Cecily is free!

Cecily McMillan was released from Riker’s Island Wed. July 2, 2014. She has taken up the cause of treatment of women prisoners after experiencing and witnessing inhumane and unjust treatment. I suspect we will be seeing and hearing more from this powerful voice for justice. Although she is out of prison, many of us feel she will not truly be free until her conviction is appealed successfully or she is granted a full pardon and the record of her supposed crime is removed. Thank you all for your support and once again, please share on facebook, tweet and email your friends, familiy members and other interested peoople. I would love Cecily to know that 200,000 people signed this petition…and then send it off to the Governor for him to do the right thing. For more updates and how to help, be sure to check out the www.justice4Cecily website.

Source: www.change.org