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The ‘kit’ I am talking about comes, in the main, from a company called Autonomy and is a voice front end for any and all requests, comments, complaints, worries, fears etc. It uses the extremely powerful IDOL 7 core with the full might of Meanings-Based Computing to help on a personal level with whatever is going on inside your head or outside in your life. to set it up all you do is hand out a phone number a web address a postal address – Explain to the recipients that the number/website/postal address has technology at the end of it that actually understands the meanings of all the words and understands their language fully so that when they say something it will understand what they say. Let them know it will also tell them about their emotions about a subject. If they are angry and speak about what they are angry about this ‘kit’ will understand how angry they are.

Mark Aldiss‘s insight:

an intelligent data handling system that gives you any combination of any needs and desires for whatever setup of system takes your fancy

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