest in this country, its a brain transplant you need.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 17:03

Leon Garner You’d like us to give us a survey on on immigration and welfare. How about one on Tories and the ruling classes?

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 14:57

Thomas Johnston be very careful folks there is an election coming up the tories will be putting on their caring face so don’t be fooled again.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 14:43

Fay Kennedy Cap all benefits for Westminster, let greedy lords pay their own way, take a pay cut and buy your own dinners just like the rest of us.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 14:40

Andrew Skidmore We could cap ‘benefits’ by having a legal maximum salary – say £200,000 – with a 50% top-rate tax band. Then how about a 50% – no, wait, 70% tax – payable on all investment and dividend income; those lazy, rent-seeking, rich who just swan about all day drinking champagne paid for on the backs of hard-working middleclass families, would have to (call daddy) go out and get an actual job. As for the ‘welfare’ system, we could cut off the worst of the scroungers – you know the ones: bankers, over-paid corporate CEOs, those Tory donors now running our privatised NHS and schools, all busy paying themselves, and their mates, huge sums of OUR tax pounds for no discernibly good reason – and make them do useful, ‘real,’ jobs in places like Starbucks and McDonalds et al., where your govt. has only to subsidise their paltry wages, as opposed to helping them and their corporate buddies finesse their ‘tax profiles.’ Once we’ve gotten rid of ‘benefits’ like these, we may find that we have billions left over to, you know, help poor kids, or maybe raise the minimum wage to something that a hard-working man or woman can actually live on, or help our disabled before they’re forced to top themselves in their hopeless despair, because some spotty teen on a zero-hours, bonus-oriented contract pronounces them ‘fit’ for work. We could even, gasp!, have a scheme where we actually help the unemployed, instead of contriving ever more devious ways of starving them to death. Stop this pointless exercise in faux citizens’ democracy – as if you’d actually listen to someone who actually had to work for a living – and go back to trading cabinet posts with your Old Etonian pals until you, God willing, lose the next election and we can sort this mess out…

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 14:41 · Edited

John Docherty What we want is a fairer society where people are appreciated for what and who they are. You continually blame immigrants for the large welfare bill when the largest welfare bill is paid to pensioners. ….you know they people your better together colleagues bullied and scared in to voting no but never mention immigration brings more money into the UK. You continually attack the most vulnerable people in society with your austerity measures. …you know they cuts you brought in to punish the poor for the mistakes of the rich. Why did yous set up a multi million pound agency to target benefit fraud when the reality is more goes unclaimed than is claimed illegally. Why not use that money to target the people and companies who cost the country billions in tax avoidance schemes. If we are all in this together what cuts have been placed on the richest cos all I see ia tax cuts that actually give them more money……….

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 13:34

Nicci Louise Haley Just stop giving any form of benefits to foreigners , then there would be plenty to help the British people.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 13:12

Katrina Mann stop giving it to all the immigrants and funding their large families and second wives!!! Stop family allowance to foreign workers who’s families r not in the UK do the same with family tax credits. Do not pay family allowance for more than 2 kids per family and who have earnings of more than £30,000pa.If a family decides to have more than 2kids then they have to fund it and if you earn more than £30.000 you can manage without it. We managed 3 kids on less than £22,000. Then you can stop hassling the disabled and the elderly

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 12:29

Shane Davitt Now sort immigration

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 12:28

Bob Leyland Stop calling retirement pension a “Benefit” it’s a paid-for right.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 11:09


Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 11:07

Mick Sellings I am sure when these idiots got in power all they are interested in is “feathering their own nests”…filling their own pockets knowing they probably only have five years before they are rumbled for exactly what they are. It is disgusting the way they treat the working people of this country whilst pandering to anyone else abroad who puts their hand out, caring sharing Britain?…only if you are an immigrant, haven’t paid a penny in tax or are totally against our culture then they will move heaven and earth as to not upset these so called minorities which are rapidly becoming the majority. Take a leaf out of Australias book. They stand no nonsense in regards to border controls and immigration. We do not have a never ending pit of money yet you act to others such as the EU as if you have ! some money…want a bail out?…come to us…want help with a pointless war…we will help…bankers screwed up…its ok…(old boys brigade) don’t worry..we will bail you out, you have screwed the British public for every penny then waste it trying to be a do gooder and keeping up with the USA,, you pay yourself and your cronies obscene amounts of money whilst you screw everyone else into the ground. So out of touch with the real world, then again you probably aren`t, just live in a different one , and ignore the truth. I hope you have filled your piggy banks ready to move out of Number 10, then again, that was your plan anyway. You do not care for the people of this country, only for you and your cronies own personal monetary gain . the people of this country have woken up, but you have already done what you set out too…I am sure your bank account is full to the brim, you have a nice house lined up to run off too whilst getting a fat cat salary from numerous company boardrooms you will turn up to now and again. How you can sleep at night is beyond me.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 10:45

Henrietta Szovati No, You do not want my view on welfare, and even if you did, would not listen. It is a total waste of time to engage with politicians who who do not know the difference between right or wrong, neither do they care about the real people they were elected to serve. You only serve your own self, maybe the ones circling around you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 10:42

Pauline Harness why bother with this nobody takes notice .its only too get your attention to ask for donations …load of s—e

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 10:33

Kirsty Roszell Ok, you want our views? Since when? Since you ask, answer me this: When my husband goes out to work as many hours as his workplace allow, why then do you and your government (hell, make it all of Westminster) think that it is ok to treat me like a non entity? I stay at home to bring up our children, yet that isn’t good enough for you? Do Stay at home mums or dads count for nothing in your ideal society? Our children get love, nurturing, social interaction and the best FREE care possible for them. So why are you trying to push everyone into putting their children into childcare? Is this best for them? Is it not better that 1 parent staying at home doing THE most important job in the world, stays doing it for as long as possible so that the job they had is now free for another without your government labelling us all as “scroungers” ? Good luck in the next general election because you’ll need it! You’ve had a major hand in ripping one country apart, just watch NI, Wales and England follow suit!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 09:36

David Elder Stop the Benefits\ for the Poles and Latvian s and Rumanian’s. Save Billions.Send them Home.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 September at 05:58

Kazman Lok I went in open minded, however I just found a load of obvious ‘yes’ questions that miss the qualifying bit. As long as your close family and friends inherit property and horde debt in off shore accounts, there is no way for the average household to make ends meet, let alone help the big society, live slower and greener. So David, Yes, on all accounts. But the 1% hoarding debt and never paying inheritance tax it crippling the majority.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 22:23

Leroy O’Sullivan The questions are black and white with no insight into individual situations. Firstly if wages are not higher than benefits then it’s wages that need to be raised. I mean if people are struggling to survive on a full time wage then if you keep cutting benefits the only thing that will happen is wages will still not rise and people who a lot of the time have no control over thier situation will be pushed further into poverty. And those of you who think everyone who is on benefits is a scrounger then I’m afraid you have swallowed the propaganda and I worry for you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 22:18

Mark Birbeck When you say ‘fixing’ do you mean dismantling, David? God help us if you carry on fixing things.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 22:09

Eric Sineath What is it Alex that u like so much about this man exactly? Me and almost half of Scotland would like to know please

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 22:08

Anthony Brown Stop sending “AID” around the world when it’s this country that needs aid

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:46

Fred Williams vote UKIP

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:39

Nigel Bryant I would like to know how you can even look in the mirror every morning when the face looking back at you is the face of an incompetent idiot who has managed to mess up almost every facet of our country.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:33

Pam Johnston If you want to hear my views …. why is it your asking for my view on “capping Benefits”??? not my views really…. just wanting to ask me questions and you hear what you want to hear… .. don’t worry … you will hear my views at next years elections… loud and clear…

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:25 · Edited

Abinequine Fraser Why don’t you cap MPs expenses? How can you tax someone from having a spare bedroom when you and your cronies probably have a couple of houses??? Start thinking about the man in the street for a change.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:16

John Earl aye cap benefits no problem, we’ll all foot the bill by spending our hard earned cash on food for food banks to help those that you have simply stopped caring about, is it any wonder why there are more Pandas than tories in Scotland

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:13

Hollie Flint Fixing the welfare system should include not letting jobcentre advisers try and mislead you into a sanction. I was on jobseekers allowance for 2 weeks for the first time in my life. At my first appointment she told me that i will sign on every fortnight for the first 6 weeks, then made my appointment for 1 week later without telling me this. As i was told that i sign every 2 weeks, i missed the appointment. They then tried to sanction me for missing my appointment, despite me being a single parent to 2 children. (I had applied for 30-40 jobs in that fortnight and had 3 interviews) I was told i should have checked the information i was given, however i dont agree that i should have to double check what jobcentre advisers tell me as the information i am given should be correct. Luckily i was offered a job today and upon informing the jobcentre, they decided to pay me for the last 2 weeks. Im pretty sure the outcome would have been different if id not found work!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:15 · Edited

Aiden Royle the best think you can do is step down, then everyone is happy

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 21:06

Dee Hanner You just don’t get it do you? I am totally happy for my taxes to go towards helping those less fortunate than myself and to support the welfare state in general. There is more than enough money available to support people in our country and worldwide if you would just stop spending it on wars and lining the pockets of the filthy rich and your chums!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 19:53

Andrew Warren Let Barclays pay for the people who need benefits. I have no objection to benefits, but low and middle income earners shouldn’t have to pay for it, the super rich should.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 18:15

Vince Francis I want to hear about your resignation … bloody buffon !!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 17:46

Tom Daniel Ganley like what we people say will make a difference, government bull. make us seem like we have been heard but really just silenced.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 16:31

Jane Anderson-Brown It’s not the people trying to rent properties you should be targeting. It is the landlords taking thousands (or even millions) in housing benefits and whose tenants are not being looked after. The problem of expensive and poor housing needs to be tackled from the top, not the bottom, but I doubt it will be whilst the tenants are not Tories but the landlords are.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 16:13

Shaun Silson Get the tax from your rich mates/companies/expats/oligarchs etc. and make bosses pay a living wage. Restore the pensions that you stole from 60 + year olds. That will do for a start. Then …..

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 15:37

Steve Lowrey Cameron,your a traitor-you wage war whilst telling the blind ,amputees etc their ‘fit for work’,you count sanctioned benefits as ’employed’,you toddle off on holiday whilst emergency situations are unattended-and your getting fatter and redder all the time,old women who’ve lived in the same house 30 yrs evicted over £210 bedroom tax-that womens bought the bloody house twice over in rent-you and your kind are the very worst kind of scrounger-millionares and looking at how you can f*** the working man over for more when you dont even know what real working life is.Oh,and your questions are deviated to your own adgenda-your sun readers might fall for it but not many at that-now please hang yourself.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 15:01

Lucy Drake Using fear so that poverty=death so your friends (and party lobbyists) in insurance make billions is disgusting. Poverty now does indeed equal death to many, many people especially the weak, the vulnerable and the disabled. The “you should know better” assumption because your child died, your child in privilege and comfort, with health care and decent housing, makes a mockery of the people who are losing children right now, because you value your money and power, more than their children. Their deaths are because of your greed, your personal beliefs and your power to do something positive and wonderful that you abuse. People are dying, not because of disease break out, or something that can not be fixed but because those dying mean nothing to you.The Dickensian mire you are driving this country into is NOT accidental. If you truly want this question answered then instate the Robin Hood tax. Cut tax loop holes for the rich and super rich (because that is the fair thing to do). Make pay a livable wage. Support the disabled and vulnerable , because kicking and abusing these people is the lowest that a human can stoop.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 11:04

Crimson Black My views are simply this: Welfare is a thing of the past in this country.

ATOS made sure that those with disabilities didn’t have enough

Unemployment benefit isn’t enough to feed yourself and pay the bills

The NHS is getting privatised, which means I for one will soon no longer be able to afford healthcare, despite working 50 hours weeks (in a government job as well I shall point out)

Meanwhile we have MPs quitting because £160k a year plus expenses “isn’t enough to support my family on”.

If £160k isn’t enough for one of you money grubbing *expletive delete*, how is someone on an average wage (which incidentally in most areas in the north is WELL BELOW £26K whatever your figures say) supposed to even pay their rent (that’s rent because we can’t afford to get on the housing ladder well into our 30s), food, energy and medical bills?

I know this will never be read but at least I’ve had a rant and blown off some steam.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 September at 06:36

Dawn Hughes I do feel it is quite pointless you asking questions like this. You are simply paying lip service, as you have little or no interest in the ordinary person. There are many things that could be improved, but you dont listen. It looks good, or so you believe, to ask for our views. Your posh mates are the ones you listen to, not the ordinary people of this country, and you were obviously sweating towards the end of last week. The sooner you and your lap dog mates , Clegg and his lot, are out, the better.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 21:39

Mairi Kerr No mention of your persecution of the disabled in these question. More people in work than out of with receive benefits due to 0 hour contracts and low minimum wage. Stop blaming the minorities and vulnerable!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 21:17

Alice Bennett Actually Mr Cameron, the only way to fix the welfare system is to improve access to it and increase the payments so that people have a standard of living. Anything below that is sadistic.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 20:41

Heather Lennox You just want us to waste our time writing about our will never read it and never take notice of us, anyway .you wont be in office much longer !!

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 16:37 · Edited

Ian Webb It’s not about capping benefits and welfare systems – it’s about who should be entitled to them in the first place. Quite simply, if you are not from this country you don’t get squat until “x” many years have passed. Bring in a Green Card system that allows the flow of “legal” migrant workers but restricts state benefit until a qualified period has been met.

Stop making people that need benefits jump through hoop after hoop and concentrate on the people have never contributed to this country.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 16:00

Vanessa Newton-Daniels What do I think of the ‘Welfare’ well let me think… It’s a joke, I’m not saying the problem has happened over night but it’s been allowed to escalate so now it’s totally out of control and there isn’t a political party around that can solve it because when push comes to shove they’re all just as bad, promise u the earth just before an election then do diddly squat, some may say they are clamping down on benefits but the sad fact is they are clamping down in the wrong places, instead of refusing a genuine case get and stop the lazy good for nothing ppl who have been scrounging of the state for years on sickness benefit when there is absolutely nothing wrong with them, some genuine person who becomes unfit for wrk is getting refused benefit because there’s so many fraudulent claims and the worse thing is they dnt get looked at to be reviewed but because there’s so much money being wasted they now ‘clamp’ down, fine but get it right get the scroungers off benefits and sort out the genuine claims, this country is a joke, but as iv said before what’s the point in asking for our views when they are totally ignored

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 14:50

Scott Hamilton Your a bawbag of a man ….!! The UK would be better off if you walked in front of a bus …

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 13:57

Thomas Payne David it’s simple you and you team off scum bags stop being greedy. Problem solved!

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 10:33

Lisa Kinnaird Vpwe this survey is bull. you really want to know how the people feel about the welfare state make a more substantial surrvey that asks real questions with depth and real insight. Go visit the job clubs, community centres and people who work with people on benifits around the UK then youll get the real answer of what people think.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 10:21

Samantha Lawson “The average working family” still can’t afford to feed themselves these day. That’s why people in receipt of benefits where so much better off….!! You might as well ask…. Shall we STARVE MORE people…..??? Raise wages and people will have motivation and inclination to WORK….

