You can only work with what you’ve got…

You can only work with what you’ve got…

A bad phone call is a bad phone call.

Scratchy patchy fuzzy sounding. To any local court it might be the very call that should have convicted a rapist, but didn’t.

With this kit behind the victim that call would have been analysed by technology used by governments, hospitals, research laboratories. What could end up being presented at court, with the full weight of high level analytics is a recording that takes the rapist out of circulation whilst restoring some honor to the victim.

This kit can be designed with a powerful open front end. All the user has to do is start talking, or shouting, or screaming… if the input from that user is unexpected then the technology being focused on that input ramps up too.

So, if the user speaks calmly in the expected dialect with a ‘normal’ taxonomy then standard technology like Nina from Nuance or Voxeo’s Prophesy can easily handle not only what is being said but in many cases know how to handle that command directly.

However if it is someone shouting in Swahili in the middle of rural Wales then Autonomy and it’s language independence jumps into play – it can focus down to the root of the language based on phonemes so it can even get a measure of understanding even if the language itself isn’t one that has been optimized. By asking a few more questions based on the words inputted the system then knows what it needs to do. Something or nothing.

Real-time analysis has been going on from the start of the conversation. If there is panic, fear even terror in the sounds being analysed then focusing in on the source of that call is set in motion, If the words ‘Police’ or ‘HELP’ or any other recognizable cry for help in any language then the emergency services are alerted with as many details as possible – if they need to connect in with the call they can easily do so – all of this is fully recorded.

Until the ‘victim’ or client has been restored to equilibrium the kit keep the case as live. Nothing can stop the kit from interfering to make sure all has been handled properly regarding resolution of the initial problem, and any other problems triggered by the event, whatever it was. We expect change in our lives, even though we might not like it, we expect disasters of one kind or another to change our lives too, however there are some events that happen that should be helped with and sorted out so the scarring and damage don’t rule the whole of the rest of someone’s, or some groups, lives.

So this kit not only anchors the incident, only letting go when the incident is resolved, but it also actively works on that incident with all the tools that incident needs for its resolution.

This is not a purely mechanical digital setup. People add their own input and can allow that input to be used as answers for someone else’s input. Obviously a lot of the answers will come from output already there on the web and in different libraries of all sorts of user useful information. Only by asking a question will the kit know where to look and eventually find an answer, if there is one. People are used where people can add that wisdom or knowledge or experience that a solution needs. So where the machinery fails the task is handed over to humans to re define the parameters of the first conversation and find a satisfactory answer, if there is one.

The better the fidelity of the call the more information can be gleaned more speedily, for the benefit of the client.

As with ‘the more ‘normal’ the client’s voice and word useage the better and easier the fulfilling of the mission so it is with higher quality sound input.

But it is also different in that with higher quality sound there is more that can be run successfully on the input in order to find out immeasurably more about the client, their state of mind, of health, of well being. That data from that input and successive inputs is refined until a highly accurate profile is helping the client to better achieve their own goals.

…whilst also helping with those problem days or those problem moments… which is where this kit covers itself financially so that it can then do an amazingly cheap job of helping sort out distress and the like.

Unless you just get the major players to install this at their own expense so that from soon onwards we can all have this kit and all it’s possible help tools as part of our everyday lives.