Breitbart to Occupy Protesters: ‘Stop Raping People! You Freaks!’ | Crooks and Liars

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This just in from Andrew Metcalf. Around 150 or so Occupy members were protesting outside of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this evening when hotel security came outside with shields to keep the group away from the hotel.

Emily Crockett of Campus Progress was standing right next to Andrew (Metcalf) and began filming. (Thanks, Emily!)

The Occupy protesters are repeatedly chanting “Hey, hey! Ho, Ho! CPAC has got to go!” Suddenly, Andrew Breitbart jumps out from behind some shrubs and decides to take it upon himself to take the occupiers to task, and starts shouting “Behave yourself! Behave yourself! Behave yourself!” Before security escorts him away he continues screaming “Behave yourself! You’re freaks! You’re freaks and animals! Stop raping the people! You freaks! Stop raping the people!”

In response the occupiers start chanting “Racist! Sexist! Anti-gay! Rightwing bigot, go away!” As Breitbart disappears in the distance, you can hear a soft little female voice say “I’ve never raped anyone in my life!”

That’s Andrew Breitbart, always on his best behavior.

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