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 09:51

Anne Buchanan Yes your a lying,cheating man who is only interested in making you and yours richer,by making the working class and the less fortunate poorer,watching your demise thats what’s coming your way.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 00:33

David Spottiswoode How about you go and fist yourself instead! David Cameron

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 September at 00:09 · Edited

Rich Fisher More loaded questions from the Masters of doom

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 22:38

Daniel Powell Tell all your friends with empty industrial units to let them at low cost to social enterprises that deliver skills exchange. The so called even playing field that the beloved Capitalist model promotes is killing innovation at grass roots level and seriously threatening the future of the economy. If cutting support to the poor during an economic crisis is the best you can do, perhaps you should consider another career!

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 22:28

Danny Jordan you’re a knob

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 22:26

Mike Steventon Pay the poorest people a decent wage so that everybody has a good standard of living.This way less people will need to turn to benefits or not leave benefits because they feel they are better off receiving them. Also try to care about the people and stop making the rich richer and the poor poorer then life would be a bit more fair for everyone.

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 19:19

Ben Ward i am just eating my 99pence pizza which i cut in half so i got breakfast tommorow..

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 17:12

Sydney Perrin tax your rich friends a bit more instead of handing them more tax cuts

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 12:36

Ellen Ley I would have appreciated you asking me four years ago….not now with the countdown to the general election!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 10:17

Patricia Berry so we donate £10, they give to the unlucky ones out of work, or do we carry on feeding the third world and its family ,cousins, aunts uncles, granddads, grandmas,

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 08:14

Annette Price Dear God this man gets on my nerves. David cameron and the EU have created a welfare system that the people who have paid into it all their lives e.g british great grandparents and grandparents and their children cant get council houses etc., yet every one who comes from around the world can get on it and are given houses straight away. Thats whats got to be stopped. These questionnaires will give you a couple of scenarios which you already know the outcome of. So thats a waste of tine and is not dealing with the real issues. But this is too late David Cameron Ukip will show you how too run a country and take care of its indigenous people first. We will not be having women forced to hide behind cloth or sharia law that always favours the man ( you allowed that David) we will walk past any religious building without harassment in our own country. And they will be shown the door/back door that they arrived here by. That you have failed to close.

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 07:53

Christine Stevenson How about only giving benefit for two children per household! Anything over the average then you get no government help for them and have to pay for your 17 children yourself! People need to live within their means – not live on the system!!! Voluntary work to earn benefits perhaps, it’s not so hard to provide something for people to do. Why do we rely on the hardworking Polish to do all our crappy jobs? At least they get on and do the work while our own ‘out of work and on the same as an average family’ benefit scrounges lounge around smoking and drinking watching their 48″ plasma telly with 12 kids running about in Nike trainers! It has to stop! I work for £6.35 an hour and get out of my bed every morning at 6am to do so! Britain needs to get a life and pull their finger out!

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 07:46 · Edited

Ian MacGregor This is divisive. The poll is heavily weighted to support a right wing agenda. It does not ask the correct questions.

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 01:59

Tracy Molloy McKenna My opinion is just line your own pockets. You only want scotland in as yous will be skint and scared about Wales Northern Ireland want to go same way as scotland you,s will be out by next election or before

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 September at 01:36

Dave Morris Dear David please leave your work and go on benefits and take all the rest of your crap party with you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 21:46

Alec William James Fenwick How can anyone like David fecking Cameron ???

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 21:39

Bryan Christian My veiw is your a T**t

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 21:29

Barbara Ann Pierce fixed questions treat people as individuals not everyone is playing the system some people are in genuine need

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 21:28

Joyce Johnson Roll.on.may.ukip.all.the.way

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 21:01

Dave Price Jordan Baker and Jake Gummery said they think what you have done to this country is a disgrace and I agree

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 20:29

Jordan Baker Legend, defo agree with that

Like · 20 September at 20:31

Dave Price Andy Livingstone Jamie Bake Sean Lamb Danny Dan Dan Antoniou do you agree

Like · 20 September at 20:32

Norman Reid Are survey says your a lying bellend

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 19:15

Margaret Ann McClure Todd Leave the welfare and deal with the big tax dodgers

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 16:49

Judith Herdy Herdman Why do you keep giving yourselves pay rises while penalising every working and disabled person you come across? Why is purchasing £100,000 portraits using public funds more important than the 800,00 plus people forced to use food banks?

I hope to high bloody heaven the EU finds you guilty of infringing on the human rights of disabled people, and I hope to hell they crucify every last one of you. Labour, Tory, Liberal, UKIP… You’re all cut from the same greedy cloth. You’re like spoilt children, always “Want, want, want.” and you use public money to get it.

Whenever the public money is used to pay for something, like a National Health Service, for example. A Tory comes along, sells it, and pockets all the change, while the people who paid for it go without.

I hope you do kill yourselves, because you’re just a bunch of vicious hypocrites. One single MP scrounges more from the system in one month than any working class person could ever ‘fraudulently’ claim on benefits.

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 14:40

David Otf Russell because its a corporation and has to grow and that is how it grows!

Like · 26 September at 21:58

Megan Park Hilarious. This ‘fixing’, MORE LIKE BLATANTLY DISMANTLING THE WELFARE STATE. I realize there are those that abuse the system; REFORM from top to bottom is needed not penalization of those who need help. Your Laissez-faire policy towards the working class and those disadvantaged is IMMORAL. Your Tax cuts for the millionaires sickens me. HOW IS IT OK THAT THE WEALTHIEST 1000 IN BRITAIN TRIPLE THEIR WEALTH YET FOOD BANKS ARE INCREASING IN THE UK ? It was your famed Conservative predecessor Margaret Thatcher who is responsible for the underclass that abuse the welfare system. The creation of mass unemployment yet she gave them no replacement of a contributing income.

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 12:06 · Edited

Richard Mcculloch Stop letting folk into the country we should not have to pay for them it’s them that’s bleeding country dry

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 10:48

Jimmy Demetriou Tell me how much you spend on the wars you are involved in Cameron and I’ll show you what to use those funds for so that the money is not wasted on your futile and impotent attempts to keep the empire going!

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 10:37

Sylvia Cox I wonder if David Cameron actually reads these e mails because if he did and acted upon them he would not have so many people disappointed by Westminster we all talk the same language and complain of similar issues and yet most heads of government who have had Eton Education and by my standards very wealthy do not seem to understand that a pound of butter costs the same to working class as the rich . Nurses get one per cent pay rise and parliament 11 per cent . A man earning 25,000 per year will work a lifetime to achieve what some people earn in bonuses in a year ?

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 06:14

Kevan Taylor Resign

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 05:54

Col Mac Wank

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 03:41

Stephanie Reed Stop paying benefits to families of immigrants who are not even in this country, those that are should be made to work before being able to claim, not getting a form as soon as they land on British soil. Means test the winter fuel payments, believe me I know a lot of them that don’t need it and use it for winter holidays, same with free bus travel, 2 cars in the driveway and they use their bus passes. Start treating the BRITISH people with respect and not your cash cows.

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 02:45

Simon Nicklin What arrogance! You should have asked this question back in 2010, and honoured those sick and disabled, many who are sadly no longer with us as a result of your pernicious ‘welfare reforms’ ‘reforms’?? I think not, and as a tax payer I should like to point out that the money you talk about is not government owned, it is the public purse…I could be rude to you, but others have done that for me. Quite frankly, you are a career politican who cannot be trusted. You are manipulative and self gratifying in your goals…in other words, I , like many, wouldn’t trust you to organise a piss up in a brewery, you’d create a war… That aside, I am a protest voter, I was during the European elections and will be again at the General election… Ukip for me!

Like · Reply · 2 · 20 September at 00:54 · Edited

Emma Williams Stop criminalising the disabled

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 23:05

Michael Bell Ooh, that’s a nice survey. Four questions, amazingly simplistic and ignoring every single issue apart from “Labour don’t want to do this”. Do I agree with capping benefits and ensuring people on benefits don’t receive more than the average working family? No, because it overlooks scenarios such as families with several children and dependents, and inflation is rapidly outpacing wages. Do I support your program to get people back to work? No, because it’s legalised slavery. The government is primarily what is wrong with the UK today. Four simplistic questions – did your work experience boy write it in their lunch break (if you gave him one)? Again, nice poke-in-the-ribs to Labour, plus the “why don’t you donate to us – we like money” advert at the end. Bunch of numpties.

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 20:20

James Gordon What ever way you cut it the British government is spending billions on foreigners £14,000,000,000 to country’s abroad, and God knows how much is being on immigrants, wether it be illegals, housing people plus paying them benefits,then theirs the lawyers and judges for asylum seekers and their numerous appeals,and it must cost millions to deport people who have overstayed or have been smuggled into the UK, also all the centres for holding these people, is it not about time the old saying came into play and that is that, CHARITY BEGINS AT HOME.

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 18:48

Kathleen Wilshaw Everybody should go to vote next year and get him and his rich pals out

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 18:30

Anne Laing backtracking on vows to scotland aiready,liars cheats and thieves the lot of you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 17:07

Alexander N Robo You may not know it yet but you’re at war with the people who will not be bullied or fall for you’re lies

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 12:50

Michael Strang How about coming out of the eu give us the vote now. Close our boarders stop the influx of people entering the country. Send the illegals back home.This will help our country. Less strain on NHS. Council and police work that way there will be more money for the British residence.

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 11:13

Wayne Brandom One of my many questions is, Why can immigrants claim benefits as soon as they arrive in this country? If they come to our country, they should be able to support themselves for at least the first year, allowing them to contribute to the country. I agree that welfare should be capped, yet feel that a ‘cap’ in lin with the average earnings is still too high. I also feel that people that claim benefit shouldn’t be handed money. They should receive ‘tokens’. This will also cut down on social problems, as they won’t be able to spend the money on alcohol and drugs. The ‘tokens’ should also only be enough to be spent on ‘own brand’ items at the supermarket. This would also save the tax payer money. I know some will say that this is degrading, but why should the hard working person have to shell out for luxuries for the people that don’t work?

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 09:23

Megan Morcombe Here’s my thoughts on benefits- you politicians are the biggest benefits scroungers in the entire country taking money out of the public purse as “expenses” on your duck ponds and second homes and countless other things on top of your £67,060 per year salary. Most people don’t even earn half of what MPs earn & don’t get expenses. We’d save a hell of a lot more money if we capped your expenses instead of the benefits of the most vulnerable people in society.

Like · Reply · 2 · 19 September at 09:09 · Edited

Barry Osburn So many good points and comments. It gives me heart that there’s a lot of like minded people willing to voice their objection. Together we can get rid of these career politicians and make a real change for the better.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 20:43

Henry Cripps If you’re going to ask for our say, then don’t make a survey with closed answers. Because that isn’t our say, that is manipulation.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 20:33 · Edited

Bernie Cullen You sir are a tyrant and a thief

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 20:31

Barbara Leach U are destroying the health service I have been a nurse since 1979 this is the worst ever

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 20:24

Jane Marsh The ‘survey’ is too twisted, bent and biased. Far too ambiguous not allowing for reasoned debate.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 20:21

Sue Mckenzie Why bother as you said ” we have to start somewhere” I THINK WE SHOULD START WITH YOUR WAGE PACKET! anyone else and you would be SACKED!!!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 20:04

Val Ellis I strongly agree that you and those like you should find the highest cliff you can and jump off it that is the best thing you could do for this country

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 19:36

Ian Strachan problem is dave your policies are just empty promises. no matter which one of you run this country you don’t live in the real world. I would like to see you survive on welfare or minimum wage!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 19:21

Lisé Laycock I gave you my views & then was asked for £10 to support the conservative campaign – maybe I support your policy because I’m getting poorer paying so much in tax hence I can’t afford to give the &10!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 18:34

Ginny Bayman TOO LATE

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 17:56

Tony Short Dear Dave, as well you know, it isn’t the welfare budget where the real money is, it’s in tax evasion by corporations and the wealthy. So you should be talking about cutting convenient tax loopholes…welfare shouldn’t even be on the agenda. But then, if the Prime Minister, the Chancellor and the Lord Mayor of Moneytown all just happened to go to the same exclusive, expensive school, I would expect them to protect the interests of their peers and families. Imagine if those same three influential positions were filled by three men who had all gone to the same comprehensive in Dudley, or Scunthorpe, or anywhere….eyebrows would be raised. Can’t help but envy the Scots if they vote to rid themselves of your mean, self-interested, privileged and smug party.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 13:43

James Davison Go get ‘im, Tony!

Like · 1 · 24 September at 12:58

Jay Tighe Benefits? My view? My view is that the real scroungers are the mp’s claiming vast sums on expenses for things such as breakfasts despite being in reciept of a vast wage for selling their country down the river to the highest bidder , but apparently the problem according to the government and state controlled media is the most vunerable members of society . You are a pitiful excuse for a prime minister you are a miserable excuse for a politician in a so called democratic system, and further more you are an utter disgrace of a human being as is mcvey and ids . Unfortunately the true views of the people will go un noticed and their voice unheard while you sell everything that isnt nailed down and use cheap distraction tricks to keep people unaware

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 12:03

Neil Smith Snr Get stuffed Cameron You are responsible for stealing from the poor and giving to the rich youre a real Robbing Hood !

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 09:18

Bill Bristow I am a foster carer. Our foster child has 4 siblings. His parents live on benefits and all the children except one are fostered. The benefit system encourages too many people to be completely irresponsible for their actions and their lives and the lives of their children. In my opinion, the way it has worked over the years it has developed and sector of our society into being completely unaware of community, responsibility and therefore completely selfish and lazy. There needs to be something in our education al system that teaches children of benefit parents as to how wrong it is to expect this to be a way of life.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 08:55

Patsy Eames-Newton Reece J Mclaughlin So old people are the problem in this country eh?? Get real. Also, there is no such thing as ‘free medical help’, unless you are an immigrant. I am 60, worked since I was 15 and have paid something called National Insurance Contributions, which means I am entitled to NHS treatment. I certainly dont get it for free. It’s not old people who are the problem, they’ve paid their dues, it’s the immigrants coming over here in their droves who are the problem.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 08:37

Rayman Khan Seems that the rich get the benefits, welfare and the best paid work.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 08:32

Stephen Lindley The most effective thing Cameron could do for the overall welfare of our once United Kingdom would be to resign.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 08:24

Gary Smith Your excuse for a party has nothing but contempt for the less well off in our society people are committing suicide on your watch they are so desperate soldiers and nurses amongst them.

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 06:10

Jane Bayford My view is GET LOST MR CAMERON you are ruining this country!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 18 September at 05:02

John Evans How do I block this crap?

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 21:19

Peter Speirs Piss off Tory scum

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 21:13

Mark Wiltshire What your beloved ian dunky smith has inflicted on the disabled,and unemployed alike is in humane, sanctions, humiliation,work unfair,also known as slave labour, your not fit to be prime minister,you were never elected in the first place, you lot have never known the meaning of poor,elderly having to choose between eating or heating, malnurishment amungst a massive, unbelievable amount of children, poverty up, pay down, jobs with no security, mass imagration , and you see fit to give bank failures bonuses,multi billion pound coorparate companies getting tax breaks,and getting away with tax dodging, so, what do i think of your welfare reforms? An abomination dave! You lot should be held responsible for your incompitance! Your a disgrace!

