Vísir – STEF getur gert lögbannskröfur á fjarskiptafyrirtæki

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Hæstiréttur felldi í dag úr gildi hluta úrskurðar Héraðsdóms Reykjavíkur um að vísa frá dómi lögbannskröfu fjögurra réttahafasamtaka gegn fimm…

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The Supreme Court struck down today repealed part of the ruling of the District Courtof Reykjavik to deny a court injunction claim four beneficiaries organizations against five telecommunications companies. correct associations of four, small, strategy, SÍK and Association hljómplötuframleiðenda requested injunction claim stating that the companies blocked access to the file swapping sites Deildu.net and Piratebay. It was proposed that would have blocked all internet traffic and customers from the servers that host the said page. companies are phone, Vodafone, Call, Voice and 365 agents. Three of these companies, phone, Vodafone and caller insisted that the case would be dismissed. With úrksurði Reykjavík District Court in March, it was done. The association appealed the ruling to the Supreme Court "cases were dismissed due formalities. The reason is that it was filed in the name of four organizations, but only one, the strategy, the so-called legalization Ministry, "said Thomas Jonsson, lawyer association in a conversation with the pointer when the cases were dismissed. Court canceled that part of the case is returned to policy on the issue through the rings and Vodafone. In the matter over the phone was the appealed ruling, however, upheld. "remains the policy can then make these injunctions requirements. But not the organization, "said Thomas in a conversation with the pointer in this right now. The decision has been taken on it at the time of going to an injunction against all major telecommunications companies to ensure equal treatment between them. Currently it is possible to take an injunction claim on its merits in cases of Vodafone and rings. "Should the injunction claims STEF be granted on one company will not be otherwise than that other operators would be bound by it."

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