Effect of whey protein isolate on rehydration after exercise – Springer

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Lewis J. James, Lewis Mattin, Peter Aldiss, Rukayat Adebishi, Ruth M. HobsonAbstract

Studies have examined adding protein to carbohydrate–electrolyte rehydration drinks, but the effects of protein in isolation remain unknown. Ten subjects completed two trials in which they were dehydrated (~2 % of pre-exercise body mass) by intermittent cycling in the heat. Subjects then rehydrated (150 % total mass loss) over 1 h with mineral water (W) or mineral water plus 20 g L−1whey protein isolate (WP) and remained in the laboratory for a further 4 h. Blood and urine samples were provided pre-exercise, post-exercise, post-rehydration and every hour thereafter. From blood samples, serum osmolality, change in plasma volume and plasma albumin content was determined, whilst the volume and osmolality of urine samples were determined. There was no difference between trials for total urine volume [W: 1,234 (358) mL; WP: 1,306 (268) mL; P = 0.409], drink retention [W: 40 (14) %; WP: 37 (14) %; P = 0.322] or net fluid balance [W: −605 (318) mL; WP: −660 (274) mL; P = 0.792] 4-h post-rehydration. Plasma volume was greater 3 and 4 h post-drinking during WP, and plasma albumin content relative to pre-exercise was increased 1–4 h post-drinking in WP only. These results suggest that addition of 20 g L−1 whey protein isolate neither enhances nor inhibits post-exercise rehydration, when a volume equivalent to 150 % of sweat losses is ingested in 1 h. As post-exercise nutritional requirements are multifactorial (rehydration, glycogen resynthesis, myofibrillar/mitochondrial protein synthesis), these data demonstrate that when post-exercise protein intake might benefit recovery or adaptation, this can be achieved without compromising rehydration.

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‘Mass abduction’ at Nigeria school

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Around 100 girls are thought to have been abducted in an attack on a school in north-east Nigeria, officials say.

Gunmen reportedly arrived at the school in Chibok, Borno state, late last night, and ordered the hostel’s teenage residents on to lorries.

The attackers are believed to be from the Islamist group, Boko Haram, whose militants frequently target schools.

On Monday, bombings blamed on the group killed more than 70 people in the capital, Abuja.

Boko Haram, whose name means “Western education is forbidden” in the local Hausa language, has been waging an armed campaign for an Islamic state in northern Nigeria.

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BCHR: Bahrain: 10 years in prison for the photographer Ahmed Humaidan out of revenge for his camera after an unjust trial

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Posted: 15 Apr 2014 09:11 AM PDTThe Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its deep concern for the Bahraini Authorities continuous disregard towards the international and human rights demands to stop using the security grip against those demanding freedom and democracy especially journalists, photographers and human rights activists who were able to, through their peaceful activism, to break the media blackout and publish the violations that are widely committed by the Authorities in Bahrain. The Third High Court issued on Wednesday 26 March 2014 a 10 years’ imprisonment sentence against the photographer Ahmed Humaidan in the case of attacking Sitra Police Station[1].
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Law Society raises concerns over lawyer in Democratic Republic of the Congo | The Law Society International Division

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Posted 15th April 2014

Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), 4 April 2014

The President of the Law Society wrote to the African Commision on Human and Peoples’ Rights expressing concern for Didier Kalemba, a lawyer and human rights defender from the DRC.

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