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 21:10

Belinda Bradley Bloody tories its not black and white, a lot of people are genuine, they not all scroungers and i dont like seeing people beg for food when there are no jobs to enable them to work. Ive worked all my life and I want my taxes to go towards helping unfortunate people..HELP THEM INTO WORK BY CREATING JOBS. I remember how easy it was to get a job before Thatcher got her destroying mitts on our industry…BLOODY HYPOCRITS

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 21:10

Paul Sargeant I know somone who works in a betting shop in one of the occupied zones of our land. All these Romas come in with rolls of money, their benifits money, they cannot get money in the gambling machines fast enough. One of them won big time, the staff told him “we do not have enough money to pay you out of the till but a manager will be here in 15 minutes to open the safe” . They kicked off big time & wrecked the bookies, police were called BUT no one was arrested & no one was banned from the bookies WHY because they spend so much money in the bookies OUR tax money THEIR benifits that they are not entitled to. The women & children go out begging & stealing like they do in their own land WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE COUNTRY ?

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 21:00

Georgi Nikolov just to let you know they don’t have land send them in mars they will do the same thing over and over….

Like · 20 September at 02:30

Lindsey Motley We have a mortgage and when my husband was made redundant we got nothing because I work full time. We were penalised even though we could not afford to pay our mortgage.

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 19:32

Sheron Watson This keeps popping up on my wall – Working couples are definitely penalised when one finds themselves out of work, that’s true, no benefits to fall back on there. Been there, done that and worn the T-shirt.

Like · 3 hrs

Sheron Watson That by no way alters my opinion of those poor people on benefits that are being sanctioned through no fault of their own though. People are committing suicide as a result of sanctions – they don’t do that for minor reasons !

Like · 1 · 3 hrs

Barry Gilmour How did you even get on my FB page can you please remove me

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 18:48

Diane House Woodcock I’ve tried 12 times to stop your updates it does not stop leave me alone talk about big brother

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 18:42

Thorne Moore we think that the old practice of flogging sturdy beggars from the parish should be restored. a) I agree b) I agree strongly c) I’m a conservative voter so of course I agree or d) I’m UKIP and mere flogging is way too soft. Hang them.

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 17:42

Sharon Quayle Does it relly matter what we think we never voted you in and you do what you want anyway and i ask myself do you care ————- NO YOU DONT

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 17:35

Lynn Smith Why is it that the poorer lower paid people seem to be the ones bearing the brunt of most of the cuts . How come Cameron and Osborne say we are all in this together when it’s only us that are feeling the pinch .. They live in their big houses with fat pay packets how the hell are you in this with us total bull… Start taking money off the rich and see where that gets you .

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 16:59

Lesley Bottomley I actually find what you are doing dishonest, morally wrong and unfair. My husband got a job after 52 in spite of the job centre/pension scheme, NOT because of it. Stopping/reducing disabled people’s benefits, along with bed room tax, keeps people on poor incomes thus punishing the under privileged whilst still keeping the fat cats sleek, this absolutely disgusts me. No wonder Scotland can’t see straight. Always voted conservative in my life and was part of the party in Kent, I will not be voting for Conservatives next time.

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 16:50

Elizabeth Steel This is not a survey – all the questions are loaded. It’s purely a device to collect email addresses for election purposes.

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 11:21

Mat Zeebake Tax Evasion costs this country £15 billion a year. Welfare fraud costs it £1 billion a year. Supoosedly you want to reduce the deficit. Do your job?

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 11:14

Tasha Moore I am an 18 year old student in college, living on my own and trying to support myself on what very little money I receive anyway. I’m not a bum, I work extremely hard on my studies and want to go to university and be a psychotherapist. How the hell am I and a lot of other young people out there supposed to be able to receive an education and the chance to better themselves with no money to pay the bills and eat? This country and it’s government disgusts me at times. The conservatives penalise the working class and put the middle and upper class on a pedestal. Well I do apologise for being born into the family I was born to and I do apologise for growing up on a council estate with not a pot to piss in and wanting more than that for myself and future children. Does that mean I’m not entitled to as good a chance in life as a kid that’s from a wealthy family and has been in private education? David Cameron and the rest of the Conservative party for that matter need to take their heads out of their rectums and open their eyes to what is around them, because if they don’t this country will be going down the shitter and fast. Sort it out, I could probably do a better of Prime Minister than you. Vile.

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 11:13

Robbie Magnus Jamieson My views inn the above will be adequately put forward by a yes vote on Thursday

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 10:30

Tish Cain Why do u think people on benefits can live in this day and age on the pittence u have allowed and yet ur salaries go up every year, and u get expenses, its a joke. Not all people on benefits r cheats and scum there are a lot of decent honest people having to claim through no fault of their own, no wonder suicide and mental health problems r so high

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 09:44

Gerardus Wilhelmus Kohlinger First you demonise the poor, the ill, the disabled, then you declare that having benefits is a all but in name a crime, then you pay carers £1 an hour and after that you ask the view of the people, the very people just indoctrinated as that all on benefits are scroungers, obvious you are not with it!

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 09:37

Kevin Matthews You an your muppets. Take a pay cut. An give it 2 the nurses

Like · Reply · 2 · 17 September at 05:49

Samantha Louise Luffman The line of questioning is all wrong for me it’s designed with prejudice for prejudice. If your going to look at the system look at the system and the reality of it. Take the blame away from the poor and the working class a little and look at the reality of what’s being offered and what’s expected of people with what they have been provided. Cost of living is getting higher, wages lower, and living on benefits is not all that glamours or doesn’t look like it to me. I have never seen any one on benefits being able to have a good quality of life or people on low incomes, although media would have me believing other wise. I’d put money on life expectancy being lower and medical conditions being higher as well. It’s easy to manipulate situations with class divides and different standards of communication and education.

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 23:41

Phil Edwards This piece of tory filth, who makes Thatcher look like Mother Theresa, has a bloody nerve asking for these kind of views. Since the election the tory party has attacked anyone on benefits (especially including the disabled), immigrants, travelers and public service workers, The attack on the disabled is totally despicable, and the attack on public service workers a disgusting attempt to discredit people who have dedicated their working lives to service. Renaming the public service pension as “the second state pension” suggests that all public service workers have gold plated pensions. It doesn’t explain that this is a pension scheme that the workers have paid into for all of their working lives. It is only the moguls of Whitehall who get the GOLD PENSIONS.

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 23:12

Ken Golding How about asking questions that are really relevant – ones that ask an opinion rather than just a tick box : Here’s a few 1) What do you want us to do with illegal immigrants ? – 2) What are you going to do do within Europe about letting them cross numerous borders to get to us? – 3) What stance are you going to take with France who exacerbate the problem with OUR borders ? – 4) When are you going to spend OUR money on US instead of giving it away to other countries that don’t even like us ? – 5) Why do you expect to get voted back in on the vague “promise” of a referendum on Europe. I’m sure there are lot’s more questions you don’t want to answer – so don’t treat us as stupid with your staged surveys !!!

Like · Reply · 3 · 16 September at 21:49 · Edited

Michele Hodge And by the way, I am NOT voting for you again Cameron, you have ruined our country with your greed and lies, you have not done anything that you promised you were going to do, so get out of power !!

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 20:57

Scott Baxter You appeared uninvited on my FB page therefore I feel compelled to comment. I do not agree with your approach to Welfare Reform, you should weed out those that abuse rather than those that rely, Funnily enough if you weeded out and jailed all those within Westminster that abused ’employee’ benefits paid buy us, then there would be room on the seats for those that wanted to actually make a difference to our communities

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 18:48

Terry Armitage Ask us some questions about huge corporations who pay no tax, or about bankers who get more in ONE YEAR’S bonus than most people earn in a lifetime, You’ve got the public brainwashed into thinking the problem’s at the bottom. IT’S AT THE TOP!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 18:22

Jacqueline Sita Can you cap the state benefits that go to the Queen and her family. Oh yes and the MP’s pay rise/expenses is too high versus the standard pay raise for the working class. Can you please tax the corporations more and take corporate money out of politics. Thanks.

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 17:58

Donna Bramham Who pays for you to put a post on my page???

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 16:39

Nicci Bentley This survey is ridiculous! It has no bearing on real peoples lives and how they are affected by your welfare fiasco! The system is meant to be called Social Security, not welfare, we are NOT America, yet. I have challenged you before Mr Cameron, to come and take a guided tour of my home town of Doncaster and see just exactly what your austerity sham is doing to this place. It’s disgusting, you are disgusting, you are a murderer.. plain and simple!

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 15:02

Frances Bloomfield I am not sure how you managed to get on my Facebook page but could you leave with your arrogant, divisive and simplistic survey.

Like · Reply · 2 · 16 September at 14:54

Shaun Manners why didnt u ask before u changed it all u tit

Like · Reply · 2 · 15 September at 16:24

Alan Webb stop giving all and sundry benefits especially the foreign legions

Like · Reply · 3 · 15 September at 13:42

Jay Coventry #voteyes

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 September at 19:19

Ken Park When is he going to ask for views on an issue (ANY issue) that doesn’t involve scapegoating the poor?

Like · Reply · 3 · 14 September at 18:06

Eric Parry So what do you call what the MPs are doing when they claim all their expenses they are taking money out of the welfare pot , there is no difference in what they do and anybody else, only the MPs get paid well also.?

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 September at 16:27

Rob Saunders I had to give up work to care for my partner due to her illness…migrants get everything thrown at them…!! We on £83 a week(thats for the both of us) thats for every thing,bills & food & sevices…why..??????????????????????? We both worked fulltime,both ex-army & now we got bills stacking up because i put food on the table & put electric on the meter first…….

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 September at 14:56

Tommy Mcghee My view is that welfare, benefits and work policy should not be decided by the Burlington club!

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 September at 12:22 · Edited

David Padmore stop looking after immigrants and start looking after the british people . british people should come first in their own country not last !!

Like · Reply · 2 · 14 September at 05:52

Samantha McLean Please just piss off, you have all but destroyed this country, but, hey ho, no doubt you will go on to make more millions writing your story of how ‘we were all in it together’. The disabled and poor will have paid for any story you write and you truly have blood on your hands. Well done, hope you sleep well at night, now please, seriously, piss off!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 September at 23:31

Sharon Proud Nanny Nuro Stop starving the needy and feeding the rich greedy
You had a disabled son you claimed DLA
But you want us all to suffer and be hungry and cold
You are a disgrace to this country and the people

Like · Reply · 2 · 13 September at 10:46

Paige Kathryn how can you seriously think people believe the cuts/capping you’ve made,hasn’t gone to your commitment to give £££££’s to pakistan/india etc…cut those payments to other countries first…welfare second!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 September at 19:30

Earl O’Keeffe Again! Your survey is just prejudice! Everything you do is the wrong way round! Cap what landlords screw from their “tenants”, then welfare will cap itself. Force employers to pay proper wages and give proper contracts, then the unemployed can receive less than those in work and still have sufficient to live on. You are creating a pre-Victorian system of coolie labour: working -class people must adhere to the Bible: ‘In the sweat of thy brow shall ye eat bread’ and are supposed to be grateful for the few coppers you throw them. Most of you have never done a day’s work in your lives…

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 September at 18:07

David Bethell Try asking real questions and not ones designed to get fixed answers. What a pathetic excuse of a man and a party. Shame on you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 September at 16:48 · Edited

Mary Chambers agreed

Like · Yesterday at 11:55

Tom Bromley Well David the biggest spongers are our members of parliament someone needs to cut their benefits and get them to cough up their bedroom taxes.

Like · Reply · 2 · 12 September at 09:08

Paul Kelk well said Mick..He wouldnt listen he does what he thinks is right when he has no idea whats going on up in north east,,people starving,dieing,homeless.pennyless,no jobs or housing..he wouldnt be botherd if we was sleeping in tents on the side of the M1..Oh i take that back he would be botherd cos we would be braking his law sleeping on M1 even tho its him whos made hundreds homeless n poorer!! and as for imigration well,thats another long story!! He should take his posh suit off n get some primarnie clothes n live round here for a month..that would be a laugh cos he wouldnt survive!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 September at 21:17 · Edited

Paul Townsley Never mind surveys , what is happening about the cover up in Rotherham . 1400 girls abused ,

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 September at 19:27

Anna Di Angelo The Welfare system does not need fixing. The REAL scroungers need to be reined in. I’d like to see a cap on MPs salaries. Considering most of them are public school educated millionaires who need a salary like a hole in the head, I think we start there! And leave the vulnerable, disabled and downtrodden alone!

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 September at 17:42 · Edited

Marty Waugh Go away ya absolute trumpet

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 September at 12:53

Kris Wright You don’t want our views, you want us to confirm you views. The Tory’s really are a vile bunch, you’re a snake in the grass DC, you’re not to be trusted with anything precious.

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 September at 08:14

Carrie Bishop Naniko Tsiklauri Zura Sukhishvili don’t like this guy! he’s a complete idiot who doesn’t want to hear what anyone thinks about anything!

Like · Reply · 2 · 11 September at 00:34

Justin Jeffries I strongly disagree with bedroom tax, I strongly disagree with vulnerable people having their sickness benefit put on hold, I strongly disagree with the low wages that are currently crippling families while companies are reporting record profits and getting away with corporation tax. Represent the people that voted for you, not the corporations

Like · Reply · 2 · 10 September at 19:01

Thorn Da Costa You have destroyed lives and misinformed us. PIP is a ludicrous exercise both in the misunderstanding of an issue and it’s financial mismanagement of the worst order. Yearly reassessment of those with long term illnesses goes beyond a waste of money.

Like · Reply · 2 · 10 September at 17:16 · Edited

Hazel Humphreys Really earning your 11% pay rise there Dave.. How about getting your greasy snout out of the trough and not getting everyone else to do your dirty work for you? Just a thought…

Like · Reply · 2 · 10 September at 12:58

Kelvin Barker Wealfare shouldn’t be a right, it was there for times of hardship……. and NO WAY SHOULD PEOPLE BE BETTER OFF ON BENEFITS THAN THE WORKING MAN……… that’s just not right……….. SOME, have sky packages, ipads, they drink they smoke……… i work on average of 60 hours a week…… i can’t afford these luxuries

Like · Reply · 2 · 10 September at 11:27

Grahame Griffiths There are people in this Country The Society has a responsibility to! Disabled, Special Needs, the Elderly & the Infirm!! But everybody else has a their responsibility to make a contribution,

Like · Reply · 2 · 10 September at 08:24 · Edited

Janice Goodson Sure has fixed the NHS, I can not see how he can steal a public owned company to private, without consent of the people. Surely that will be fraud on a big scale?

