Warka – The Tree of Lif Water, the source of life, is not easily accessibile to more than one third of the planet’s population.

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In the northern montainous regione of Ethiopia access to water can cost several hours of walking, plastic tank filling and heavy load carrying, mostly done by women or children.

To ease this dramatic condition, the studio “Architecture and vision” is developing the project “Warka” which is harvesting potable water from the air and a reminder of the disappearing Ethiopian Warka trees.

The name ’Warka’ comes from The Warka tree or Ficus Vasta, which is native to Ethiopia and is a kind of a giant wild fig tree. In pastoral Ethiopian culture the shade of the Warka Tree is used for traditional public gatherings, school education and the like. These trees are a very important part of the ecosystem and culture of Ethiopia and its disappearance seems unfortunately unavoidable.

Warka Water
’Warka’ is an 8.5 m high tower constructed



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