Who is WOW?

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These are some of the activists and supporters of the WOWpetition campaign, more are joining all the time, if you want to be involved… be involved! info@WOWpetition.com or catch any of us on Twit…

Mark Aldiss‘s insight:


Francesca says: I think the Government are using this recession as a cover for implementing cuts and eroding vital services that people fought long and hard for, and we need to get together and protect these crucial support networks.

The current demonisation of people who receive benefits has to be challenged. The welfare state did not cause this recession. The benefit fraud rate is tiny – between 0.3% and 0.5% for ESA and DLA which proves how much genuine help is needed.

As a disabled person in the media, I want to help give this issue a voice. It’s morally wrong for the government to target those in need instead of saving money by targeting the real causes of this crisis, and close tax loopholes and regulate the financial sector.


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