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The Drug Policy Alliance researches and compiles information about drugs and the war on drugs, because we know evidence is the foundation of sound policy. 

Drug Facts

Get reliable information about commonly used drugs, from physical effects to policies.

View all drug facts.


New Solutions for Drug Policy

What would drug policies grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights look like?

View new solutions for drug policy.


Drug Laws and You

The war on drugs impacts all of us. Find out how it affects you and get the resources you need.

Learn about drug laws and you.


Know Your Constitutional Rights

The drug war does not negate your constitutional protections — though it can sometimes seem that way.

Learn about your rights.


Drug War Statistics

The statistics add up to one clear conclusion: the war on drugs is a failure.

View the drug war by the numbers.


Drug Laws Around the World

What do drug laws look like in other countries? How does the U.S. drug war affect international policies?

Learn about drug laws around the world.

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