Five Ways Watson Will Change Computing


IBM held a Watson mobile challenge at this year’s Mobile World Congress as a way of finding case studies for Watson outside of desktop computers. The three winners were a tablet based trainer for in-store retail personnel called Red Ant, a personal health care wellness assistance tool called GenieMD, and a company called Majestyk Appswhich made a prototype stuffed animal called FANG (Friendly Anthromorphic Network Genome).

“FANG is a toy you give to little children that connects to Watson,” Rhodin told Fast Company. This toy talks back, but what’s interesting is that the parents have an app that actually tracks conversations between children and the toys. It seems creepy at first, but when you step back you realize they are important developmental years for the child. Analytics can help parents track development of children. You can look at this either as parents trying to over-engineer their kids, or you can look at it from a much more important viewpoint of developmental progression and detecting how there might be problems.”

There has been speculation by many industry observers that the recent Apple-IBM partnership could ease the way for iOS developers to work in the Watson ecosystem. But as we’re about to see, IBM is already laying plans for a massive Watson ecosystem.



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