Conservative ‘Christian’ Calls For Banning Women From Voting (AUDIO)

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Conservative Christian leader David Barton wants to ban women from voting.

For nearly 100 years, women have enjoyed the right to vote in this country. Ratified in 1920, the 19th Amendment of the Constitution says:


“The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.”

But in the present day, there are still people who want to repeal it and once again ban women from exercising voting rights in America. One such individual is David Barton. Barton is the founder of Wallbuilders, an organization that seeks to destroy the separation of church of state. He also pretends to be a historian and hangs out with Glenn Beck. On Thursday, the conservative “Christian” openly called for taking voting rights away from women because women voting supposedly damages society and culture.

“So family government precedes civil government and you watch that as colonists came to America, they voted by families. And you have to remember back then, husband and wife, I mean the two were considered one. That is the biblical precept… That is a family, that is voting. And so the head of the family is traditionally considered to be the husband and even biblically still continues to be so.”

See what he did there? Barton claims that families voted as a unit during the colonial era and then goes on to say that men are biblically mandated to be the head of the household. In short, he’s saying that women should get married and trust their husbands to vote on their behalf. Here’s where that logic completely falls apart

Mark Aldiss‘s insight:


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