Culture Promotion Office – Project Smile

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WORLD SMILE ARCHIVEMarek Wysoczyñski, an initiator of this very unique project has asked us to prepare an identity for his one in a kind collection of ‘smiles & autographs’. He believes that this simple act can have a major positive impact on our everyday life. His enthusiasm seems to be shared by many celebrities such as: Pedro Almodovar, Michael Jackson, Liza Minelli, Andrzej Wajda and Lech Wa⊃3;êsa who supported this cause by dedicating their ‘smiles & autographs’. 

Our major goal was to show the essence of Marek’s initiative in the simpliest possible way. We hoped to find a solution that would show the whole idea behind that simple emotion in a single emblem, however we knew that drawing nothing but a smile was not an option even if the whole project seems to be strictly based on it. Although it’s not apparent at first, the concept of a helping hand follows, unravelling Marek’s true intentions – behind a simple muscle contraction lies a deeper meaning, a desire to help one another, a desire to lend a helping hand. 

We combined these two ideas into one – a helping hand, carrying and passing the smile on. Aforementioned result served as a basis to create a minimalist and simple emblem which allows others to easily comprehend the whole concept without any unnecessary and misleading elements. Additionally, logo composition was prepared in a way allowing one to isolate a sign with a ‘smile word’ from the whole logo, which stands alone as a simplified logo version. However, the emblem alone is concise enough to be used without typography. 

Wolrd Smile Archive Logo – created and donated by REDKROFT.COM
and here a word from REDKROFT.COM TEAM

Benefits of indigenous laughter:
Develop self confidence 
Stress reducer 
Anti aging 
Increase power of memory and concentration 
Develop team work and creativity 
Natural antidote for anxiety and depression 
Diplomacy pass key 
You can laugh in trouble


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