The Crowd Funded Arrest Of Australian Politicians: The Schapelle Corby Scandal

The new phenomena of crowd funding is not limited to corporate start-ups and charities. In Australia, the crowd funding of justice may prove to be essential in overcoming ministerial and AFP corruption.

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Despite the incontrovertible proof of Australian government corruption having been exposed, via the online publication of hundreds of official cables, no politician has ever been charged with any offence. Equally, the Australian Federal Police, whose officers were at the centre of much of this disturbing criminality, has seen its role repeatedly brushed under the carpet, by those who should be upholding the integrity of the nation state.

The Australian media, which has long wallowed in a cesspit of gutter journalism and prejudice, has excelled in a demonstration of the most flagrant of political censorship, rendering the concept of a “fourth-estate“ to be utterly redundant.

In a nutshell, a huge catalogue of corrupt and criminal activity has been buried, with the perpetrators protected by the shared vested interests of the powerful and the privileged. The victim, Schapelle Corby, continues to be vilified, as her human rights are openly abused, currently via a gagging order on her right to free speech. She has been silenced, with the direct approval of her government.