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That love you were looking for,
Did you find it, they ask.
Has the emptiness disappeared?
Is your soul at ease?
Can you breathe?
Can you live?

I reply: my journey is incomplete.
My heart is still searching;
My spirit is still fighting.
But I fight to live
And sometimes I win.

Sometimes I write,
Sometimes I remember
That I am someone, that I matter.
Sometimes I take in all the love
I deserve.

But when I crumble,
I forget myself.
I am nothing,
The world is better off
Without my presence.

The darkness beckons
The silence calls me closer
And I fight
I try to believe
That I am something
And I matter.

Mark Aldiss‘s insight:

Huma Munshi is a writer and poet. She is passionate about addressing inequality through her writing at HumaMunshi on feminism, forced marriage, mental illness, films and her trade union activism. 

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