Mulberry Bush County

 Empty the park

Roll back the days to an earlier time when you were ours and there was no crime. Where all you were was being bad and punishing you just made us sad.

Clear the rough and smooth the verge. Take the chaos out of life. Wipe away the useless ones and use their land more wisely.

Fences, fences everywhere, green and moldy – disrepair, but they look good when you’re On the air In ‘Trogging Through The Country’. (3597 BBC2 3.30pm Tues- teletext  page 985)

Here we go gathering peasant scalps one for Hugh and one for Ralph. Change their lifestyle, Lock them out, and make the homeland pretty.

Take from t’poor and give to the rich. Life’s a bummer, life’s a bitch. Lastly you die but first you itch when rich ones want their own way.