Like · Reply · 2 · 10 September at 00:22

Mary Mc Williams Why don’t you have respect for the working class..You are truly out of touch with what people could it be any different as you and your gang of thieves have never had to struggle, you’ve been handed everything on a silver plate…You Mr Cameron do not represent the people…you represent the corporations and the arms trade. When you treat people with respect this will be reflected back. Try put yourself in the shoes of people left to live on under £70 a week and see how you would do. Stop spending billions of tax payers money on wars and start using this money to build Britain up again. Stop lying about the reasons you justify wars and start investing in peoples potential. No one wants to live a life of poverty yet everyone has a dream of earning money and feeling valued. Do you really want Britain to return to Victorian times? Because that’s where the country is headed. Stop lining your own pockets and start building up industry again. If you don’t come down from your very privileged throne soon you will go down in history as the government who sold the people out and turned Britain into a place where the very few..(your mates from Eton) owned everything and the masses could not afford to eat. Be human and whatever you think is good and deserving for your kids is just as good and deserving for the British children. Create jobs for the people and that would fix the benefit system.

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 21:23

Caroline Walsh Lets have a survey on whether to cap MP expenses to the same level as what the rest of us have to try and exist on.

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 18:17

Andrew Ladd I didn’t do the survey because it is designed to put words into your mouth. You have to agree with every question. Just ask for comments then you will see the real view. My view is that no working person should be made to work for less than a person on benefits. This means increasing wages. Which isn’t happening.

Like · Reply · 3 · 9 September at 15:55

Alex Hough Please disappear on holiday (another one) for good. The most despised PM ever. Take your butchers with you and let us have a life which was taken from us just over four years ago.

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 15:21

Carmelle Stephens I despise any government who justifies taking benefits from disabled people in order to tackle the deficit while at the same time raising their own pay and condoning massive tax evasion. In case there is any doubt the government I am referring to is your government, the coalition government.

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 14:30

Krieg Twinkletoes McStabhappy The Prime Minister That Lost The Union. Has a nice ring to it. Bye.

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 14:04

Sarah Goldsmith the survey is pointless. Its worded in a way that no one wins working or not. Doesn’t matter what answer I give because everyones being screwed

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 09:11

Rob Perpetual I think you are a sell out! That is all!

Like · Reply · 2 · 9 September at 02:22

Ed Marks This allows people to disagree with your policies but not give reasons, so has no serious value.

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 September at 23:22

Danny Nemu Sadly ‘DIE YOU F*CKING B*STARDS’ is not a valid postcode.

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 September at 19:35

Brenda Rousen its that that that annoys us but immigration is the worse we dont want them they are bringing this country to its knees as a result who suffers the british public once again they take what our parents and grandparents fought and died for

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 September at 16:24

Paul Bull David, your capping benefits survey form won’t let me send you what I think without me providing my e-mail address – which I am reluctant to do…but can I say, that some ways to “stop unlimited housing benefits pay-outs would be to (1) build lots more social housing (2) rent them out at social rents (which would still provide income for LA HRA (3) stop the stupid convergence of social rents with *affordable* rents at 80% of market rents.

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 September at 14:08

Vix Adams Cut the freeloading of M.P.s having second homes – have dorms in London.. no more expenses, such as £40 a day just for breakfast! No more champagne lifestyle while ‘we’re all in it together’

Create jobs for people, cap the amount landlords are allowed to charge, stop stepping all over and demonising people when they’re at their lowest

Invest in health care so that everyone can be looked after when they struggle to look after themselves

Make sure working families get to pay less tax instead of having to have tax credits so they are rewarded for all the hours they spend away from their children who are the taxpayers of tomorrow and are needed more than ever

Stop slagging off your own population when you should be supporting them!

Like · Reply · 2 · 8 September at 09:41

David Gary Pigden Get tories out they steal from needy and give nothing… Take take take…

Like · Reply · 2 · 7 September at 22:13

Teresa Manzie Try asking how we feel about MPs getting a 9% pay rise when NHS employees are capped at 1% … you do not have a clue about fairness and equality, or the working class as a whole!

Like · Reply · 2 · 7 September at 16:43

Wesley Thorne Don’t give benefits to the freeloaders who come from outside the UK and give British jobs to British workers.That’s my view.Oh and all politicians from all parties are just as bad as each other.Promise this promise that and do nothing.

Like · Reply · 2 · 7 September at 11:31

Paul West Don’t worry people Dave al fix it .he’s gonna convert to Islam by 2015 .

Like · Reply · 3 · 7 September at 09:26

John Macdonald most of the tax payers taxes does not go on benefits but on politicions to claim back every penny from holidays to a cup of tea

Like · Reply · 2 · 7 September at 00:20

Stephen Johnson Why not screw over the public sector workers by pillaging their pensions instead…..Oh!! you’ve already done that.
This looks like your looking for another vulnerable group to chop the budget on.
What was an MPs pay rise? have their pension scheme rights been pillaged?
It’s about time you lead by example, that is if you want any votes next time…………..

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 20:06

Michael Carr Just sort them Islam animals before it’s too late diplomatic idiot

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 20:00

Shara Britain Never mind capping benefits, stop giving benefits to illegals, stop sending money to them if they are not living here, no welfare if you have not paid into our system.and stop giving MPs stupid pay rises,

Like · Reply · 3 · 6 September at 19:50

Cale Pontet See you next Tuesday!

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 19:07

Andrew Field All these people complaing about taxes and benefits should go and ask the Mysterons who run their companies(and the country) why their wages are so atrocious. This is the real issue hidden behind this smokescreen pogrom on people claiming benefits. Benefits are calculated to give a very minimun(and poor) existence to people in need, so when a person does 40-50 hours of hard, tedious work and hasn’t got a better standard of living than those claiming benefits and are unhappy about it- well, it’s not because benefits are too high or because too many people are claiming them. It’s because rich people think that’s all that they need to pay working people. Wages are poor because a small section of society have all the money and have complete control of where it goes. Also, if benefits stopped tomorrow some people really do believe wages will rise- of course they won’t, they’ll drop(as they are doing) because people will be forced to take any kind of abuse meted out to them(longer hours,reduced wages). I know that there are people who claim benefits and won’t contribute to society and that’s wrong but it’s NOT why wages are low. I say to working class people who vote Tory that when the Tories are through with benefit claims they’ll be coming for you next because to a man like Cameron you’re the same thing- someone he can take money off to make rich people richer and keep his section of society in power, a section of society that are just as selfish and mean spirited as anything to be found on a council estate.

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 16:42 · Edited

Dockter Rockter Scotland will vote YES, our friends in NI,Wales and the North of England are welcome to join us.

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 14:05

Jenny Harris I’ve worked all my life and paid taxes in fact I’m still being taxed , I’m sick to death of hearing about how the elderly are a strain on the government, maybe the government shouldn’t of squandered the pension pot !!!. I see plenty of benefit scroungers so its no wonder the illegals are risking their lives to get to the UK. There are no jobs, the streets are not paved with gold , there is not enough housing to go round, hospitals are crumbling under the sheer pressure , schools are full, god only knows what you have to do to get an NHS dentist and the UK is now known as a breeding ground for terrorists, so how bad does it have to get !. The government cry about being in debt yet they give millions away to other countries. The whole system is wrong there is no party that will sort out this mess so asking these stupids questions is a waste of time because they will line their own pockets , look after the rich and immigrants before considering the British tax payer. What an awful mess .

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 14:04

Sheila Nutty Knight strange how nobody has anything good to say mr camertwat

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 12:10

Gillian Stevenson You make me want to vote YES!

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 11:38

Lee David Harris The only view I wish to share is that your party needs to stay a hundred million miles away from setting policy on these things.

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 10:59

Phillipa Hoare the welfare state under the conservative government at the moment stinks, and they are making us worse off, than when maggie thatcher was in power, at least she didn’t screw the working class famiies with taking benefits to make the middle and upper class people richer, it stinks and he should be voted out of the next general election, bring back the labour leaders who want to help people get jobs and help them with the incentive back to work by giving them money in return, we want what is rightfully ours the working class families and people who do an honest days work, want to provide for there families but are being denied that choice by the CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT AT THE MOMENT get into the real word and start taking notice of what WE WANT not what the government want and making themselves richer in the meantime,,,,,,,,,,

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 09:45

Fiona Lorraine Wells Shut the gates! You would find this country would save loads of money.. Also bring back hanging! How much money goes to scum that really have no right to even breath,let alone eat for free. OH n tell all MP’s to stop spending “our” money.. n while you are at it why don’t you lot take a pay cut? If you are THAT worried about this country,then start by growing a back bone.

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 00:56

Tony Grassby How the hell did Cameron get on my facebook. I hate Tories

Like · Reply · 2 · 6 September at 00:30

Paul Holmes Same here. I don’t want that repugnant repulsive reptile bespoiling my timeline. Send him back to Bulllers Club

Like · 18 September at 00:38

Brian Arrigoni a proper leader knows the needs of the people

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 September at 22:58

Sue Jones As majority of ordinary people in work don’t earn a living wage – what’s the plan – to starve those out of work so low wage earners will think they’re lucky to have a 60 hours a week job, live hand to mouth and continuously worry about their future – instead of the nightmare of starving to death or dying of the cold!!! Not sure where the propaganda started of the haves deserving a lovely life style and the have nots being scum – disgraceful even sending out a poll like this. Given Labour’s liking of the Tory way – I suggest people start to look at what the Green Party have to offer – they’ve promised a manifesto that goes a lot further than the environment.

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 September at 19:47

Graham Ford As parent to a disabled child, and aware of the experiences of others in our situation I would like to be enlightened as to why the vilification of the disabled is given so much attention by you government . Resources have been cut (no, please don’t patronize us with the less is more if made more efficient isn’t) . The changes to the benefit structure is pushing many DLA recipients into despair, debt or worse. The right wing press happily spouts benefit cheats witch-hunts and by renaming DLA into PIP you’ve conveniently removed the word disabled from the naming, hence placing them in the benefits cheat firing line. Thanks for that. In my case my daughter’s disability blue badge status is to be removed even though her medical records demonstrate otherwise. How can she be entitled this year and not next? her condition hasn’t changed and never will. The NHS reforms aren’t constructive and the staff blamed service failure due to budget cuts and are then used as a callous example to privatize. I am tired of hearing (1st hand not via social media) of our teenage kids being put through work awareness programs when they have a mental age of 5 or similar. Where is the compassion, soul and morality in all this. As the cuts in social spending have been deferred worse is to come. I am posting this, not as a died in the wool Labour, Lib Dem or any other party supporter, but as a parent who see the weak in our land easily targeted. That I find disturbing, we run to the aid of the weak on the public stage, and at home treat them with nothing less than derision and authoritative malice. It saddens me now and worse for their future.

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 September at 14:05

Gary Butcher I thought Margaret Thatcher was bad! But you David Cameron with your ruthless cruel disregard for the most vulnerable people in this nation of ours is an absolute disgrace! and WILL NOT be forgotten! anybody who is linked to this vile self centered party…shame on you!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 September at 14:02

FrSteve D Carrington For those who are in favour of welfare reforms, remember this:- “Remember today’s healthy work force, will become tomorrow’s sick & disabled.” No one can be sure what life brings them in terms of health, cancer alone will affect 1 in 3 in their life time. No one can predict you’ll never have a life changing accident, disease etc…..So remember for the long term future, not just the short term here and now.

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 September at 10:21

Tracey Stone Explain how I’m in the same job but I’m earning less than I did 5years ago due to the fact employers can basically do what ever they want

Like · Reply · 2 · 5 September at 00:27

Duncan Read Oh yes the brilliant bedroom tax, created more misery for the poor / elderly, to the point where it made them commit suicide, a point strangely completely ignored by the media, but hey it freed up some property in the inner cities !

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 19:57

Simon Carter Stop the foreign aid and paying all the world, who come to scrounge. And get your rich friends to pay our own a proper wage..

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 19:57

Caleb Tomlinson Condescending tosspot!

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 18:44

Deborah Foster Its time we stopped treating the poor, disabled, sick, unemployed and less fortunate as lazy slackers and scroungers. They are people, they need our help, fund the welfare state, fund the NHS and stop being a load of greedy selfish narrow minded meanies

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 17:54

Steve Taylor Very well said Deb, this stupid questionnaire, they are trying to get people to do the job for them, a few stupid questions, no depth , buffoons who have NO idea what’s going on

Like · 4 September at 20:37

Rusty Lupton Why? You won’t take any notice of what we say,tosser

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 15:53

Patricia Hayter If you have ever run a decent household, worked and paid taxes, or managed accounts for a business, you will understand what is trying to be achieved by this government. CHIN UP AND GET ON!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 10:52

Jo Kay Totally agree with Iain Moss … YES ALL THE WAY … F**k up YOUR country !!! Cheerio Cheerio Cheerios … & take your party with ya !!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 4 September at 09:42

Shona Wilson Lol Jo…im gonny be here all night reading these comments, omg i could do with a right belly laff haha xx

Like · 1 · 25 September at 22:10

Peter Gasmeter Senior vote me in ile turn the country round in a fukin breath

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 September at 22:25

Anna Annana The welfare reforms HAVE killed people FACT: 1/ John Walker
2/ Linda Wootton
3/ Elenore Tatton
4/ Brian McArdle
5/ David Groves
6/ Stephen Hill
7/ Nicholas Peter Barker
8/ Mark Mullins
9/ Helen Mullins
10/ Richard Sanderson
11/ Martin Rust
12/ Craig Monk
13/ Colin Traynor
14/ Elaine Christian
15/ Christelle pardo
16/ Kayjah Pardo
17/ Mark Scott
18/ Cecilia Burns
19/ Chris Cann
20/ Peter Hodgson
21/ Paul Willcoxson
22/ Stephanie Bottrill
23/ Larry Newman
24/ Child EG
25/ Paul Turner
26/ Christopher Charles Harness
27/ Sandra Louise Moon
28/ Paul Reekie
29/ Leanne Chambers
30/ Vicky Harrison
31/ Stephen Cawthra
32/ George from Chesterfield
33/ Wayne Grew
34/ Kevin Bennett
35/ Iain Hodge
36/ David Elwyn Hugh Harris
37/ Elaine Lowe
38/ Lee Robinson
39/ Ian Carress
40/ Edward Jacques
41/ Charles Barden
42/ Mark Wood
43/ Jacqueline Harris
44/ Denis Jones
45/ Tim Salter
46/ Victor Cuff
47/ Michael McNicholas
48/ Shaun Pilkington
49/ Richard Thomas
50/ Paul ! (Name unconfirmed)
51/ Terry McGarvey
52/ Neil Groves
53/ Peter Duut
54/ Jullian Little
55/ Chris Maguire
56/ David Coupe
57/ Miss DE
58/ Robert Barlow
59/ Janet McCall
60/ Carl Joseph Foster-Brown (to be confirmed)
61/ Michael Connolly
62/ Annette Francis
63/.Graham Shawcross
64/ Moira Wood
65/ Ian Jordan
66/ David Clapson
67/ Stuart Holley
68/ Chris Smith
69/ Jan ? Name to be confirmed…/the…/death-by-government/

Like · Reply · 2 · 3 September at 14:14

Paul Ferry Smithlz I knew leanne chambers

Like · 1 · 26 September at 11:55

Anna Annana Terrible Paul

Like · 1 · 26 September at 16:52

John Peach You Ain’t interested in our views Cameron!! So F*** Off!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 September at 22:21

Del Bartle my view is that you & your gang of out of touch elitist class war mongers should be on benefits, but there probably won’t be any by the time you’ve finished your asset stripping, privatising, and diverting of the common wealth into the hands of the few.

