HP Announces IDOL OnDemand Innovation Hackathon Series | HP Autonomy

Sep 03, 2014

Coding meet-ups unleash developer creativity and power of IDOL OnDemand platform

Palo Alto, Calif., Sept. 3, 2014 – HP Software today unveiled the fall schedule for the IDOL OnDemand Innovation Hackathon Series, providing developers worldwide with opportunities to win prizes, build their personal brands, and discover the unique power of HP IDOL OnDemand.

HP IDOL OnDemand is a complete solution for bringing extensive data analytics to your app and for augmenting your Big Data solution using REST APIs. The platform leverages the advanced data processing engine from HP Autonomy by exposing dozens of capabilities for understanding and analyzing unstructured human information. Developers can use these APIs to create consumer and enterprise applications that harness the wealth of information in social media, video, images, free text, and more.

HP Software has hosted several hackathons over recent months. The response from the developer community has been overwhelmingly positive, with high turnout and engagement. Developers have created a wide variety of applications, ranging from face-recognition powered Nerf guns to sentiment analysis and conceptual search applications for SalesForce.com, Trip Advisor, and Amazon book reviews.

HP will continue the IDOL OnDemand Innovation Program by engaging in several in-person hackathons this fall:

IDOL OnDemand also continues to challenge best-of-breed developers and data scientists from the TopCoder community with the global online contest series posted on idolondemand.topcoder.com.