Kirsten is a wonderful lady living with crippling rheumatoid arthritis. She was diagnosed as an infant, and has had countless surgeries. At this time, she is going in for surgery on her good arm (the other arm is basically non-functional due to the damage of RA). So after today, she will not be able to use her arms at all. She has a very small support system, and is basically alone. Except- she has a beautiful ten year old girl,  nicknamed Pickles, who struggles with her own demons. Pickles suffers from multiple childhood schizophrenic disorders. She has battled this her entire life, and in the last week she was admitted to a psychiatric ward after having another complete breakdown. Yesterday, we asked why she wanted to hurt herself. She said, “because I’m tired Mommy. I’m tired of the voices telling me I’m bad and that everyone would be happier if I was just dead. And I’m tired if always seeing scary things, and not having friends because everyone is afraid of crazy people like me.”