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 September at 21:08

Irene Hood The best things you can do for the welfare system Mr Cameron is to get out of politics. If you cap Welfare below and working wage and you are already reducing working wage to below a standard of living wage. You are effectively

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 September at 12:31

Lee Karnovski i want you to demand the release of Ashya kings parents!!!…/police-reunite-ashya-with-his…

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 September at 11:22

Tony Montanna Just a torie attack on the sick and vunerable people . The problem is,nt the welfare system . When it was put in place in 1945 . It was not for immirgrants who who come into the uk just to get benifits to send home to their familys. fact is if your not born here then you should not be entiled to wefare if we go to there country do we get welfare or free health . Why do you think they come here ? IF THE UNITED KINGDOM TOOK AWAY FOR ALL IMMIGRANTS WEFARE FREE HOUSING FREE HEALTH OUR HOUSING WOULD BE IN A BETTER STATE AS WOULD THE WELFARE AND HEALTH. BECAUSE IF NO IMAGRANTS WERE GETTING IT THEY WOULD NOT COME. SOFT BRITAIN. THE ONLY WAY TO STOP IS TO STOP IMAGRANTS GETTING WHAT OUR TAX PAYERS PAY FOR . WAKE UP SMELL THE COFFEE PARLEMENT … THE WHOLE COUNTRY IS SICK OF IT JUST MORE AND MORE COMMING A SLILENT INVASION AND A BIG DRAIN ON OUR RESOUSES….

Like · Reply · 2 · 2 September at 02:14

Corinne Mactavish Pointless survey designed to give the answers they want to hear. Following the death of my partner 7 weeks ago, I find myself a pensioner in absolute poverty owing to changes to the benefits system.

Like · Reply · 2 · 1 September at 07:53

James Price 1000 billionaires in britain, and I know people living off £60 a week, and people with jobs living off not much more. Thats what I think. We need a higher minimum wage, which LOGICALLY, in turn, would encourage people to work more, and reduce the need for benefits.

Like · Reply · 2 · 31 August at 22:44

Karen Dawn Wolff U got that in write

Like · 1 September at 01:02

Karen Hazel Bradshaw You should be ashamed of yourselves. You have caused misery and suffering on an enormous scale. Two friends of mine have committed suicide since the changes to the benefits system and the Bedroom tax were implemented. There surely can be no true justification for treating the poorest in society with such contempt. Yet, the top rate of tax has been cut time and again…. I hope you burn in hell.

Like · Reply · 2 · 31 August at 08:32 · Edited

Robin Holmes you look a valued member of society

Like · 31 August at 10:00

Karen Hazel Bradshaw Don’t make judgements about me, you know nothing about me. Please stick to political issues rather than reverting to personal remarks.

Like · 1 September at 10:16

Graham Allcott I dont think we spend enough on welfare. We could spend much more and look after vulnerable people properly if all your mates paid anywhere close to the tax they should be paying.

Like · Reply · 2 · 30 August at 21:21

Nathan Beesley It’s no exaggeration to say that people are dying because of your benefit cuts and sanctions. You’ve helped foster a climate of contempt for the working class, while protecting our morally bankrupt system of ‘socialism for the rich’. Shame on you and Ian Duncan Smith.

Like · Reply · 2 · 30 August at 20:38

Tim ‘crawfy’ Crawford Where do i start ? Youv’e made shiftworkers work longer before they can retire after the fiscal collapse in 2009.I don’t you see you picking on the scroungers,Why should i have to work myself into the ground to fund some sponger’s lifestyle.I’m sick of this country to be honest.And grow a pair and start looking after the workers of this country.

Like · Reply · 2 · 30 August at 19:46

Isobel Mccreadie What difference does it make what we say , your party never listens anyway .I will vote for one that does .

Like · Reply · 2 · 30 August at 17:04

Julian Mark Self Oh, and stop stealth privatising the NHS and the justice system.

Like · Reply · 2 · 29 August at 22:26

Chris Wareing kill yourself you worthless rupert gogshyte …..

Like · Reply · 2 · 29 August at 21:13

Walter Cook why can’t this government stand up to whats going on in this country, this latest scandal about child abuse, the only ones suprized are the government, racial abuse is endemic, and widespread, and its the foreigners who are doing it, we now live in a society which is so scared of being tagged a racist, that no one can or will rock the boat,all brought on by the do-gooders in our society who don’t live in the real world, foreigners are getting away with murder by local government, the police, Ect, speak to people on the ground and LISTEN

Like · Reply · 2 · 29 August at 17:11

Ian Bird if you dont tackle the problem of immigration theres is only one outcome UKIP. Bitish people have had enough of being treated like second class citizens.

Like · Reply · 2 · 29 August at 09:29

Caroline Channing Of all your underhand dealings transferring this country’s assets into the hands of your mates the NHS privatisation contracts are the worst – rich people will profit from people being ill and that is disgusting.

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 23:30


Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 22:17

Jonathan Bradley Cameron- piss off you upper class, completely unrealistic bell-end, wake up to the real problems this country faces and especially the threat of Islam, and all that goes with it. This isn’t on your doorstep, you have absolutely no comprehension of what millions of hardworking people are experiencing day to day as a direct result of this madness of unfettered immigration. Councils too scared to speak out against Pakistani paedophiles for fear of being labelled as “racist”, Sharia law becoming legitimate in the inner cities, British passport holders free to commit atrocities in the name of Islam abroad yet returning un abated to reek havoc on the very societies that gave them haven in the first place. We don’t need an Oxbridge educated elite to run this county piggy backing on the banks and corporations that furnish you. We need real people, we need people who are no longer prepared to accept this complete absurdity that we pay massive amounts of taxes to sustain. The revolution is coming fat-boy and it wont be won and lost on the playing fields of Eton.

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 19:56 · Edited

Philip Spence Maybe bringing back rent control would be a more effective way of controlling the rise in housing benefit costs but that would go against your ideological convictions wouldn’t it.

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 18:00

Amanda Johnson The UN are going to sort you, Dave. Your attacks upon the disabled are disgusting.

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 12:46

Paul Ronald Doe Get off my time line….

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 12:04

Derek White Really they don’t give two f<<<ks a bout your opinion if 1 per cent agree they will continue to hound the sick the poor and the old until they get it into their thick racist heads its the working class that spend their money in Britain the top per 1 cent save it for foreign investments thick B*******DS

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 11:44

Richard Rawles Capping housing benefits while there is a rediculous shortage of council housing, and private landlords exploit this by increasing rents absurdly and disproportionately, is insane. It would be better to review what private landlords are allowed to charge by insisting on some kind of fare rent scheme which ALL private landlords should be obligated to conform to. I realize the government would lose out in terms of tax and revenues from private landlords, but what you are doing is putting a huge number of people in an impossible and tragic predicament. I am self-employed, but at the moment dependent on housing benefits. I pay £1200 per month to live in a one bed flat in Hackney with no double glazing and gaps around all the windows. Winter is going to be cold, hostile and expensive and I do not know how I will manage. And while I must somehow pay the cranked-up rent when my business starts earning more, my housing benefit will decrease proportionate to my income. You have me trapped, and at present I see no way out. As a single man starting up a new business, £1200 per month is a lot of money to find, not taking into account living expenses, travel etc. I know I am not alone – how many workers depend on housing benefits? We always seem to be overlooked. And yet, as private landlords (and lets not forget letting agencies who have proliferated the rental market and now dominate it!) increase their rents because they can, I am quite sure you will see an increase in the number of people applying for housing benefits. Surely this is what you DO NOT want to happen?!? This situation goes round and around in circles. By capping benefits you will strangle the only lifeline that people like myself have in order to survive. Surely it would be better that I was paying a realistic and achievable rent in the first place? It is very clear to me. Capping benefits will just set off a chain reaction of poverty. I do not think you have thought this through at all. CAP RENTS NOT BENEFITS!!!!! There – the solution is simple!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 10:32

Gordon Downing resign

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 07:48

Andrew Carr I think you should be capping Politician’s Pay and expenses. Just what exactly do you spend your pay on when you claim for even paper clips?

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 07:39

Donna Mintey I was going to slag you and your party off, but after reading the comments, I am happy to say there are many that have got there before me!!!!! WELL DONE EVERYONE FOR TELLING IT LIKE IT IS…..GETTING THE MESSAGE NOW DAVID???!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 07:12

George Mitchell The Conservative party very being makes me feel sick & everything that comes out of P.M’s mouth should be taken with a pinch of salt! Rich and privileged out for themselves with policies that hurt the working class and poor of our country!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 28 August at 06:27

Mucking Fental go back on holiday you swollen faced swan eating leech…

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 22:10

Darren Sluder Stop all benefits to non British citizens that would be a good way to start

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 21:51

Kate Lebroc I would like to know if the bottom limit for getting full tax credits has been lowered, myself and most of my work colleagues have had their tax credits cut in the last few weeks, all by £30 a week, and we are all working full time, maybe if you want people to work you need to stop penalizing us for trying to earn a crust! particularly as the cost of living has risen so high, there is no point is raising the minimum wage to £7 an hr, if you are going to take it back off us in tax credit cuts!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 21:27

Murry Weeks Scrap the dole if they don’t except one of two job offers. Stop paying for families with over two children, if you can’t afford them don’t have them. Stop giving away money to foreign aid, who then kick us in the face a few years later. Train the HCA’s and nurse in the national health then we wouldn’t need to advertise abroad and employ foreigners to do jobs our people could do if they had the skills. Look after our sick, ( those that are really sick not the hanger ons) our forces personal, service personal and above all our pensioners some of them who gave so much more than we know.
That’s it I’m off me soap box for today

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 18:35 · Edited

Kabeer Kher Don’t cut Welfare just put a time limit on it. And by the way it’s working class people who are picking up the bill for all this welfare. The top 1% in this country pay 26% of all taxes. That means that the rest of us pay 74% of taxes!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 17:49

Sue Weaver there are ways around giving people back self esteem, retraining, health and education. I think the Americans have some good ideas on welfare. Also charity should begin at home first, Billions of pounds a year are sent abroad, why not put this money into refunding business’ increase productivity, more jobs,Build more schools, put money back into the nhs, more nursing staff on wards, a larger police force, introduce national service back into the country give people a sense of pride in who they are, security and a sense of purpose.The sad thing is the politicians are not interested in what we think, they are more interested in votes.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 16:40

Darren Gascoigne Try rewarding people that work Mr Cameron because I live on my on the wages I get barely cover everything I pay out and it leaves me £27.50 to live on a month that’s without my food bill I earn £17,227,08 a year but that’s before tax so I can’t even claim working tax credits because it’s classed over the threshold shocking Really people in the same situation need help get it sorted David

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 16:35

Andy PX You need to be a normal working person who has gone through life to realise what needs to be done to help this Country!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 14:36

Gina Maria Yawney Not everyone on benefits are lazy, not everyone on benefits want to be there! Stop putting them all in the same category! and scrap the bedroom tax you anal mouth! People need to realize that the Royal family and pigs like you cost the tax payer more than those on welfare!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 14:16

Kevin Senior Why do the Conservatives spend so much time upon harassing the poor & needy ?? Whilst in truth some people reliant upon benefits may be malingerers , the vast majority are not !! Spend your energies upon chasing the individuals & corporations who earn vast fortunes yet pay very little taxation into the system. Why are there tax loopholes at all ?? Why would millionaires get involved in politics for the minimal salaries derived there , if not for the power involved to misappropriate government funds to friends & family or the massaging of EGO ?? Victimising ” feckless ” scroungers plays well to middle England paranoia who have seen there quality of life being eroded due to the recession, but do you or your party actually worry of the impact upon the common man ?? Let alone the disenfranchised under class !!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 13:53

Colin Borrows I have to starve to pay my bills Cameron you dont go hungry

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 13:49

Lee Richardson So many negative comments towards this joke of a government (rightly so)
And he thinks the country is in a good place?!
YOUR people are telling you it’s not.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 12:37

Peter Hodgins Child benefit also needs to be capped. We have one child its all we can afford. we don’t expect the state to fund an army of children. Also stop it going to people who don’t live here ! What kind of madness is that.??

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 12:21

Marian Matthews-nee Mackay How can anyone answer these silly biased multi-choice questions surveys? Nothing is ever this clear cut, especially when it comes to benefits. I see both fraudsters and truly genuine cases. What saddens me most is to see the bullying tactics used to remove needed funds from those who are genuine, and too weak to fight for themselves! And yes, I have seen this first hand through the life of a friend with Cerebral Palsy! The fraudsters are crafty. They get away with it whilst the genuine people are bullied and left without. Meanwhile, our Politicians sit on their thrones dishing out hardship on our people whilst lining their own pockets nicely with salaries and expenses, as well as setting up pensions we couldn’t even dream of! And all at the expense of the poor who are now being fed by our Foodbanks run by Christians who are constantly having to fight their corner in the workplace, etc. to hold true to what they believe!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 12:20 · Edited

Katharine Abba Not a genuine survey, questions worded so people tend to agree, so they can then quote the stats. Or just get you annoyed by the questions. Save on housing benefits with affordable housing. Save on job seekers allowance by creating more jobs, raising minimum wage, and discouraging zero hours contracts. NOT by penalising the poor and reducing their money when the essentials in life like food, rent and fuel are so expensive!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 11:56

Christine Cheetham David why do you always pick on the poor. What about the tax dodges for a change. Iv’e said this before: Cant you see if we all work together both rich and poor we will all be a lot happier. Poor people are human too.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 11:54

Ian Juggler This man is a despicable toad who would gladly condemn us all to slavery if it made him and his masters a little richer still.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 11:51

John Madderson My opinion of you and your government can not be wrote in fear of being arrested. However, Should you ever come to believe in the people of this country instead of your own sense of self-righteous status you might have a chance of at least one vote, possibly your wife’s.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 10:55

Gilly Flower Wot a load of *****#%%*++#} Mr Cameron! The issues are not so clear cut and it sickens me to think that u suppose u can manipulate the British public with this kind of hate mongering!
Of course it’s wrong that there are ppl who take advantage of ‘free money’ but that is not the majority of ppl in benefits. Sort out that small percentage of scroungers with some actual common sense solutions n stop using ppl who are in need as scapegoats. The ppl of Britain are not stupid. We must protect our welfare state… It is there as a safety net for those in need. The system only works if there are ppl paying into it, so clearly the wages issues n lack of employment needs sorting (rather than simply targeting those who are receiving benefits). Stop selling off the family silver n start investing in British manufacturing etc. Stop making it difficult for poorer people to get an education n pls tackle the lack of jobs available.
I hav first hand experience of struggling thru Uni with children to support on v little money (n yes I did budget carefully but still had to steal the odd tin of beans n slices of bread from family just to feed my kids)… Only to find that despite achieving a first class degree (and a teaching qualification) the only jobs available wr v low paid casual jobs with no security. And by the way, the ppl in the job centre wr completely useless, not to mention condescending. They wr no help and actually hindered my own assertive efforts to find employment. After two yrs of trying (n don’t doubt my motivation for a second) I am still not in a job that is actually using my degree. There is such a waste of such skills in this country it is ridiculous! THANK YOU MR CAMERON. Enjoy your holidays in the sun won’t you, as u kick back, relax and take notice of the opinions of your devoted followers!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 10:32

Will Young Eejit followed by eejits we pay him and he’s asking us Another money for nothing

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 10:06

Les Rae Stop picking on the weak in society and the disenfranchised. Any recovery you claim is being made benefits big business, not the man in the street. Start providing real jobs instead of massaging figures. Try social justice as a motivation instead of profits. You won’t though, because you are the self serving party of the rich.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 09:20

Jim Callan Yes. You should be on benefits. Cameron. And the rest of us can sort out working. Which is something your government is not doing-WORKING ! Fifteen holidays in four years proves the point.

