11. Mental Health as a National Health Priority – Ottawa 2012 – Liberal Biennial Convention | Congrès biennal libéral – Ottawa 2012

11. Mental Health as a National Health Priority

WHEREAS mental disorders affect 20 percent of Canada’s population, create the largest single contribution to the burden of disease in our country, lead to significant morbidity and early mortality (through suicide and their impact on the development of multiple other medical illnesses) and substantively contribute to negative social, civic and economic outcomes for Canadians;

WHEREAS most mental health issues are treatable and many mental health service consumers are fully capable of successfully functioning in society when treated;

WHEREAS mental disorders have not been adequately or appropriately addressed historically, with the current Tory government focusing on building jails rather than addressing mental illness as one of the root causes of crime;

WHEREAS the upcoming renegotiation of the Health Accord provides an opportunity for the federal government to ensure that individuals and families living with mental illness receive the care and support that they need to become active and productive citizens;

WHEREAS only 5.5% of the healthcare budget in Canada is spent on mental health services, despite the recommendations of the World Health Organization to allocate 10%;

BE IT RESOLVED the Liberal Party of Canada publicly announces its support for putting mental health care as a national health priority by placing into its election and policy platforms the following:

1 – When elected: ensuring that mental health care is a priority focus of discussion in the upcoming Health Accord

2 – When elected: creating an office of a national mental health ombudsman who will provide to parliament an annual report on the status of mental health and mental health care in Canada

3 – When elected: will ensure that federal funding for mental health care is identified within social/health transfers to the provinces and that funding shall only be used for the purposes of improving mental health care

4 – Following the World Health Organization’s recommendation, that an increase of funding for mental health services is allocated to 8-10% of the national healthcare budget and that the services covered shall include, but not be limited to, professional counseling and access to prescribed medication;

5 – When elected: will create a national mental health human resources development capacity that will work with Provinces, Territories, Professional Organizations; Educational Institutions and others to create and deliver innovative mental health human resources to meet mental health care needs of Canadians

6 – When elected: will assign priority to mental health and mental health care in Aboriginal, First Nations and Inuit health initiatives

Liberal Party of Nova Scotia
Young Liberals of Canada

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