Cisco: IoT to generate $8 trillion worldwide in 10 years – Computer Business Review

Cisco: IoT to generate $8 trillion worldwide in 10 years – Computer Business Review.


Add this to the Trillions made on personal analytics over the same time and the Quaudrillions made over expanded capitalism and also the ginormous amounts of wealth created via cannabis legalisation globally – The ‘poor’ might just be able to finally pay their way and fulfill their dreams without having to ask for money from someone else first… fingers crossed

Sistum Change – Crowdfund the machinery for Balancing Gender

Sistum – a Human Rights cored system that brings gender to the fore in order that balance can achieved

As children we learn what we learn.

As adults we act using what we have learnt.

Often we find out our ways are not right for today’s world… many times regarding gender.

Whatever is not right holds us back, or drives us forwards in directions that are not what we would choose without the ‘whatever’. We need an answer that works in order that we can move on in our own direction.

Can we use Artificial Intelligence to help us with this?


IBM Watson is designed to sort out “World scale problems”.

So, I’ve been offered 17,000 cores of Computing power for next Feb 14th 2016 and, if enough of you say you want this, a Smithsonian Laureate (and co) He was on board last year but he is a very busy person! He liked it, other will too… I’m hoping he joins in though (-:

projectbrainsaver has developer accounts with


IBM – Bluemix, Cloudant,

HP Autonomy