Like · Reply · 2 · 27 August at 08:56

Kimberley Ireland You should try living on benefits with no credit cards or anything and live on £140 pound a fortnight plus pay all your bills council tax and everything like that live in a council house in a rough area you seriously don’t have a clue what it’s like and as for jobs there’s too many ppl unemployed because ppl are losing their jobs why don’t you put the pension age down for the young ones to be able to work and stop moving work abroad sorry but it was Great Britain once not anymore it’s just Britain if you can even call it that

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 22:40

Wally Jude The next lot of your cuts do us a favour do it to your throats

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 22:33

Poetcurious’ Page The wording of this questionnaire lacks any objectivity and is completely biased and decisive to make your policies sound fair! They are not! We were fooled last election. Not again.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 22:11

Luke Parsons Whatever we say will never b heard

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 22:05

Paul Parker I wonder what odds we would have received from the bookies in 1997 if we had bet on the next 3 PMs being the worst in history?

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 21:39

Karen von Cripps There is only one minority ruining this country. The rich. Unlike Cameron, i see the homeless. I see a kid with cerebral palsy living on the Tube, and the mentally subnormal 19 year old girl evicted because she was sanctioned and is now on the street, open to who ever wants to abuse her. I meet people who are afraid everyday it will be their turn to suffer at the hands of ATOS who will get a nice fat bonus for sending sick people to worl. I know a guy with cancer who has had to refuse radiotherapy because ATOS has already said he can work with cancer and he will get no sick pay. You disagree? Heres a fact Cameron dont want any of you to know; the EU says there are 5 people for every job in Europe. They estimate 52% of all jobs will be lost to technological advances in the next 20 or so years. So before you jump on the most vulnerable in society like dogs, its going be likely you one day sooner or later.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 21:02

Ken Reed So, Cameron, the arrogant posh boy wants our opinions. My opinion is, Cameron is a complete stain on the landscape and so is Clegg. Five years in a job for which the majority didn’t want you in so Clegg got into bed with you. You asked, so I told you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 18:38

Ky Kyle Ky 1. Stop allowing people in the United Kingdom
2. Tax rebate needs to be consider upto 10 years
3. Offers chances to people with low GCSE grades routes to University
4. Demand employers to take on more staff
5. People who come into this country without £10,000.00 in the bank account should NOT be allowed in
6. People on benefits should have lived here more than 5 years
7. Emergency funds should not have interest
8. People who have a disability who can’t leave the house should be considered to work from home
9. People on benefits should be made to either work or study
10. People on benefits should be made to do something monday to friday whilst finding work – training courses like – social skills, team building, life skills etc
11. The money to pay rent needs to go directly to the landlord
12. If people on benefits do what they need to do then they should be given ranks – scoring them in the behaviour for example if they turn up for appointments with the personal advisor they get a score of 2 points – call it like a credit scoring – after all we are giving money away to people to enable them to do better

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 17:45

Ky Kyle Ky We do more for other countries than we do for our own.. Spend millions on our army fighting other people’s problems. We have our own people on the street starving, no shelter, being victims and yet we help other people!! We pay money for you to address our concerns not do as you please attitude. This government stinks and you need to either shape up or get out

Like · 26 August at 17:48

Ky Kyle Ky Oh and I doubt very much you will sit down and READ what we have to say!! Just saying..

Like · 2 · 26 August at 17:48

Shazza Nefertiti How about capping the benefits you bunch of corrupt criminals claim. How about ending expenses all together? You all get paid many times more than the minimum wage, why do you need to claim for £38 breakfasts from the Dorchester? Why do you need to claim for travel expenses? People that commute have to pay thousands a year for train tickets etc! Working class families that earn just too much for help with school dinners, buses, uniforms etc, all struggling under your ‘cuts’! No doubt you lot even claim for the designer suits you all wear. Look closer to home for the scroungers Mr Cameron! I think you will find it is your own house that needs to be put in order! Roll on next May. I am gonna celebrate your landslide out of number 10!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 16:05

Sharon ‘red’ Clinton If working people truly believe that people on benefits are better off with holidays massive TVs and a life of luxury then David waste man Cameron and his pathetic rabble have finally succeeded in something. !!! Divide and conquer. !!! Pull your heads out of the Cameron spin bucket, stop believing all the media propaganda that is run by the same spin bucket and open your bloody eyes. !!! Anyone who believes Cameron when he says its the benefit “scroungers” that is to blame are no better than the Germans who blindly followed Hitler in believing the Jews were their problem !!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 14:27

Tania Smith Manning Penfold he wouldn’t want my views cuz i wouldn’t hold back fing lair he is

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 14:06

Amy Devine David Cameron and most of his party have no idea what it’s like to be poor, they’re a bunch of elites who went to public school and come from rich backgrounds! Not having a go at the rich, like working class people, they can’t help which class they are born into but it really troubles me how they and the media demonize the poor. If it hadn’t been for thatcher then they’d be more secure, well paid and skilled jobs around for people to do. Maybe they should crack down on tax havens instead of benefits. Of course that’ll never happen!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 13:24

Geoff Power Do You Agree With Our Bedroom Tax Where We Penalise Households Who Through No Fault Of Their Own Live In Homes With More Bedrooms Than Occupants And Have Insufficient Alternative Housing Stock For People To Move Into?

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 10:06

Bob Walton Will Conservatives.Com please stop posting to my FB page. I am not interested in your phoney, fixed, so-called ‘surveys’. Get off my back, off my page and offa my cloud.

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 09:24


Like · Reply · 3 · 26 August at 08:10

Matt Parker Stop taking money off people with nothing, funnelling it into the pockets of your pals in A4E, Serco, G4S etc, and then blaming the people you’re starving to death when the public ask where their taxes are going …….. also stop surfing, you look like that thing from the end of The Fly 2

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 07:15

Nick Smith No more benefits for any immigrant sick of paying for Johnny foriegners to come here and get thousands of pounds worth of benefit that I pay into no more eu get us out now!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 26 August at 03:52

David Unwin I agree with comments already made about the problems not being about welfare but poiticians [and you are all the same] screwing the working man, for the benefit of the privileged few, if you are really serious about making benefits better. Raise the minimum wage to the living wage and ensure that nobody in this country has to live below that level

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 23:49

Ken Caldwell What a cheap fundraising ploy! I don’t agree with giving millionaires tax cuts while taxing the disabled because they’ve got an extra, usually needed, room, I don’t agree that you awarding yourselves 12% pay rises, while freezing other public sector wages.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 23:03

Fiona Craig I have looked at the survey and have no wish to complete it. The questions are loaded. People on benefits are not making rucks of money.Those of us lucky enough to be in work should not be resentful of those who are unfortunate enough to be unemployed. Surely a civilised society takes care of those who are in need. This survey is shameful.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 22:43

Rufus Collins Why these topics? This is only to play on voters mind.
if you are really interested in what we have to say come on man. the people are talking all the time you should have herd three years ago.
Anyway if you want to build this economy back. the big businesses have to take a hit too. its only poor people taking the hit but if they don’t spend then the cycle drops. but yet you allowed the big businesses to keep putting up prices while salary stays the same.
Where is the balance? High cost of living, fixed salaries, constant price hikes, you want people to save more but you want them to spend to keep the economy growing.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 22:43

Paul Harrison All you do is pit the middle classes against the poor whilst carving up the country for yourselves and your rich corporate mates. You have no ethics or decency and are as bad a politician as I have ever witnessed and that’s saying something as I’m over 50 years of age. If you knew and understood what the words empathy and compassion actually meant you would resign immediately and probably do yourself in as you would be unable to live with who you are and what you’ve done . . . unfortunately for the majority of us you have no idea what those two words mean and so will continue to rape and pillage this once fine land and bring it quite literally to it’s knees . . . !!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 22:32

Ronald Astbury Somebody voted them in. Let’s stick together and vote this evil scum out at the next election.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:57

Diane Powney Oh dear mr Cameron, your not very popular are you, glad it’s not just me that thinks your goverment an it’s policies stink, !!

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:57

Victor John Card One way to cut the welfare bill is to tell every one as from a given date any more children born after two will not receive family allowance. YOU HAVE THE CHILDREN YOU KEEP THEM. my mum and dad raised eleven children with out a penny from welfare

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:52

Adrian Thomas Kick all the Old Etonians out of the cabinet. Make the banks repay all the money they’ve been given. Stop treating public sector workers like they’re parasites on society.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:46

Diane Thembekile Levine And that survey is awful, by the way. Why bother, if you aren’t actually interested in people’s views?

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:41

Diane Thembekile Levine Stop believing your own spin, and understand that lower employment figures are masked by significant numbers of people in zero hour contracts? Or spend a few days trying to get a part time job as a middle earning woman with kids…

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:40

Lisa Barker British jobs going to foreignor job hunters. What about an incentive to hire people already resident in this country first. I voted you in and I will vote you out.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:35

Caroline Peter Little Put the retirement age back down and let the young ones get the job experience to keep the world going and if all the government top dog’s took a cut in wages and gave it to the one’s that need it to much greed and anger in the word it has to stop

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:27

Norman Darbon how about telling these councils to stop screwing the oap,s, my council tax has gone up 125% in 3 years .

Like · Reply · 3 · 25 August at 21:19

Guy Bailey I’d rather high rate taxes went back up and bankers bonuses were taxed higher to bring more in. Oh and tax evading companies such as Vodafone pursued for all their ill-gotten avoidance, rather than cutting deals.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:17

Christina East What an appalling questionnaire, skewed so that respondents come across either as extreme or supporting your views. Clearly you are either a manipulative sh1t who is proposing a poor questionnaire for your own purposes, or you need some decent social scientists to design your opinion gathering. I know which of these I believe.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:15

Nicola Taylor Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our thoughts on us working hard and paying our taxes to cover our NHS, the people who work in it, doctors, emergency services, medical appointments, and the necessities we gain from Britain. Would be fab if everyone had the same ethics have to say I would get fed up doing nothing all day, watching TV and having someone put money in my account I had not stopped my time for.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 21:03

Amanda Jolley Look after your own first, pensioners, young people n the disabled. Close the borders. No social payments until an immigrant has lived here n paid into the system for at least a year, no social housing for immigrants, chargeable health care for immigrants… Take a leaf out of Australia’s book, u r welcome but u live by our western rules or stay away.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 20:54

Anthony Rocky Pattison Here are my views-
1) am I better off under this government? – no
2) would I vote for you? – no
3) am I stupid enough to think my opinion matters to you? – no!
None of what we “normal” people say really matters to you Dave. Even when your playing at politics comes to an end (which it will very soon) you will never know how it feels to worry and struggle the way us normal people do. You have made life a living nightmare for me and my family. Sleep well.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 20:49 · Edited

James Marcantonio Do the most important things first. Secure the Countries Borders, That will save a massive fortune for the Country. Save another fortune by sending terrorist and foreign criminals home. Have you MP’s got ‘ No Brains’. You are elected to do a job for the Country and you have to ask us, what to do.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 20:10

Marina Ballinger What a waste of tax payer’s money! Vilifying people on benefits when you even claim ridiculous amounts of public money for your expenses i.e. £39 for breakfast!! You make people exist on that a week! Not to mention your jaunts abroad, second homes, travel expenses (not by bus or train I might add). I had a job – the government axed the funding so now I’ll be joining those you call scroungers – because you’re CREATING poverty. You hide the statistics about all those you’ve starved to death or driven to suicide, and lie about the figures for people now working. Try treating the cheating multi-billion pound corporations in this way as they cost the tax-payer far more than you glean back from the disabled who are already struggling enough.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 19:18

Pixie Kissling pretty sure everyones opinion is that you’re a massive bell

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 19:03

Althea Smart It is WRONG TO CAPP WELFARE BENEFITS because by doing so, you’re making things worse for people who are in dire need and already on:below the poverty line. Since this government came into power they have continually made cuts and the country has been in the longest recession ever! People cannot get jobs because there is no work out there. Wage increase have been capped for the past 4years. Salaries have been cut by half and employees made redundant since the government came into power.
The bedroom tax should NEVER have been implemented because it is affecting a lot of people more than they know. They know but don’t care. It’s alright to say this is what the government say you should live on but is it the same for THEM? NO! More people are suffering financially, whether on benefits or working. Our children the next generation are suffering. It’s alright for the government to send aids and resources to other countries who are suffering, but what about the families here that are suffering? I’m not saying not to help others but look at what’s going on in your own back yard. The NHS is in a mess, no Social Housing. No jobs and how do they expect people to buy properties and this shared housing is nonsense because it is NOT a good investment when you have to be paying out money for a mortgage and rent.
When you have NEVER EXPERIENCE what the lower class have to endure, you haven’t got a clue and don ‘t know what it ‘s like.
The government is more focused on what is going on outside of the country. They need to reassess a lot of the changes they’ve made.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 18:39

Diana Young I think the way you Tories treat the disabled is absolutely disgusting they fight everyday with their disabilities and now you are making them fight for their benefits you have totally lost my vote

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 16:20

Damien Kerr Cameron isn’t a Facebook friend of mine so how come he appears on-screen here? His phoney survey is irrelevant. He should have a Facebook page like anyone else?

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 15:34

Jean Ball Try asking the right questions and you might learn something useful. Like how can a single mother live on £70 a week? And how does it encourage her to work when even a few hours of casual earnings are deducted from that tiny sum? The system is not fit for purpose.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 08:38

Robert Boulter Perhaps you should read the comments to find out what people really think of you

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 08:29

Katrina Christie What about fixing the tax system first? Considering how much more is lost through this shouldn’t that be tackled first? Or maybe that might hit too close to home for certain persons? Yes I am disabled. I had worked from 17-22 then decided to go back to education to study Law. During 2nd year I became seriously ill and had complications. I had to give up my degree, I tried to keep a job down and even had my own business until I was too ill to do that. I had never thought at 22 that 10 years later I would be reliant on “handouts” and my quality of life and health cut back. Ill health can happen to anyone at anytime. Also most people that are reliant on Housing Benefit, Council Tax benefit are actually working. The amount of Full Time Permanent jobs in the UK today have vastly dwindled in the past 10 years. The jobs that are being created are in the main, part time or zero contract.

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 07:33 · Edited

Caroline Basford I we had your “benefits” then things would be…..well.. ……..fare

Like · Reply · 2 · 25 August at 06:31

Tony Lansdowne You ‘want’ my views on welfare, benefits and work? I want you to collect outstanding corporation tax (which amounts to many, many times the DWP’s expenditure on ‘welfare’ and benefits), regulate the banks, re-nationalise all the services people need (as oppose to want), get rid of public schools and make the Royal Family fend for themselves but we don’t always get what we want do we Dave?

