.the critic . by Sonja Benskin Mesher

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i have the urban dictionary,
on line, and the standard
in the book case, thesaurus
in the cellar, where spiders
and cowebs abound.

typing goes wild if
i get hiccups, whilst
the flow depends on
radio plays.

i was born in england, south coast,
now live in wales. we speak a different

difference should make no

i am older now.

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Giornata internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne.

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Oggi è la giornata internazionale contro la violenza sulle donne. Ma questo non sarà l’articolo che ci si può aspettare da una donna, non sono di quelle che si fanno i selfie con la scritta “ora basta”, non sono di quelle che vogliono le quote rosa o che sguazzano in teorie parafemministe.Questo articolo parlerà solo delle donne e della violenza che subiscono da anni, da secoli:
fra le mura di casa alla mercé di padri/mariti padroni;
nelle pubblicità che le mercificano come carne da materasso utile per attrarre l’attenzione sul prodotto in vendita (sia esso uno yogurt o un paio di calze);
nelle leggi che in passato – e ancora oggi in alcuni paesi – le hanno mortificate e umiliate negando diritti e uguaglianza, instillando questi principi nella mentalità comune;
nel mondo del lavoro in cui una donna che fa carriera “chissà a chi l’ha data per arrivare dov’è” e…

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Alert (TA14-329A)

Regin Malware

Original release date: November 25, 2014
Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and 7


On November 24, 2014, Symantec released a report on Regin, a sophisticated backdoor Trojan used to conduct intelligence-gathering campaigns. At this time, the Regin campaign has not been identified targeting any organizations within the United States.


Regin is a multi-staged, modular threat—meaning it has a number of components, each dependent on others to perform an attack. Each of the five stages is hidden and encrypted, with the exception of the first stage. The modular design poses difficulties to analysis, as all components must be available in order to fully understand the Trojan.


Regin is a remote access Trojan (RAT), able to take control of input devices, capture credentials, monitor network traffic, and gather information on processes and memory utilization. The complex design provides flexibility to actors, as they can load custom features tailored to individual targets. [1(link is external)]


Users and administrators are recommended to take the following preventive measures to protect their computer networks:

  • Use and maintain anti-virus software – Anti-virus software recognizes and protects your computer against most known viruses. It is important to keep your anti-virus software up-to-date (see Understanding Anti-Virus Software for more information). [2(link is external)]
  • Keep your operating system and application software up-to-date – Install software patches so that attackers can’t take advantage of known problems or vulnerabilities. Many operating systems offer automatic updates. If this option is available, you should enable it (see Understanding Patches for more information).

The following is a list of the Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) that can be added to network security solutions to determine whether they are present on a network.

MD5s: [1(link is external)]

Stage 1 files, 32 bit:















Unusual stage 1 files apparently compiled from various public source codes merged with malicious code:





Stage 1, 64-bit system infection:




Stage 2, 32 bit:



Stage 2, 64 bit:


Stage 3, 32 bit:



Stage 4, 32 bit:






Stage 4, 64 bit:


Note: Stages 2, 3, and 4 do not appear on infected systems as real files on disk. Hashes are provided for research purposes only.

Registry branches used to store malware stages 2 and 3:






IP IOCs [3(link is external)]:



  • November 25, 2014: Initial Release

This product is provided subject to this Notification and this Privacy & Use policy.

Meet Richard A. Montoni – The Five Million Dollar Maximus Boss Here To Fleece The UK’s Benefits System

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No wonder the cunt’s smiling.

Richard A. Montoni – the boss of US firm Maximus who will soon be carrying out the despised assessments for sickness and disability benefits – received a salary and compensation package worth over a staggering five million dollars in 2013.

Maximus specialise in outsourced government contracts.  They already run Iain Duncan Smith’s disastrous Work Programme in some parts of the UK, along with a new scheme to harass people on sick leave by declaring them fit to return to work on the back of a short phone call.  As well as operating in the US, Canada and Australia, Maximus also have a welfare-to-work contract with the Saudi Arabian government – where women are segregated in the workplace and forbidden from carrying out many jobs.  From March next year they will take over from Atos running the Work Capability Assessments (WCAs) designed to strip…

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I know you’re trying to be nice…

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Guest post by Amanda from Stockport, whose six-year-old daughter Lucia has cerebral palsy. Here she talks about how people’s attitudes can make life awkward for her family.

Amanda and her husband Anthony with Lucia, Georgia and Roman

Amanda and her husband Anthony with Lucia, Georgia and Roman

The moment other parents hear that Lucia has cerebral palsy, we have to deal with their preconceptions about what disabled people are like. We get people talking loudly and slowly, and people saying ‘What’s wrong with her?’ The answer is that nothing is wrong with Lucia. She just has cerebral palsy, and sometimes uses a wheelchair to get around. ‘Lucia’s wobbly legs’, as our other two children, Roman and Georgia, describe it! You get almost pitying looks from other parents – and you know, I wouldn’t change Lucia for the world.

Support online

I joined Scope’s online forum soon after Lucia was diagnosed, and it has been brilliant. Sometimes, when Lucia is ill or tired, we do feel…

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An Indigenous Feminist’s take on the Ontological Turn: ‘ontology’ is just another word for colonialism

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Personal paradigm shifts have a way of sneaking up on you. It started, innocently enough, with a trip to Edinburgh to see the great Latour discuss his latest work in February 2013. I was giddy with excitement: a talk by the Great Latour. Live and in colour! In his talk, on that February night, he discussed the climate as sentient. Funny, I thought, this sounds an awful lot like the little bit of Inuit cosmological thought I have been taught by Inuit friends. I waited, through the whole talk, to hear the Great Latour credit Indigenous thinkers for their millennia of engagement with sentient environments, with cosmologies that enmesh people into complex relationships between themselves and all relations. 

It never came. He did not mention Inuit. Or Anishinaabe. Or Nehiyawak. Or any Indigenous thinkers at all. In fact, he spent a great deal of time interlocuting with a Scottish…

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