Speech Industry Awards

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Who will win the 2014 Speech Technology magazine Speech Industry Awards?
Make your nominations today!

Awards will be presented in August at the 2014 SpeechTEK event in New York  
and  highlighted in the Fall 2014 issue of Speech Technology magazine.

Deadline for entries is Friday, May 30, 2014.

Speech Industry Awards Categories:

Market Leader Awards[nomination form], as determined by the editors of Speech Technology magazine and an independent panel of industry analysts and consultants:

Speech Engine — recognizing vendors with exceptional speech products as they relate to text-to-speech, speech-to-text, transcription/dictation, and similar applications. Special consideration will be given to speed, accuracy, and reliability.Self-Service Suite — recognizing vendors with exceptional inbound and outbound interactive voice response (IVR) platforms or product suites for the design, testing, tuning, and launch of a voice user interface. Special consideration will be given to companies that offer both hosted and on-premises solutions.Speech Analytics — recognizing vendors with exceptional applications to record, monitor, and gather data about customer interactions.Contact Center Outsourcing — recognizing vendors with an exceptional ability to deliver quality services in areas like servicing customers and customer experiences.  Mobile Voice Search — recognizing vendors with exceptional applications that incorporate speech technologies for search and directory assistance applications on mobile devices.

Implementation Awards [nomination form] — recognizing user companies that have implemented a speech solution or upgraded an existing system and achieved a SIGNIFICANT business benefit during the last 12 months as a result.

Speech Luminary Awards [nomination form] — recognizing industry professionals who have worked tirelessly to advance the causes of their respective companies or organizations and to increase awareness and acceptance of speech technologies during the past 12 months.

Star Performers Awards [nomination form] — recognizing speech technology vendors that have contributed to industry growth during the past 12 months through innovative product or service launches, a heightened focus on speech technologies through alliances, mergers and acquisitions, or an exceptional execution of existing products or services.

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