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 22:22

Nicola Martin go away posh boy

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 21:59

Carl Bennett do you really want our views ??? cant believe that you don’t know the peoples views already………we as a society haven’t kept our views on this or immigration and Europe a secret….this to me just emphasises that our government are ignorant to the views held by the people of this country… doesn’t matter what is written on here as you will do what you want anyway…..

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 20:37

Avril WasParker Reynolds Yeah like you really Care ???? You have screwed over Disabled people and millions of non disabled people for months now and its only now you want to know what our views are ……… You really are a joke. Get some compassion and integrity.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 20:20

Patricia Lynskey I`m taking no survey you know our views you`re a lying thief,no one likes wants or needs you .Do one

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 19:34

Mike Waines Snr why do you the tories expect us to donate £10 for filling in your survey come down out of cloud cuckooland and enter the real world

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 18:47

Jenny Smith The questions are posed so that we will respond that we agree- Nobody in their right mind wants an unlimited benefits bill or for people to be better off on benefits than working, but we do need a realistic assessment too of help needed when people cannot work or need assistance to do so.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 18:38

Kevin Gallagher Lying scunner.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 17:21

Mark Stephenson Mr Cameron needs to do something about a living wage to make it worth working at the low income end. He has to stop the tax payer subsidising low wage paying big business which also fuels cheap migrant labour. He also needs to go after the tax dodgers amongst the Corporates. He is attacking the lowest paid workers by focussing so much on benefit capping. He should do it all the other way round. But he won’t because the Tory agenda is to look after the highest paid and shaft the lowest paid.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 17:20

Al Hill Son of the witch ! Why waste MILLIONS of pounds of taxpayers money on a funeral for Thatcher who was so evil and destructive to society ? a cesspit would have been more suitable!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 16:29

Brian Bird Here is my comment Mr Cameron: What a plonker you really are. You and your buddies screw everybody over whilst depriving some of the most neediest and vulnerable people of any basic standard of living. it’s why you keep harping on about benefits and welfare so that you can take heat off of yourselves and the s**t you are doing behind peoples backs. YOU SHOULD BE VERY ASHAMED BUT I BET THAT YOU ARE NOT!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 15:32

Tony Luis CAP international foreign aid that is uused to bribe foreign leaders who pocket most of the money and the poor see nothing !!!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 15:01

Tony Luis CAP MPs expenses and fix the CORRUPT MPs expenses abuses first !!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 14:58

Benjamin Scott-Pye These surveys are so infuriating! Every question is loaded to make the Conservates war on the vulnerable seem just, when it’s completely vile and morally vacant. I think David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith should go on trial for the suffering (and in many cases death) they’ve caused to the poorest and most vulnerable in our country.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 10:14

Stanley Oakley Oh dear!! What a bean feast for the lefties, all of whom seem to feel that the world owes them a living

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 09:39

Nicholas Cheese I don’t think the world owes me a living. The only people who think that are the fat cats.

Like · 24 August at 10:05

Stanley Oakley Another leftie joining the bean feast!

Like · 25 August at 10:31

Louis Burns More leading questions hey dave? So if we have to hate immigrants and the poor, when do we get to hate you? and your corrupt friends (11% pay rise), the flawed illegal monetary system that will only ever create debt?? the unregulated banks (unregulated by tories in the 80’s) that caused the recession and misery and suffering of millions ? People like you are the only problem here dave, not the welfare system, not immigrants, just rich, sociopathic corrupt white business men!

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 09:32

Patricia Molony I am a social worker and worked with a local authority. A lot of families I worked with had higher incomes than I was earning as a professionally qualified social worker. I believe this is wrong. Why can’t those who were able to work do some kind of work in their community, such as cutting grass of elderly neighbours, or odd jobs about the house, supervised by the council. If they don’t take this work, then they don’t get cash benefits. Bring it back to basics and start again is what I say. It’s become far too complex. Remove rent allowance being paid directly to the landlord and make the tenant pay it if they don’t they loose their home as the rest of us have to.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 08:17

Saffron Laws doesn’t matter what we say your gona do what you want any way

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 07:41

Ian Potter I just hope someone reads these comments!

The Tories are destroying families,

If you want a laugh watch Cameron’s You tube videos trying to get the Gay and Muslim votes.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 07:38

Art Lewis British government policy and I mean all the three main parties. It is ok to spend vast amounts on weapons to destroy lives in other lands and cause future hatred of britain because it makes their friends in the arms industry rich. But it is wrong to spend money on the people of your own country. Especially those most in need. Make no mistake people of britain I feel this is the establishment line. lib lab its all a con.

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 07:09

Iain Matheson Divide and conquer. Same as its always been. Vote yes

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 03:19

Robert Mcwilliams there are some grey area’s that make the questions and answers more complicated i.e. ,if someone is servilely handicapped and the care that they require cost’s far more than the average working wage are we going to deny them that care and what implications would that have for those families in that situation ? I do agree in principle with what your trying to do but you cant pigeon hole someones individual health ,everyone has different needs and for those who really do need welfare their needs should be met on an individual basis !

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 00:54

Paul Eames Look after the disabled, stop trying to kill us off with your cuts and stupid ATOS assessments, my GP and consultants know me better than someone who I’ve never met and spends just 20 minutes with me. Means testing the disabled is a joke too, it’s the first time in my life I’ve been told I’ve got too much money, the sooner you lot are chucked out of government the better…

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 00:48

Andrew Skett If you’re asking for the electorates view on Facebook it just goes to show that you and every politician has absolutely no concept how the public feel

Like · Reply · 2 · 24 August at 00:28

Alan Davidson Benefits are already pitifully low for the vast majority – they should rise much faster than wages to catch up. Don’t be fooled by the benefit cap – the vast majority of claimants come nowhere near it, and with those that do it is rent that takes the lion’s share.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 23:22

Val Matthews Your survey asks ‘leading questions,’ l would never participate in such a ‘survey’ It is dishonest., nothing is as simple as your questions indicate.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 22:28

Mike Stringer I want to know how you got elected on 25% of the vote Cameron and why are you destroying our lives and country???

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 22:24

Jane Binnion As a sociologist, I would be happy to help you create a survey that is meaningful.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 22:11

Sharon Hicks Yeah stop allowing Muslims to take over the country and put the British people first this is how country

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 21:55

Daniel Adams They ask us to take a survey, we take the survey then they ask us for a donation what a bloody cheek you and your cronies got enough money put your hand in your own pocket Cameron.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 21:23

Jilly Gooding Pay the workers what they need to survive. Welfare or not its the poor working class person who is at the bottom struggling to feed their families and all you can do is take care of the people at the top and at the bottom…’s not rocket science….people work they should be remunerated, they are the ones keeping you lot in jobs and keeping this country together! Go and spend a week with a poor working class family and see what its really like! You have no idea about the real world! Remunerate the hard working people and look after your own people!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 20:58 · Edited

Roy Greason Maybe your Wealthy Elitist Cronies who have never known what it is to be told you are worthless unless you take part in the Rat Race called the Economy, should step back and look at their own reasons for demonising the so called Feckless under class !!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 19:56

Tony Holbrook You’re a lying thieving bunch of rich boys screwing the sick, poor and vulnerable. Get out of parliament take scumbag Duncan smith with you

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 19:26

Andy Farrell my views on benefits are: give them to people that have contributed to this once amazing country but have fallen on bad times due to people coming into this place and undercutting the honest working man, hence putting him or her out of work. this country is overwhelmed by to many people coming here asking for handouts when our own people cant even get a job to support themselves these are the ones who need benefits.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 19:18

Angela La Vida Rose The issue is the pitiful wages employers are paying, the high cost of childcare and rent in this god forsaken city! I have seen a job today at a private school for a full time kitchen porter for £13,800 in CENTRAL LONDON! Now tell me who on earth could live on that pathetic salary in London? In the end that person will likely have to apply for working tax credits. Then you have working parents who are squeezed with childcare costs at just over £1000 per month full time nursery or a bit lower for a child minder. Then the rents are astronomical yet we have so many new developments laying empty as they have been sold to foreign investors. SO of course when people are struggling AND working see people around them on benefits getting their rent paid and benefits and able to stay home and watch their children grow up and pick them up from school and go to school plays they get nothing but resentful and angry. I have been there myself! I have chronic back pain and sometimes I can’t even move I have to be rolled over but I still go to work and then I see people where I live who are sitting on disability (who I know are just playing games) and of course it upsets me. I’ve been brought up to work, regardless of the situation. It also makes me angry for every person that is being an idiot and too lazy to work (I know a good few) there are MILLIONS desperate to get jobs but simply cannot afford to live on the current wages and with the cost of living rising by the day what hope or chance do people have and also our younger generation? Cutting benefits is not the answer but HIGHER WAGES, RENT CONTROL, LOWER COST OF LIVING is what we really need. There also needs to be more support for families who are working and being hit with childcare costs and women who have children, are single and expect to sit on benefits long term need support to get back to work because we can no longer act as these children’s fathers! Sorry to go on but I hate the Tories!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 19:01

Jane Dickie yet it is alright for families to work on 16hrs and have that topped up by working tax and child tax at a far higher amount than benefits, but that is not classed as benefit sponging is it. Making those in employment figures look good yet masking the truth. Don’t get me started.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 18:32

Sam Bolt Its a complete mess, a MASSIVE AND COMPLETE MESS. PLEASE PLEASE can you apply some common sense. People should be BETTER off working than on benefits, and in addition there are so many people on benefits who really don’t need to be.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 18:18

Elaine Epton Stop giving money to all and sundry who arrive in this country. Most people work hard and pay taxes to support this country. By the way thats mostly people who are on PAYE others with money use every trick and system to avoid tax. But then you’re not so interested in catching them.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 17:15

Gary Speight If your so commited to cutting welfare payments tell me why immigrants can come here after paying nothing into the system and claim for family staying back in poland , Roumania, etc

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 14:39

Judith Robinson |Questions designed to con people! Why don’t you let people leave comments because your lying about stats, about the help to work scheme, sanctioning, about waiting lists for PIP assessments, ESA assessments, the effect reductions In housing benefit has on people…In fact totally out of touch with reality! Looking after yourselves #selfservatives

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 12:10

Darren Norris Why no mention of in-work benefits like tax credits and housing benefit? These are employer subsidies.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 11:19

Stephen Caffari What is the point of this survey? Do the people responding understand the complexities of the welfare state and the repercussions of the cuts? Do you the Tories truly believe the “facts and figures” you use to back up your claims? The small group of hardcore unemployed will not really be effected because they are generally unfit to work and wether or not you have sympathy for their reasons is regardless. By stigmatising “people on benefits” you are in the main stigmatising people who either want to or are already working. Why does this and many other governments waste it’s time releasing meaningless sound bites. The welfare bill has not come down meanwhile the cost of living has gone up and wages for most people have stayed the same leaving more people to be stigmatised by your attacks on benefit culture. Concentrate on corporate greed and levelling the difference between rich and poor.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 10:33

James Antony Mee Why is it always welfare which is targeted and not the bludgening, inhuman, bullying, victimising system, run by Social Services and the family courts?

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 10:17

Rory Cumming Yes David! Don’t just cap benefits, stop them all together! Anyone able to work but refuses to should get nothing! Girls who have no money but have kids anyway, should get nothing! Foreigners should get nothing!
Benefits should be like a bank account, u can only draw out what you have paid in whilst working, once your account is empty you should get nothing more! Scraping benefits for all the lazy scrounges would leave more available to top up the the pathetic minimum wage for those that do want to contribute to society and not just be a leach!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 10:15

Andy Hawkins err, anyone able and offered work do get their money stopped

Like · 23 August at 22:53

James Murray Stop giving out and not expecting them to at least give something back healthy food vouchers rather than cash to waste on beer and fags. Make them do voluntary work in local area.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 09:36

Allen Toms Tax credit for two children. NO CREDIT FOR ANY MORE! No housing benefit for people who choose to have more than 2 children – it’s their choice, so they should fund themselves.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 08:06

Allen Toms Tax all Benefits. Just like you tax the old age pension “benefit” that I paid over 42 years NI to receive!!! No free NHS treatment for any foreigners, just like we have to pay or claim on our insurance when abroad, even in the EU!!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 08:02

Gordon Rennie I would like to know how ye sleep at night dave

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 07:56

Tracy Whiteman what an utter waste of time. The questions are worded so you can’t give a true opinion. Its not a straightforward issue. Its another way of reinforcing your spin about welfare and benefits, the true cost of your so called scroungers pale in comparison to bankers handouts etc. Try reining in your mps expenses and charging your business buddies the tax they owe. Not everyone is as dumb as you hope

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 03:18

Cardiff Arms Get among the people that you have hurt, the people whom will never vote for you, the people whom own businesses, the people whom you seem to believe are just not worthy, then you’ll find the real answers you jumped up oink of an excuse of an human being.

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 01:18

Elliot Cornish We need to stop giving perfectly able people free money not to work. This isn’t what welfare was set up for.

Like · Reply · 2 · 23 August at 00:29

Jean Lynch The retirement age for a women was 60 and you changed it that’s not fair people are feeling tired and will find it hard to work until 67 stop giving the kids doll money and the young girls who have babies just so they can receive benefits false them to work not us old ones we have done our share

Like · Reply · 3 · 23 August at 00:00

Jean Fryer Whilst I think the benefit system has got out of hand and many bleed the tax payers of the UK by claiming as much as they can without needing it and depriving the real needy you should also look at your rich/elite who also rip this country off by avoiding our tax laws. You and your friends should come and live amongst ordinary folk for a month without any of the priviledges you now enjoy and live in the real world for a while not the ivory towers you were born into. Without good, honest, hardworking folk of this country you would be and have nothing. Pay your employees a decent wage as their wage have been eroded since you came into power. I know this for a fact as used to be a Civil Servant and have family who still are. The Tories are bad employers.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 23:43

Michelle Smith My opinion is you’re all a bunch of cunts. You all need to remember you work FOR the people- not to gain as much as possible for yourselves and your Eaton friends.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 23:01

Simon Attewell The welfare state was set up to ensure no one would starve and have a roof over there head. Over the years labour abused it and made it more beneficial to be lazy and not work. That is not right. There should be more means testing and people should not be serving benefits on flat screen tv’s, fags , Playstation and phones. The problem is people feel they are entitled to it.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 22:59

Andy Taylor Cap the benefits and put the surplus into creating new jobs, maybe an updated “training scheme” pay the people on the schemes more than the ones sat at home, and then guarantee a job at the end of the scheme to stop employers just taking advantage of the cheaper labour.. if you help the buisneses to create the jobs in the first place, then we can get Britain back on the map as a supplier of quality goods to the rest of the world..

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 22:56

Alex Mcnally Try looking after the people who have paid into the system for years when they need help its not there.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 22:43

Steven Blake Oh no you don’t Mr Cameron, you blood sucking toff!

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 22:43

Mat Smith My view is that you’re a stealing, lying, sub-human that should hurry up and do one. Take Iain Duncan Smith with you while you’re at it! The middle class/unemployed and disabled are HUMAN, unlike you and your merry band of thieving puss buckets. Give us back our human rights!!

