Judge’s statement on PM’s comments

In full: Judge’s statement on David Cameron comments

Mr Justice Saunders, the judge in the phone hacking trial, considered halting proceedings after David Cameron’s comments on the conviction of Andy Coulson. Here is the statement he read out at the Old Bailey on Wednesday before the jury was discharged after being unable to reach verdicts on separate charges of misconduct in public office. 

Application has been made to me to discharge this jury on the basis that it is no longer possible for Andrew Coulson and Clive Goodman to have a fair trial on the remaining two counts that the jury are considering.

The application is based on the publicity last night and this morning following the verdicts delivered yesterday on Count 1. Immediately after the verdict the PM issued a statement apologising for employing Mr Coulson. That statement has been followed by pronouncements by a large number of politicians from all parties. I have not considered and will not consider anything that has been said in Parliament as that is covered by parliamentary privilege and is the sole prerogative of Parliament.

Source: www.bbc.co.uk