IBM Watson Mobile Developer – The challenge is over but the info is useful

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Who Should Apply?

If you have the vision to disrupt an industry, change the way professions work, or solve a manual human process through a mobile device using Watson’s technology, this challenge is for you. You can read more about Watson’s capabilities and what makes a good use case.

Up for the challenge?

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Learn more about the Watson API  
Learn what makes a great use case 
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FAQsSubmitting a ProposalWho can enter the challenge?

The challenge is open to organizations that have a revolutionary idea for a Watson app and the means to deliver it through a mobile device. Learn more about what makes a great use case

How much does the challenge cost?

There is no cost to enter the challenge. Applicants, however, should be prepared and financially equipped to develop a working prototype if selected.

How do I apply?

Submit your application at To get help see our forums or reach out to us on Twitter with questions.

How can I learn more?

For more information read how Watson works, API documentation, What makes a great use case, and a sample application. We are available via our forums and Twitter to answer additional questions.

By applying to the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge am I also applying to the Watson Ecosystem?

No, the IBM Watson Mobile Developer Challenge application is separate from the Ecosystem application. While you are certainly welcome to apply to both, applying to only one does not also enter you into the other. However, each Grand Prize winner must become an authorized IBM Business Partner for the Watson Ecosystem if they wish to commercially distribute the app in market.

What kind of supplementary materials should I submit?

Supplementary materials are optional, but participants are encouraged to bolster their application with any materials that can help bring their concept to life including mock-ups, wireframes, and animations of the proposed experience.

The Judging ProcessWhat happens during each phase of the contest?

Phase 1:
Craft a proposal for your game-changing Watson application. We recommend you read what makes a good use case and glance at an example submission if you need guidance. From there, submit your proposal.

Phase 2:
The top 25 applicants get five business days of access to the Watson API – time enough to deploy, train, and test their Watson app. They wrap it in a mobile experience through Watson’s RESTful API and submit it toward the final round. The top 5 finalists are selected to pitch their idea live.

Phase 3:
The top 5 finalists pitch to IBM executives live. The winners are announced, and will be invited to join the IBM Watson Ecosystem Business Partner Program. With help from IBM Interactive Experience and the Watson team they will build their app over the next 90 days and launch it.

Helpful Hints about WatsonWhat can Watson do?

Watson understands questions posed in conversational language and return answers in the same form.
Watson generates hypotheses based on the question asked, and returns answers with weighted confidence and links to the evidence behind each response.
Watson learns from experience and gets smarter through every interaction.
Learn more about Watson’s capabilities

What are Watson’s limitations?

Watson can’t understand languages other than English.
Watson can’t understand images or video. 
Watson can’t come up with its own ideas – it can only pull existing ideas from text.

Where is Watson most successful?

A successful Watson use case takes manual and time-consuming tasks and solves them through this powerful technology. This enables better customer engagement, new insight from data, and democratizing expert knowledge to the end customer. While our partners have already begun to demonstrate this in healthcare and retail, we view Watson as a way to disrupt industries broadly.

What are current partners doing with Watson?

Partners are already using Watson in amazing app prototypes. Check out these examples of what Watson can do to get an idea of Watson’s capabilities, and to get inspired.

Fluid Inc. Case Study (85 Kb)
MD Buyline, Inc. Case Study (65 Kb)
Welltok, Inc. Case Study (98 Kb)

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