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 21:50

Glenda Ravenscroft Not everyone on benifits are scroungers some off them are genuinly unable to work because of disability why should they have to suffer for others who just dont want to work

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 21:43

Janice Kenny The problem is u keep ordinary people on low wages while u give mps wages rises n let more immargrants in this country david Cameron ur not getting in the next election

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 21:36

Lorayne DunBavand Emery The questions do not ask the right questions. Of course I agree that changes needed to be made but not to penalise those in genuine hardship and those people are the ones being hurt. Grow a set of b—s then Mr C and Co. who cant afford to live on MP’s salary. Get rid of IDS for a start.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 21:34

Karen Gleave Wages need to be increased in line with the cost of living.its ok to say people who are on benefits should not be better off than those in employment however there are thousands of hard working families who are struggling to pay bills and to provide food.its about stamping out poverty and giving famiys a better standard of living with little luxuries so you can experience life not just to exist.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 21:22

Naomi Stoney I hate what the goverment is doing to this country, and I hate the fact that all the changes that are being made more and more landlords are now not willing to rent their properties to families who receive housing benefit and only to working families. I live in privately rented accommodation with my children and we will soon be homeless because the landlord has sold my home. I have phoned over 50 different agencies looking for a new home but as soon as the landlord hears housing benefit then thats it, its a different story, Unfortunately I dont have the chance to work as I have 2 special needs boys, and now we have to go into a bed and breakfast until our local housing department find us somewhere else to live. I think the Goverment really do not have a clue in what they are doing, and so many families out there are suffering

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 21:20

Darren Storer are you serious? your party has done it’s best to cull the poor and the vulnerable… I’m amazed you have the cheek to ask this when you’ve ignored public opinion and broken every promise in your manifesto since day one

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 20:19

Steve Carass Give full time working parents some help you plum. Childcare strangles the life out of us. You give the free places to the unemployed who don’t need them because they are at home. Don’t you understand how frustrating that is?

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 19:14

Louise Reston tories are the problem and where is david cameron when you need him oh let me think on holiday 10 times a year

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 18:36 · Edited

John Keen Well Dave…I’ve just read all the reviews and it looks to me like you’re stuffed at the next election …deservedly so !

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 17:21

Denise Daulby Its too bloody late to ask our opinion now Mr cameron you should have asked at the begining before you sent hundreds to their deaths and to food banks.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 17:07

Sandy Batsford I currently have Osteoarthiritis in my spine and sciatica in both of my legs. I have applied for PIP and have been told that I need 8 points but I only have 4 because I can walk 200 yards. I walk with a stick and although I can walk it is extremely painful. I have also been told by the Department of Work and Pensions that they havent even contacted my GP for medical evidence and when I dispute the decision, I will need to get medical evidence for myself. I have had to pay NHS Fife £11.00 and £15.00 respectively to get this information. Why, as a government department, can they not access this information with my permission. This has never even been asked of me. I am under the Pain Clinic at the Queen Margaret Hospital in Dunfermline and they have told me I wont be able to work until I can get my pain relief under contro, which could take over a year. In the meantime what am I supposed to live on. Up until March last year, I was working full time and have done so for the last 30 years. Now I need help and am not getting it. The new system may be to stop people abusing the system, but the people who actually need this are not getting it.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 16:56

Gottfrid Svartholm Dolphin I think all politicians should lead by example and scrap the ludicrous amount of benefits they receive; they earn enough, they should get none – plain and simple.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 12:48

David Davies I agree wholeheartedly. No one on Benefits (If fit to work) should earn as much as those of us who have to work full time to support our families. It is not fair and means some people will choose a life on benefits rather than a life in work. I am fully aware there are people out there who are unable to work and fully support their rights to a decent benefit system. Get the wasters off benefits and there will be an adequate amount available to support those who need it

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 12:14

Brian ‘Causty’ Cooke Bring back hanging .. and as a token gesture of good will, offer yourself up to prove that your reforms work ?

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 10:59

Terence Bly Resign you unfeeling monster

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 10:19

Simon Hill Tax the super-rich & corporations fairly (as they used to be, even under tory govts) & close the loopholes that allow them to escape. Stop victimising the poor for the problems caused by the greed of your friends and your class, you spoilt, over-privileged baby

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 10:14

Jan Hughes Well said Simon!

Like · 1 · 22 August at 10:55

Carla Francesca Ellis I’d like to know why you keep popping up in my news feed when I haven’t ‘liked’ your page, because frankly, I DON’T like you.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 09:53

Josh Clowes Richard Tyrrell Alix Spurway why dont you two discuss your views on something which is wrecking our country. Be interested in seeing your points of views on this topic.. leave the suicide bombers/freedom fighters alone for a day

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 08:02

Alix Spurway I do on my page Josh – there is a difference between the Palestinians and Hired mercenaries…. as for this Tit…..11500 people have died because of his welfare reforms – pre nazi germany – but we bury our dead! He blames other political parties for a GLOBAL deficit…. he blames the 1/3 work force made redundant, he blames the small business that went under – with no growth in industry how can the people of this island get jobs – if there arnt any!? Fake jobs on websites – lots of people see through the govs moves.. its all cloak and veil!

Like · 22 August at 08:16

Alix Spurway…/10600-sick-disabled…/

Like · 22 August at 08:19

James Jamieson Welfare, or it;s real name Social Cleansing,squeeze those at the bottom,whilst those at the top get wealthier,

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 06:23

Henry Sherlock As a disabled person I am sick and tired of this personal attack on the most vulnerable group in our society. I worked for many years with my disability. That was until my health declined again and my bosses deciding to let me go on health grounds. All because there was no way I could compete with my able bodied colleagues. Where was my protection then? The Equality Act failed me. Now, after welfare reforms, I find myself targeted by a society and politicians who are happy to label me a scrounger and a burden. Reforms should never be about cost cutting, they should be about ensuring the right amount of support is on offer in order for the vulnerable to live an independent life. These reforms have left every single disabled person scared, harassed, bullied, tormented, discriminated against and poor. Time and time again these reforms have been declared unfit for purpose and yet Ian Duncan Smith ignores these facts. Thousands of people have died as a direct result of these reforms and thousands will continue to die as the reforms continue. This Government has blood on its hands and should be held accountable. As a disabled man I have to accept my limitations. Why do politicians refuse to accept that. My income falls well below a living income. Why should we accept this way of life? Every human being would work if they could, that is a fact. These reforms are a way for the conservatives to get rid of Social Security. Hard working people fought to get this safety net in place because we were a civilised country. Now civility, caring, equality, fairness and dignity are sadly things that this country is being forced to reject. We should not be divided, we shoul all stand together to ensure That safety stays and us made stronger. Able bodied people need to remember that they too could become disabled at any time. I know, because it happened to me. Give me the chance of a face to face with IDS so I can hear why he thinks I should live in fear of being forced to go to food banks and beg for my survival

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 01:47

Trev Gibb you want my views David? like you even care.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 00:29

Tony Gilmour You want my views on welfare benefits and work. You SUCK in all of these areas.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 00:22

Paul Whiteside We all know that the welfare problem we have now is the toxic legacy of the heroine of your party Margaret Thatcher. We had near enough full employment before she destroyed the fabric of society by closing down the manufacturing base in our country and instead depending on poorly paid ambition sapping service sector jobs for the majority and short sighted lets see what we can grab from the system gambling jobs in banking for the minority. The former since outsourced abroad with the loss of jobs and customer satisfaction and the latter richly rewarding greedy imbeciles for wrecking the world economy. You are a greater fool than I thought Mr Cameron, if you believe that you can hoodwink the country into believing that a worldwide economy issue fuelled by said bankers was caused by a previous administration and it can only be resolved by giving more to the same greedy and reckless at the expense of those without. Just wander out of the comfort of the home counties and see the trail of destruction your policies have wreaked on the economy elsewhere. The sooner your tenure is placed into the dustbin of history, the sooner we can start to rebuild society from the all time low you and your incompetent cronies have placed it the better.

Like · Reply · 2 · 22 August at 00:04

Paul Smith You’re not doing well, you aren’t fair , youre of no benefit and your policies don’t work

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 22:22

David Brierley tell him nothing, he is trying to justify his theft of public money from those in need, that have been created by his demonic tory corruption, and its misdirection to fund the zionist genocide in Palestine., That man believes that selling arms to the middle east is a business success

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 20:47

Sandie Morrison it;s not the welfare system that needs fixing it;s britain as a whole. you and your cronies allowed people to come in to this country for what , to beg on the streets steal from stores and worse to go through our rubbish looking for bank statements in order to sell our information. we have had ATOS telling people they are fit to work only for them to die a few months later . people who fought for this country being turned down for benefits blind people too . do i really need to go on. you of all people should understand about people with a disability Mr cameron. Your kind dont have a clue about the ordinary hard working people and the sooner you piss off the better this country will be. and take your immigrants with you

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 20:34

Neil Griffin Dear David,

It’s getting beyond a joke now. Why haven’t you sacked Iain Duncan Smith yet?

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 20:26

Toast Based Dinners i reckon kill tories

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 20:18

Lesley Steele Why? He don’t care,

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 20:12

Harry Shock Look at all the Idiots who think David Cameron posted this, Or even will read there comments.

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 20:10

Jeremy Over If you don’t pay into the system you should not benefit from it. If you don’t need a benefit it should be withdrawn, such ad Winter Fuel payment to ex-pats and State pensions to millionaires

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 19:44

Mick Kehoe Oh David, your so thoughtful to ask the people to contribute their thoughts to your proposed reforms. However, as your a lap dog and lackey for your elite masters, this whole charade is a holy crock of shite that even an amoeba with brain damage could suss out.

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 19:00

Carol Larkin Donovan definitely cap the benefit system, but why pay people to help them get back into work. Just get off your backsides & keep looking. No one should be paid to look for a job!

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 18:53

Betty Davis yes stop the fiddling by m.p.s and halt immigration and get the benefit scroungers working also give the workers a decent living wage if you can afford to pay mps and councillors thousands let the workers have a share

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 18:40

Daniel Belsey What ya gonna do with all these immigrants in this country..

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 18:00

Wayne Preston I’m sick of the corrupt voting system in this and other countries it’s always the lesser of two evils. Claiming they hold different views but once elected continue to desecrate our country. You give more in foreign aid than you do in benefits so let’s be honest here if we cut the amount of money we send overseas we would not be dividing the country in a class war because we would be debating something other than benefits. I’m all for hard working families I’m in one myself but let’s again be honest the government need us to be struggling and in debt for then to keep us under there control whilst we rely on the system we cannot overhaul it to really benefit the people rather than big business and the banks who are the real people in charge.

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 17:39

Louise Adams Good questions. Why should someone on benefits be the same or more financially better off than someone working?

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 17:39

Elizabeth Rennick Because we are not Louise Adams try living on 71 pounds a week it’s supposed to last you two weeks you have to pay rent heat your hone electricity food and other bills if you are lucky you may have enough to clothe yourself it’s not easy at all

Like · 21 August at 20:11

Louise Adams Well its not just £71 a week is it? its net, then add your rent and council tax, free prescriptions, NHS, free further education if required, discounted travel schemes and then think if you are working you need to pay travel to work which you will be taxed on, then no there is not much difference. You shouldnt take it personally, its the Government in one way or another ensuring everyone is kept on a level field. Are you saying if you worked you would be better off?

Like · 1 · 21 August at 20:36

Bill Kirby-Booth you have gone too far and counted benefit people all the same im very ill with a short life expectancy and your cuts have made it a liveing hell

Like · Reply · 2 · 21 August at 17:12

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Autonomy (Cambridge) said “YES” from 2004 to 2012

Autonomy (Cambridge) said “YES” from 2004 to 2012

They agreed to build this (from 2004) because they liked it and because their technology could do it

The last time they said yes to building it was in December 2012

The idea behind “projectbrainsaver / hightechheadhelper / TellYourPhone / HeadHelp.Me

The use of language independent Meaning Based Computing technology from HP and other industry Standard, Best Quality, technology from companies such as Nuance, Voxeo, IBM, etc., coupled with voice biometrics, voice stress analysis and personal profiling to enable an individual to more accurately understand their own (or group’s) problems, needs, wants and desires and then help them find better answers, directions, connections, etc., in order to achieve the results needed for that individual’s (or group’s) benefit.”

It wasn’t just Autonomy that liked the idea

Representatives, and private individuals, from companies, groups and NGO’s as diverse as IBM, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Gwynedd County Council, Gaia Technologies, S.A.L.T. Bangor, Telstra, Conexant, 451 Group, UNICT Task Force, WSIS, ITU,, Nuance, Neighbourhood Watch,

The police, Travellers, Craftspeople, computer programmers, network engineers, accountants, professors (in fact people from all walks of life)……….

I talked with people with memory problems, and their carers if they had one, or more

I researched and read over 11,000 PDF files withing the first few years ( don’t know what the count is now)



That’s how much a trial will cost, or there abouts.

20,000 all putting in £20 crowd funding maybe – most of this is handed to Autonomy to configure and run the trial.

NOTE: ANYONE can hand Autonomy the money and have the trial up and running – Please do! It’s all built with off-the-shelf components. Decide your use, pull together your HL Scoping doc and get building! They know what to do.

I want this for disasters and for personal distress, you can have it for whatever you want it for.


I started looking at the need for this because of Rwanda 2002, Thomas Hamilton, Dunblaine, Columbine and my friends who committed suicide when everyone thought they were just ‘a bit down’… and for Shapelle Corby, for the Janice Sharps of this World, for Leonard Peltier and all original people and any and all fights between single individuals and governments, corporations etc., in fact any injustice or ‘head bang’ that needs sorting out sooner, rather than later

Web 10 – The helpful Web – in place by 2014/10

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  • national
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  • Telecom Providers
Contact Info
  • projectbrainsaver
  • The Cwm Consultancy
  • The Craft Marketing Company Ltd
  • Crofter Magazine
  • Unemployed
  • Self Employed
  • Long Term ‘Disability’
  • Excellent for lifelong learning
  • Personal high powered help system
  • Full understanding of ALL input for advanced memory help
  • TBL’s ‘Intelligent Web’
  • Language Independent
  • Personal ‘Baggage’ sorter (problems from the past)
  • Right’s Based
  • Holistic Health apps
  • World Repairing
  • New Universal (working for all people) monetary System
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • IVR
  • IBMWatson
  • Scaleable
  • Automatic taxonomy generation
  • Automatic infrastructure
  • Cognitive computing
  • personal Autonomy






Call Centres

Data Centres


Telecom Providers


The Cwm Consultancy

The Craft Marketing Company Ltd

Crofter Magazine


Self Employed

Long Term ‘Disability’

Excellent for lifelong learning

Personal high powered help system

Full understanding of ALL input for advanced memory help

TBL’s ‘Intelligent Web’

Language Independent

Personal ‘Baggage’ sorter (problems from the past)

Right’s Based

Holistic Health apps

World Repairing

New Universal (working for all people) monetary System


Artificial Intelligence




Automatic taxonomy generation

Automatic infrastructure

Cognitive computing

personal Autonomy